Real vs. Steal – Valentino Pigalle Metallic Sandals

by Vahni on February 20, 2010

Update: This post has been updated on February 20, 2010. Scroll down to see the new add.

A few seasons back, Yves Saint Laurent debuted a cage-style bootie that captivated the celebrity and fashion worlds. Ever since, the cage has been all the rage, and these silvery sandals by Valentino are no exception. Why have cage-style booties and sandals been so popular? Perhaps it’s the covered-but-open tease, or the element of bondage they suggest. Whatever the reason, this attention-getting pair is a magnificent example of the species.

Valentino Pigalle Metallic Caged Sandals in silver

Valentino Pigalle Metallic Sandalsls
($895, Neiman Marcus)

Jessica Bennett “Monroe” Caged Sandals

UPDATE (02/20/2010): Here’s another alternative by Jessica Bennett. Available in 9 different colors.

Jessica Bennett "Monroe" Caged Sandals in silver

Jessica Bennett “Monroe” Caged Sandalsamazon
($124.95, Amazon)

P.S.: Also available at Shoebuyls.

Via Spiga “Liv” Caged Sandals

UPDATE (02/15/2010): Found these Valentino inspired caged sandals by Via Spiga. Available in silver, gold & black.

Via Spiga "Liv" Sandals in silver (Valentino Pigalle knockoffs)

Via Spiga “Liv” Caged Sandalsamazon
($42.99, Amazon)

P.S.: Also available at Shoes.comls & NORDSTROMls.

GUESS “Isteraly” Caged Sandals

If you’ve also been seduced by the cage trend, but can’t hack the cost associated with high-end pairs, try the “Isteraly” Caged Sandal by GUESS. Like Valentino’s Pigalle, the Guess version shines like platinum, and the additional platform has me thinking you might get an hour or two more before your feet start screaming at you (we all know eventually every heel hurts). And at just under a hundred bucks, it’s a trend exploration with a very justifiable cost-per-wear.

GUESS "Isteraly" Caged Sandals in silver (Valentino Pigalle knockoffs)

GUESS “Isteraly” Caged Sandalsamazon
($98.95, Amazon)

P.S.: Also available at Shoes.comls.

Image source(s): Neiman Marcus, Amazon

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  • Berty

    Can you work metallics during the day? What about in the office with a simple black dress?

  • Berty…absolutely…metallics are for anytime. The only time you might not wear a metallic shoe during the day (or at the office) is if it is a jeweled shoe…rhinestones, etc. Those are better left for evening and semi-formal or formal occasions.

    If the usual attire in your office includes open-toed shoes or sandals, then you can definitely wear these. Pairing them with a simple knee-length black dress would be lovely!

    Thank you for your comment and questions. Hope this helps!

  • I agree with Vahni. As long as the shoe is subtle and not flashy metallics should be OK.

  • Thanks Vahni for the information and explanation.

  • You’re welcome, Judy. Thanks for your comment.

    Feel free to formspring me with any questions you may have:

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