Real vs. Steal – Yves Saint Laurent Studded Platform Sandals

by Irina on August 6, 2009

I really wish I could afford Yves Saint Laurent shoes. I’m not in love with everyone of their shoes, but nearly all of them. The platform sandal below is automatically on my wishlist just because it has the same heel and platform as the infamous YSL Tribute platforms and I absolutely adored these.

Yves Saint Laurent Studded Platform Sandals in black-patent (YSL)

Yves Saint Laurent Studded Platform Sandalsls
($795, Neiman Marcus)

Michael Antonio “Silana” Sandals

Aren’t these YSL look-a-likes by Michael Antonio just awesome? They look super similar to the original Yves Saint Laurents, the heel doesn’t look cheap and the platform not tacky. The best thing however is that these sweet knockoffs retail for affordable $49.95! Awesome, right? I love these and they are also available in silver and gold as well. Get them before they’re gone!

Michael Antonio Silana Sandals in black (YSL knockoffs)

Michael Antonio “Silana” Sandalsamazon
($49.95, Amazon)

Steve Madden “TARNEYY” Sandals

Steve Madden‘s YSL inspired version looks okay, but I’m really not digging the super chunky brownish platform and heel. Available in a multitude of colors (just click on some of the other retailer links below).

Steve Madden Tarneyy Quarterstrap Platform Sandals (YSL knockoffs)

Steve Madden “Tarneyy” Sandals

P.S.: Also available at Amazonamazon.

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