In Vanessa Hudgens’ Closet – Gold Hawk & Givenchy

by Irina on May 1, 2009

At the LG Rumorous Night with Heidi Klum, actress Vanessa Hudgens arrived on the red carpet wearing a tiered turquoise silk dress by Gold Hawk with black Givenchy heels and a sequined Chanel clutch. What a great summery look for Vanessa, love it! What I also loved was Vanessa’s gorgeous gold Diane von Furstenberg pendant necklace.

Vanessa Hudgens wearing a turquoise Gold Hawk tiered dress and black Givenchy sandals

Our Rating: ★★★★☆

Who? Vanessa Hudgens
Where? LG Rumorous Night with Heidi Klum, West Hollywood, California
When? April 28, 2009
What? Gold Hawk Rose Spaghetti Dress in Tiffany ($275), Givenchy Gladiator High Heel Sandals ($695), Sara Weinstock Thin Gold Bangles, Melinda Maria Vermeil Pod Ring

Gold Hawk Rose Spaghetti Dress

Gold Hawk Rose Spaghetti Dress in Tiffany Blue as worn by Vanessa Hudgens

Gold Hawk Rose Spaghetti Dress in Tiffany
($275, CoutureCandy)

Givenchy Gladiator Sandals

Givenchy Gladiator High Heel Sandal in Black

Givenchy Gladiator High Heel Sandalsls
($695, Barneys)

Vanessa Hudgens Look 4 Less

If you love Vanessa’s summer look, but can’t afford the designer items, try these budget-friendly options below:

Kensie Dresses Chiffon Party Dress

Kensie Dresses Chiffon Party Dress

Kensie Dresses Chiffon Party Dressls
($158, Dillard’s)

GUESS “Holda” Gladiator Sandals

These gladiator sandals by GUESS are a great alternative to Vanessa’s pricey Givenchy heels. They look almost the same, but cost only about 1/7 of the originals’ price and come in either black, dark red or gold snakeskin.

Guess Holda Gladiator Sandal in Black Patent (Givenchy knockoff)

GUESS “Holda” Gladiator Sandalsamazon
($96.90, Amazon)

Nine West “Jamie” Sandals

If you want to save a few dollars, then you should go for Nine West‘s “Jamie” Sandals. Nine West’s Givenchy look-a-like has an additional strap, but otherise these high heel sandals are just as as good as the GUESS heels. Available in black or black patent.

Nine West Jamie Sandal in Black Patent (Givenchy knockoff)

Nine West Jamie Sandalamazon
($78.95, Amazon)

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  • J

    Fyi – her necklace is Diane von Furstenberg!

  • J

    Oh – great find on the shoes btw!! I was just looking at those Nine West ones trying to figure out where I’d seen the expensive lookalike. You beat me to it! 🙂

  • Thanks for the necklace id, J! I so hope to see a good knockoff of this one because I simply love the necklace.

    I have found the Givenchy knockoffs already a few days ago and was about to post them when I saw them on Vanessa’s feet and thought I put them in this post.

  • J

    No problem! I will let you know if I see anything close for the necklace, it’s so cute.

  • Chanel Iman

    Is here bag really Chanel? It looks a lot like the Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2009 bags…

  • You could be right with the bag, Chanel, but from what I could see the chain of the bag looks like Chanel. However I cannot verify 100% because the picture was blurry and there were no photos where Vanessa held it so you could see the front of the bag. I will try to see if I can id 100%.

  • Diavolina
  • I kill for high heels!!!!

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