Welcome Our Newest Team Member: Erica!

by Irina on January 9, 2011

It’s been a while since we last had a new addition to the team, but 2011 has started out pretty well for InTheirCloset as we are proud to welcome our newest writer, Erica, to the team. Erica is a lovely 25-year old fashion enthusiast who’s earned her expertise by working in luxury retail. Read her interview below to get to know her better. Now don’t be shy and give Erica a warm welcome.

Erica, please tell our readers a few things about yourself. Where do you come from? What are you doing for a living? What’s your favorite food & color? 🙂


E: I was born and raised in sunny San Diego, CA. I’m black (Afro American), white, Cherokee Indian and my father is an immigrant. I suppose you can’t get any more American than that. Currently I’m residing in South Carolina yet looking to relocate back to Atlanta, GA and start working luxury retail again!

I’m not sure what my favorite food is as there aren’t too many things I won’t try. But, one thing I do crave when I go back home to San Diego, CA is a “California Burrito”. A local SD specialty and it’s amazingly delicious (and unhealthy). If you’re not familiar with it look it up for yourself to see the contents!

My favorite color is probably green but I wear a ton of black.

How did you get involved with fashion?

E: I got my first taste of fashion when I was very young. Around the age of 9 I modeled for a Barbie clothing line. Also, when I was in college I did several other modeling gigs. Then after graduating from College of Charleston with my Bachelor’s degree in International Business, I moved to Atlanta where I had my first experience of true luxury fashion. I have worked for Elie Tahari and Valentino.

What’s your personal style? Any favorite designers?

E: If I were to describe my style I’d say it’s simplistic yet chic. I love jewelry yet tend not to wear any accessory that’s too heavy. I love a great pair of jeans with a super high heel or a flat boot. And I always love adding in a splash of color either in my accessories or my ready-to-wear. I can’t think of any color that I’m afraid of or don’t like. Yet, the fact of the matter is I work out a ton so you might see me in my workout-wear and running shoes first!

Some of my favorite luxury designers include Valentino (not because I worked there either), Alexander McQueen, Lanvin, Balenciaga, YSL and Chloé. I also LOVE a handful of contemporary designers such as Elizabeth and James (I love their button up collared shirts), Theory which I find great for basics and Elie Tahari, honestly make a great pair of jeans.

Erica's Ultimate Spring 2011 Outfit

Erica’s Ultimate Spring 2011 Outfit

How long have you been following InTheirCloset.com already and how come you wanted to write for us?

E: I was introduced to InTheirCloset.com by a friend last summer and I’ve been following the site ever since. I wanted to write for InTheirCloset.com because I’ve always wanted to blog about fashion and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to let myself go!

Christian Louboutin Rolando Pumps in black patent

If I was a fashion-item, I’d be…

E: No question, a Christian Louboutin “Rolando” pump!

I would never wear…

E: Scrunchies, may I just say YUCK? They make decent hair ties out there; a scrunchy seriously doesn’t have to be an option! That and probably plastic earrings.

I can’t leave the house without…

E: My cell phone and chapstick. I’m absolutely a texting junky. I even text my parents as much as they hate it!

Best Spring 2011 collection?

E: Lanvin. Elbaz’ collection had a great balance of neutral and bright colors. You could give me any piece from that collection and I’d be pleased!

Lanvin Spring 2011 Collection

Lanvin Spring 2011

Your mantra for 2011?

E: “We will become fulfilled when we know who we are.” – An attribution of Elizabeth Edwards

Thank you, Erica, for taking the time to answer these questions and again, WELCOME!

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