Real vs. Steal – Valentino Bow Lace Kitten Pumps

by Erica on January 19, 2011

For those ladies that fear walking on stilts can still look fashionable by wearing these adorable kitten heals. I absolutely love the romantic lace that Valentino uses on these kitten pumps and of course Valentino always does that perfect bow that cannot be mimicked by any competition. But, with a price tag of $975, we thought we’d give you some budget-friendly options!

Valentino Bow Lace Kitten Pumps in black

Valentino Bow Lace Kitten Pumpsls
($975, Neiman Marcus)

P.S.: Also available at Bergdorf Goodmanls & NORDSTROMls.

Martinez Valero “Ursula” Lace Pumps

Martinez Valero “Ursula” Lace Pumps are a great alternative! The shoe may not have the same classic bow Valentino makes, yet the pump does give you the same romantic look and priced at $49.99 (sale price!) it’s definitely a steal compared to the real Valentinos! Available in black, nude and ivory lace.

Martinez Valero "Ursula" Lace Pumps in black (Valentino knockoffs)

Martinez Valero “Ursula” Lace Pumpsamazon
($49.99, Amazon)

P.S.: Also available at NORDSTROMls.

Image source(s): NORDSTROM, Amazon

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  • In this case, I actually like the knock off more- seems to be a little more shoe tot heel, if that makes sense. It’s sexier.

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