Wedge of the Day – Bebe Amuse Suede Platform Wedge Sandals

by Irina on April 24, 2011

Platforms. They’re everywhere now, huh? Whether in heel or wedge form, it’s simply impossible NOT too stumble upon them in a shoe shop these days. Since I am a big platform lover & vivid supporter of any shoe with a nice platform I’m having a blast shoe shopping these days. I wish I could give all of them a new home. For example these lovely suede Bebe wedges. I’ll admit the sky high 6-inch platform might be a bit intimidating (even to me who’s quite used to height in her shoes), but, oh dear, they will make your legs look incredibly long and sexy and the 2-inch platform should take off some of that scariness and provide some stability and comfort. Just make sure to practice walking in these beforehand to avoid embarrassing falling incidents in public. 😉

Bebe "Amuse" Suede Platform Wedge Sandals in black and red

Bebe Amuse Suede Platform Wedge Sandalsamazon
($149.99, Amazon)

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  • These are incredibly wonderful. Oh wow, I think I just fainted or something, haha.

    xoxo Sophia

  • Quan

    I received these friday. I bought them in red. They are beautiful. But the heel is super high. Considering the height, they are kinda easy to walk in. The heel is a little over 6 inches!

  • Adriana

    I purchased the BEBE Amareus (sp) black wedges! Too Hot!!! Similar to these except they have a wood bottom.

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