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I almost get the sensation that I’m looking at a Magic Eye poster when I look at this Givenchy Ottoman Stitch Stripe Jacket. It’s definitely different and very appealing to the eye. I love how Keri Hilson sports it with a pair of black skinnies and a peep-toe boot. Such elegance when it’s worn so simplified. I’m very curious to see how this jacket would look with a pair of jeans as opposed to the all-black ensemble. So, if you want to get the look and not be on the waiting list and spend $1557 on this striking jacket, here are a few more choices!

Givenchy Ottoman Stitch Stripe Jacket

Givenchy Ottoman Stitch Stripe Jacketls
($1.557, Net-A-Porter)

Celebrities Love Givenchy

Keri Hilson, Liv Tyler & Courtney Love wearing a black and white Givenchy Ottoman Stitch Stripe Jacket

Who wore Givenchy best?

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White House Black Market Striped Ponte Blazer

Update (01/30/2017): Didn’t really expect to find any more dupes of this striped Givenchy jacket after four years, but White House Black Market onbviously beg to differ.

White House Black Market Striped Ponte Blazer in black and white (Givenchy dupe)

White House Black Market Striped Ponte Blazer
($140, White House Black Market)

Old Navy Single-Button Jersey-Knit Striped Blazer

Update (01/30/2017): Also came across this super budget-friendly striped blazer at Old Navy which would be a great designer real deal alternative for under $40.

Old Navy Single-Button Jersey-Knit Striped Blazer in navy and white (Givenchy inspired)

Old Navy Single-Button Jersey-Knit Striped Blazer
($39.94, Old Navy)

Wallis Black Stripe Jacket

Update (05/18/2013): Just discovered this striped blazer at Wallis which would be a great alternative to the pricey Givenchy jacket. On sale for $70!

Wallis Black Stripe Jacket in black and white (Givenchy Ottoman look-a-like)

Wallis Black Stripe Jacket
($70, Wallis)

Anthropologie Striped Spinnaker Blazer

Update (07/25/2012): Found another lovely striped blazer option over at Anthropologie for under $100.

Anthropologie Striped Spinnaker Blazer in black and white (Givenchy knockoff)

Anthropologie Striped Spinnaker Blazer
($98, Anthropologie)

Smythe Piped One Button Blazer

Update (02/25/2012): If you’re looking for a high quality alternative, look no further because this striped Smythe blazer is a great Givenchy look-a-like. It does retail for a very hefty $486.50, but it’s still less than 50% of the original’s price.

Smythe Piped One Button Blazer in black and white (Givenchy knockoff)

Smythe Piped One Button Blazercj
($486.50, Shopbop)

Mango Cotton Sailor Blazer

Update (02/25/2012): And here’s another great inspired-by option by MANGO.

Mango Cotton Sailor Blazer in navy and white (Givenchy knockoff)

Mango Cotton Sailor Blazer
($79.99, Mango)

Canna Striped Blazer

Update (07/15/2011): Just came across another fabulous and budget-friendly Givenchy alternative by Canna.

Canna Striped Blazer in black and white (Givenchy knockoff)

Canna Striped Blazerls
($99, Nordstrom)

Alice + Olivia “Sage” Striped Blazer

I love this Alice + Olivia “Sage” Striped Blazer! I love the shoulders and the pockets! Very similar to the Givenchy and you won’t be out $1557 either. Priced at $368 this jacket is definitely a steal. But, if it still doesn’t fit your budget we have some more for ya!

Alice + Olivia Sage Striped Peak Lapel Blazer in navy and white (Givenchy Ottoman knockoff)

Alice + Olivia “Sage” Striped Blazercj
($368, Shopbop)

Aryn K. Stripe Blazer

This Aryn K. blazer has slightly bigger stripes than the Givenchy and the Alice + Olivia, but I’m really enjoying the collar detail around the neckline on this one. And priced at $94, I’d say it’s pretty budget-friendly!

Aryn K. Stripe Blazer in black and white (Givenchy Ottoman knockoff)

Aryn K. Stripe Blazer
($94, 6pm)

Tart “Camryn” Jacket

Now this Tart jacket looks the most like the Givenchy with the striping. However, it looks more of “going to the office” than a jacket that you can wear more casually. Nonetheless, if you like the look and you’re really loving the stripes of the Givenchy and want something a little more affordable, I’d go for this one!

Tart "Camryn" Jacket in black and white (Givenchy Ottoman knockoff)

Tart “Camryn” Jacket
($69.99, Last Call)

525 America Striped Blazer

OK, so I’m not sure how I feel about this jacket by 525 America. I like the buttons, but I feel like it should’ve been a full-length sleeve rather than a 3/4 sleeve. Especially since you have the button style of a pea-coat! It does look cute with jeans and priced at $95.99, it might suit your taste for the warmer weather that’s soon ahead.

525 America Striped Blazer in navy and white (Givenchy Ottoman knockoff)

525 America Striped Blazer
(95.99, Macy’s)


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I think it has become clear why celebs absolutely adore the essential trench, and after all who can blame them? As a vital wardrobe must, this trench coat by Burberry is the ultimate classical statement with a contemporary twist. The silhouette is very flattering, framing the body and accentuating (and concealing) all the right places. Featuring leather piping, this adds a modern flair and truly brings a swanky feel to this highly coveted item. Though the price tag is quite steep, the steal below speaks for itself!

Burberry London Leather Piped Belted Gabardine Trench in honey

Burberry London Leather Piped Belted Gabardine Trenchls
($1.895, Burberry)

P.S.: Also available at Burberry (UK)ls.

Warehouse Pipe Detail Mac

UPDATE (08/03/2015): Just discovered this lovely piped trench coat at Warehouse and thought it would be a nice look for less alternative to the Burberry trench above.

Warehouse Pipe Detail Mac in stone beige (Burberry knockoff)

Warehouse Pipe Detail Macls
($151, Warehouse)

P.S.: Also available at Warehouse (UK)ls & Warehouse (AU)ls.

Anne Klein Piped Trench Coat

UPDATE (02/23/2014): Stumbled upon this piped trench at Anne Klein today and it instantly reminded me of the Burberry one above. Price: $149.

Anne Klein Piped Trench Coat in stone (Burberry London knockoff)

Anne Klein Piped Trench Coatamazon
($149, Aamazon)

Mango Contrast Trimming Trench

UPDATE (11/14/2012): And here’s another great Burberry for less piped trench coat option by Mango. What do you think?

Mango Contrast Trimming Trench in beige (Burberry London knockoff)

Mango Contrast Trimming Trench
($129.99, Mango)

P.S.: Also available at Mango (UK)ls.

Warehouse Piped Trench

UPDATE (08/02/2012): Check out this fabulous Warehouse trench coat I found on ASOS today. So similar to the Burberry trench, isn’t it? Love this one!

Warehouse Piped Trench in camel (Burberry knockoff)

Warehouse Piped Trench
($140.85, ASOS)

Wallis Tipped Belted Trench

Wallis is currently having a sale on this an amazing Tipped Belt Trench priced for only $88! As trench coat season is soon approaching, this one would definitely serve as a great transition piece plus make a staple in your closet. Also, if you’re against wearing leather, this may be a great alternative to the Burberry trench as it highlights a similar style without the leather piping.

Wallis Tipped Belted Trench in stone (Burberry Gabardine knockoff)

Wallis Tipped Belted Trenchls
($88, Wallis)

P.S.: Also available at Wallis (UK).

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There’s something really fun about this household heather grey sweatshirt by Elizabeth and James gone glam. Yes, I realize it’s essentially a sweatshirt but look at it! I love it with a pair of fitted jeans, however I wouldn’t necessarily pair it with your old chucks that have been rotting in the back of your closet. Pair it with a nice pair of black pumps to bring out more of a glam look rather than a slouchy “I haven’t had my first cup of coffee“-look that Dakota Fanning is sporting. So, if $445 is a bit steep for you we have another great solution!

Elizabeth and James Sequined Sweatshirt in grey and silver

Elizabeth and James Sequined Sweatshirtls
($445, Neiman Marcus)

Celebrities Love Elizabeth and James

Miley Cyrus & Dakota Fanning wearing a grey and silver Elizabeth and James Sequined Sweatshirt

Who wore Elizabeth and James better?

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Choies Sweatshirt With Sequin Front

Update (11/06/2012): Found another sequined sweater at Choies for under $60!

Choies Sweatshirt With Sequin Front in grey (Elizabeth and James knockoff)

Choies Sweatshirt With Sequin Front
($55.99, Choies)

Funktional Weiland Sheer Back Sweater

Update (11/06/2012): Just discovered another great look for less option! I really love these sequin sweaters by Funktional which have a sheer back.

Funktional Weiland Sheer Back Sweater (Elizabeth & James knockoff)

Funktional Weiland Sheer Back Sweatercj
($86, Shopbop)

Wallis Sequin Panel Jumper

Update (08/02/2012): Found yet another great E&J sequin sweater look-a-like over at Wallis. It’s available in both grey and stone.

Wallis Sequin Panel Jumper in grey (Elizabeth & James knockoff)

Wallis Sequin Panel Jumperls
($61, Wallis US)

Mango Sequins Wool Jumper

Update (07/25/2012): And here’s another fabulous sequin sweater alternative from Mango. Available in grey and black.

Mango Sequins Wool Jumper in black (Elizabeth & James knockoff)

Mango Sequins Wool Jumper
($79.99, Mango)

Also available at Mango (UK)ls for ÂŁ34.99.

Warehouse Sequin Front Sweater

Update (02/25/2012): Found another similar Elizabeth & James alternative. This Warehouse sequin sweater is affordable and looks great. Could one ask for more?

Warehouse Sequin Front Sweater in grey (Elizabeth & James knockoff)

Warehouse Sequin Front Sweaterls
($89, Warehouse)

Express Sequin Raglan Sweatshirt

Update (11/16/2011): Reader Aya kindly informed us about yet another fantastic E&J alternative available at Express. Bonus? They’re currently doing a “Buy 1 Top, Get 1 Top 50% OFF”-promo. Yay for that! 🙂

Express Sequin Raglan Sweatshirt in silver grey (Elizabeth and James knockoff)

Express Sequin Raglan Sweatshirt
($59.90, Express)

Theme Sequin Sweater

Update (11/14/2011): Ten months after posting the first steal, I’ve came across another great E&J sequin sweater look-a-like by Theme. Although significantly darker than the original I think it’s still a great alternative and a lot cheaper, too!

Theme Sequin Sweater in grey (Elizabeth & James knockoff)

Theme Sequin Sweateramazon
($69, Amazon)

Ella Moss “Majesty” Sequin Sweatshirt Top

I think the Ella Moss version for less than $100 fits the bill! It’s almost exactly the same look besides a little bit of difference in sleeve length and it comes in grey or black. I would have to say this Ella Moss sequined sweatshirt is superb in following the look and not hurting our wallets.

Ella Moss "Majesty" Sequin Sweatshirt Top in grey and silver (Elizabeth and James knockoff)

Ella Moss “Majesty” Sequin Sweatshirt Topls
($98, Ella Moss)


Update: Giveaway has closed! Winner has been drawn & contacted by email. Thanks to all for entering!

And the Winner is…

Giselle E:

I love this C’est La Vie sweaterls. I don’t really own any cute sweaters, just old hoodies so this would be a nice addition to my simple wardrobe 🙂

Congratulations, Giselle! You will be contacted via email for further instructions on how to claim your prize. Thanks to everyone for entering. The next giveaway is already in the queue, so stay tuned!

It’s been a while since we last hosted a giveaway here on this blog, but today we’re coming back with a really great one. How about a $150 shopping spree? Sounds good? This time we have partnered with Wallis. Read the rules below on how to enter this giveaway.

Win $150 to Spend at Wallis!

The Prize

This giveaway is kindly sponsored by Wallis (thank you!). 1 lucky winner will get a $150 gift certificate to spend at the Wallis US online shop.

Btw, Did You Know…

Wallis is a premium high street brand with a strong British heritage (first store opened in London in 1932) which is owned by the same firm, Arcadia Group Limited, who also operate various other popular UK fashion brands. Even though they’re based in the UK, Wallis have a substantial US branch and offer FREE SHIPPING on all US orders over $75.

DEAL ALERT: Wallis kindly offered an exclusive discount for InTheirCloset.com readers: Use promo code “INTHEIRCLOSET10” at checkout to get $10 OFF + free shipping if you spend $50.

How to Enter

Go to the Wallis website, pick out your favorite item from the online shop and leave a comment here with the URL and a short explanation why you picked the specific product.

This giveaway is open to US residents only (sorry, international readers!). You can join until Friday, 02/29/2012 (11:59 PM EST time). The winner will be drawn shortly thereafter and contacted by us via email.

Please remember to leave your (first) name and a valid email address when writing the comment (just fill out the comment form correctly and you’ll be fine). 1 entry per person only. You can leave multiple comments if you want to but only your first one will be accounted.

If you have questions regarding this giveaway, don’t hesitate to ask. Good luck, everyone!


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Alright, let’s just get right down to it, shall we? Everybody needs a trench in their closet. Everyone. That means you. I wasn’t a believer until I started wearing one myself, but I am here to tell you that they go with everything. They look simple and chic over jeans and classic and sexy over dresses. They can be worn over sweaters in the cooler months and worn over tanks in the warmer months. They are versatile and timeless, sophisticated and demure. Need I say more? Of course, there are tons of trenches out there and like pizza, despite what some people say, not every slice (or trench) is made equal. This Burberry Double Breasted Trench is probably about as good as it gets. Exquisitely cut with just enough detailing, I’m going to out on a limb here and say this could be the trench to end all trenches. But excuse me while I wipe away a tear… this coat retails for over $1.000.

Burberry Double Breasted Trench Coat in stone

Burberry Double Breasted Trench Coat
($1.095, Burberry)

Wallis Belted Trench

UPDATE (01/30/2011): Happened to find another great Burberry trench alternative. This one’s by Wallis and it’s currently on sale for very affordable $88. Use promo code “WAL15” for 15% OFF + free delivery.

Wallis Belted Trench in grey (Burberry knockoff)

Wallis Belted Trenchls
($88, Wallis)

ASOS Double Breasted Mac

Folks, just so you know, we rushed to get this post up because we are that certain that this trench will sell out. Another thing you should probably be aware of, is that I actually placed my own order for this coat before sitting down to write this entry. Yes, I was scared you all would buy out all the stock. We’ve got the same great detailing, the slant pockets and great cut. This coat is also available in red, but I’m all about the stone color.

ASOS Double Breasted Mac in stone (Burberry knockoff)

ASOS Double Breasted Macls
($84.55, ASOS)