Real vs. Steal – Tom Ford Zipper-Heel Leather Ankle Boots

by Irina on October 14, 2014

I didn’t really know much about Tom Ford prior to Vahni‘s arrival here at InTheirCloset, but ever since V brought the Texan-born designer extraordinaire onto my fashion radar a few years back, he never really left since. And now that I’ve vigilantly watched Ford and the fashion scene for a couple years, I feel entitled to profess the following: nobody does black & gold quite like Tom Ford. Let that sink in for a moment […] Alright, let’s get to these awe-mazing zipper-adorned high heel booties of his, shall we? Normally, the thought of a zipper being stuck on my designer heels would sound like my worst fashion nightmare, but the magic appeal of Tom Ford kindly begs to differ. Two words: badass and obsessed! Sadly, these ultra sexy and equally unique high heel booties never received the celebrity coverage they deserved (or any personal style blogger love, for that matter). So far, only Mary J. Blige seems to have been brave and fierce enough to rock these zippered beauties yet. Not sure why, but maybe that price tag of $1.390 might have had something to do with it.

Tom Ford Zipper-Heel Leather Ankle Boots in black and gold

Tom Ford Zipper-Heel Leather Ankle Bootsls
($1.390, Neiman Marcus)

ZiGi Girl “Tabatha” Zipper-Heel High Heel Booties

This one’s for you, V! Enter ZiGi Girl‘s “Tabatha” Booties. They ain’t Tom Ford, I know, but they are the next best thing to Tom Ford for $129.95. ‘Cause as much as we’d all love to have the real deal in our closets, at almost $1.400 this ain’t a viable option for most us. So we have to settle for Tom Ford on a budget instead. Yay to paying rent and all the other boring stuff! Get these lovely (and budget-friendly) Tom Ford dupes as fast as you can click that “Buy now“-button because I sense an “Out of stock“-warning very soon here…

ZiGi Girl "Tabatha" Zipper-Heel High Heel Booties in black (Tom Ford knockoffs)

ZiGi Girl “Tabatha” Zipper-Heel High Heel Bootiesamazon
($129.95, Amazon)

Image source(s): Neiman Marcus, Amazon

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  • Oh, and they are DELICIOUS! You are right…no one does black and gold like Tom Ford. Thanks for the shoutout! Hope you are well!

  • MAC

    I have been WAITING for a LFL of these! Gracias!

  • Thanks for this post!! The cheaper version looks also great!!

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