Real vs. Steal – Wildfox Prairie Rose Sweater

by Irina on October 30, 2013

I don’t know about you, but I always have a hard time convincing myself to spend big bucks on an item labeled as “destroyed” or “used”. It just seems plain wrong and my mind won’t let me see the neccessity to buy something that’s been willfully deconstructed. Take this lovely rose print sweater by Wildfox for example. I really like the look of it – even the charmingly arranged loose threads – but I’d never be willing to put down $245 on something that has gaping holes in it!

Wildfox Prairie Rose Sweater in clean white

Wildfox Prairie Rose Sweater
($245, Shopbop)

Forever 21 Femme Rose Shredded Sweater

If you’re like me and love the look of the Wildfox sweater but shudder at the sight of its price tag, then may I present you this shredded rose print sweater by Forever 21 instead? It has the very same look of the pricey original yet it costs only one tenth compared to the Wildfox sweater. Steal find alert!

Forever 21 Femme Rose Shredded Sweater in white (Wildfox knockoff)

Forever 21 Femme Rose Shredded Sweater
($27.80, Forever 21)

Image source(s): RevolveClothing, Forever 21

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  • Aaliyah21215

    Holy smokes I didn’t know my sweater was a knock off. I got mine on Romwe. It’s bigger than the Wildfox one though.

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