theOutnet’s 1st Birthday Designer Sale (OMG! You Must Read This!)

by Irina on March 30, 2010

I was really twisted whether or not I should share this little secret with you which almost never happens as I love our readers, but on this occasion I felt a little greedy because of the awesomeness of the deal and was afraid if too many people would know about this sale I wouldn’t be able to make a good bargain. However, Karma is a b*tch, so I better not mess with her! ūüėČ Alas, here’s the once-in-a-lifetime deal…

theOutnet 1st Birthday Designer Sale

Sounds too good to be true, I know. I can’t stop thinking: “Where’s the catch?” – But NET-A-PORTER who is the owner of theOutnet is a well respected e-tailer in the fashion industry, so I highly doubt that they’d be trying to fool their customers with some shady promotions. Anyway, I’m super curious to find out how good this sale’s going to be. Can you imagine snagging Louboutins for just $1? OMG! – Head over to theOutnet USls if you’re located in the US or theOutnet Internationalls for UK, Europe + rest of the world, register an account with them (if you haven’t one already) and rsvp once again for the sale which is going to be on April 16th, 2010. Good luck!

UPDATE: I just received this email which further explains how the birthday designer sale will work, read below…

Dear Irina,

Yes! is having a 1st birthday party and everyone’s invited, so be sure to tell your readers!

To celebrate our 1st birthday, the most fashionable fashion outlet will host a one-day designer sale – all items will be at the giveaway price of $1. There’s a limit of one item per guest, but be quick – items will go fast and it’s first come, first served.

This once-in-a-lifetime event will take place on Friday April 16th – our official birthday – and you’ll only be able to access the sale on the day via a secret link sent by email.

You have to RSVP to enter our birthday pop-up sale. The RSVP list opened yesterday on March 29th and closes April 11th. Even if you’ve already registered for an account at theOutnet, you’ll still need to RSVP. It’s important that you communicate this point clearly within any editorial or story.

Not registered yet? In order to RSVP, you’ll need to sign up with a password and register for an account.

Best wishes, team

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  • woww! thanks for sharing =]

  • NikNak

    holy sh!t, lol. I’m on it.!

  • I got my invite yesterday and I actually tweeted it and put it on my facebook then I immediately removed them. I don’t feel wrong about being greedy about this. If everyone knows about it, the people who have been loyal to the site may miss out on good deals and that really isn’t fair. Either way, I’m still excited and hope to be around when it goes live.

  • Totally understand your point, Taylor. ūüėČ But I just couldn’t keep that great deal for myself since we have the best readers who send us great finds and tips every day. So I naturally wanted to give back!

  • alexandra

    omg…..i love you. ahhh!!!!

  • MIA

    This was a HOAX!!! I signed up and received emails for the upcoming ONE DOLLAR SALE!!! was to send an email today 4/16/2010 to inform subscribers the time of the sale. Outnet sent the email at 6:45 AM!!!! It’s now 8:00 & the SALE IS CLOSED!!!!!

    Intheircloset you should not advertise anything about that site anymore. It’s a scam!

  • MIA, I understand your disappointment. I wasn’t unable to snap up anything in the European sale as well. But afaik the European sale was a mess because their servers were hopelessly overcrowded and the site crashed with every click. After 1 1/2 hours trying to get in I finally managed to see the few items that were left, but when I was about to check out I was kicked again. Soooooo frustrating!

    The sale wasn’t a scam as the US have shopped the racks empty in a crazy 15 minutes, but I agree that theOutnet could’ve been far better prepared for the crowds and the sale handling could’ve been managed better as well. I wished they’d started at a disclosed time and would’ve customers let in in waves. Maybe next time.

  • karen

    omg I wasss soo disappointed I wanted to tear my hair out! My email was sent @ 3 in the morning like really? Whos gonna check their email @ 3am ughh! There goes my chance at those slingback christian louboutins ='(

  • I’m with you, Karen. What a ridiculous time! The American sale started at about 7.30 AM EST time I think. I tried to score ANYTHING in the European sale, but the site crashed on every click and once I got into the sale only the really ugly stuff was left. Can’t believe I wasted 2 hours on this. Very frustrating indeed. I really hope theOutnet will do better next time.

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