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I have a friend and her favorite saying is, “I love it when a plan comes together.” – That’s exactly how I feel about the collaboration between Giuseppe Zanotti and Balmain. And what a beautiful plan it was. These rhinestone strappy heels are just what any hot chick on the Hollywood scene needs for the perfect partner in a fashion crime (crime to look so damn good, that is) to compliment any outfit. But of course, if your red carpet moments involve the opening of a local hotspot rather than your latest movie, then you’ll wanna keep reading for great alternatives to this enormously priced $1.295 heel!

Giuseppe Zanotti for Balmain NE1004 Rhinestone Strappy Sandals in gold

Giuseppe Zanotti for Balmain NE1004 Rhinestone Strappy Sandalscj
($1.295, Zappos)

Audrina Patridge Loves Giuseppe Zanotti for Balmain

Audrina Patridge wearing Giuseppe Zanotti for Balmain NE1004 Rhinestone Strappy Sandals

Vince Camuto “Aileen” Sandals

Well, hello Aileen! You’re not as flashy as the original, but for a fraction of the price I can learn to love the braided strappy detail; opposed to the flashiness of the rhinestones. By Vince Camuto & available in pale gold or steel gray.

Vince Camuto "Aileen" Sandals in new gold (Giuseppe Zanotti for Balmain NE1004 knockoffs)

Vince Camuto “Aileen” Sandalsamazon
($98, Amazon)

Pour La Victoire “Briller” Sandals

Oh yeah, Houston we have NO problem with rocking this brilliant “Briller” sandal by Pour La Victoire! For a wee bit more money, we get the rhinestones. Not as much glitz as the Balmains (which is to be expected when you don’t drop over a grand), but these heels are still quite hot! Choose from ivory, black or silver satin fabrications.

Pour La Victoire "Briller" Sandals in ivory (Giuseppe Zanotti for Balmain NE1004 knockoffs)

Pour La Victoire “Briller” Sandalsamazon
($84.50, Amazon)

P.S.: Also available at 6pmcj & Heels.comcj.

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Update: This post has been updated on May 26, 2011. Scroll down to see the new add.

I am naturally not attracted to red—I have a total of three red pieces in my wardrobe. But when I saw the red suede Jimmy Choo Fire Cut-Out Ankle Boots like Fergie’s (below), I fell in love. Fire indeed! They are totally hot. There’s just something about all those stripes of skin peeking through.

Jimmy Choo Fire Cut-Out Ankle Boots in black & green

Jimmy Choo Fire Cut-Out Ankle Bootsls
(Price Unknown, Neiman Marcus)

Celebrities Love Jimmy Choo

Fergie & Cindy Crawford wearing Jimmy Choo Fire Cut-Out Ankle Boots

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Two Lips “Identity” Cut-Out Booties

UPDATE (05/26/2011): Here’s a gorgeous budget-friendly Jimmy Choo look-a-like by Two Lips. These cut-out booties come also in black, natural, purple, blue & rose.

Two Lips "Identity" Cut-Out Booties in red suede (Jimmy Choo Fire knockoffs)

Two Lips “Identity” Cut-Out Booties

Pierre Dumas “Ciao” Sandals

UPDATE (01/01/2011): Stumbled upon another budget-friendly Choo knockoff by Pierre Dumas. Available in either black or tobacco.

Pierre Dumas "Ciao" Sandals in black (Jimmy Choo Fire knockoffs)

Pierre Dumas “Ciao” Sandalsamazon
($29.99, Amazon)

Vince Camuto “Aphrodite” Sandals

Who doesn’t love a Choo shoe? I know no woman alive who’d deny herself the pleasure if her finances could enable the experience. If only. Since most of us can’t fill our closets with boxes by Jimmy Choo (and because the Fire Cut-Out Ankle Boots are sold out anyway) here’s a nice consolation prize: the “Aphrodite” by Vince Camuto. They aren’t 100% like the Choo version, but still a shapely and sexy pair. Available in black, nude and natural… and I’m loving the natural for all those military looks planned for spring.

Vince Camuto "Aphrodite" Cut-out Sandals in black (Jimmy Choo Fire knockoffs)

Vince Camuto “Aphrodite” Sandalsls
($79.90, Nordstrom)

Office “BASK IN GLORY” Cut-Out Booties

Also worthy of consideration are the “BASK IN GLORY” Cut-Out Booties by Office. Love this shoe for its Choo-like similarities (the buckle detail and opening at the ankle), and also for its daring differences (woven detail and trim). It’s also available in a delectable dark taupe that really showcases the lovely detail on these booties—you must click over to Office to see the 360-degree view. I’d even go so far as to say that I like the dark taupe better than the Choo booties. Now that speaks volumes, doesn’t it?

Office "BASK IN GLORY" Cut-Out Booties in black (Jimmy Choo Fire knockoffs)

Office “BASK IN GLORY” Cut-Out Booties
(£28, Office)

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Budget Look – Bright Eyed Girl

by Irina on April 18, 2011

After doing a post on neon pink shoes I felt really inspired to do a budget look featuring bright solid colors (very on trend for S/S 2011). I love the combination of the hot pink dress and the cold blue hue of the pumps. The turquoise jewelry gives an additional pop of color while the bag mutes the look a bit. My tip: match your mani and pedi to your dress and you’ll be a perfect, fabulous 10/10!

Budget Look - Bright Eyed Girl

Go Shopping:


Update: This post has been updated on March 23, 2011. Scroll down to see the new add.

Christian Louboutin always seems to get it right, even if we’re talking espadrilles rather than sky-high pumps. Espadrilles have really seen a revival in the last couple of years but to be honest it took me a while to warm up to them. What I love about these Almeria Espadrille Wedges, however, is that they are a throwback yet totally modern at the same time. Sexy but also casual in a lovely summer-picnic kind of way. Celebrities obviously agree, as evidenced by the photos below. Clearly they’re in their budget, but are they in yours?

Christian Louboutin Almeria 120 Espadrille Wedges in light brown

Christian Louboutin Almeria Espadrille Wedgesls
($495, Net-A-Porter)

Celebrities Love Christian Louboutin

Kimberley Walsh, Blake Lively, Heidi Montag, Megan Fox and Geri Halliwell wearing Christian Louboutin Almeria Espadrille Wedges

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bebe “Nova” Wedges

Update (03/23/2011): Here’s another great Louboutin alternative coming from bebe. Available in tan, dark brown and black.

bebe "Nova" Wedges in tan (Christian Louboutin Almeria knockoffs)

bebe “Nova” Wedges
($69, bebe)

Topshop “WICKET” Leather Stitch Wedges

Update (04/03/2010): Another great Louboutin Almeria knockoff by Topshop. These are available in either off-white, red or grey.

Topshop "WICKET" Leather Stitch Wedges in off-white (Christian Louboutin Almeria knockoffs)

Topshop “WICKET” Leather Stitch Wedges
($135, Topshop)

Vince Camuto “Edon” Wedge Sandals

Update (03/10/2010): Vince Camuto is challenging Jessica Simpson in the knock-off department with their spot-on interpretation of Louboutin’s Almeria wedges. Available in brown, ivory & black.

Vince Camuto "Edon" Wedge Sandals in brown (Christian Louboutin Almeria knockoffs)

Vince Camuto “Edon” Wedge Sandalsamazon
($78.99, Amazon)

Jessica Simpson “Heathery” Espadrilles

If the answer to that question posed above was “No” but you’re still loving the idea of a cute pair of espadrilles to help you prance your way into spring, consider these sandals by Jessica Simpson. I didn’t initially have high hopes for her line of shoes, but I have to say that I’ve been pleasantly surprised. Not only are these a great price, but they’re practically identical to the Louboutins. Just throw on your favorite sundress and voilà: a perfect (and inexpensive!) look for those warmer months.

Jessica Simpson "Heathery" Espadrille Wedges in dark sand (Christian Louboutin Almeria knockoffs)

Jessica Simpson “Heathery” Espadrillesamazon
($88.95, Amazon)


Update: This post has been updated on January 08, 2011. Scroll down to see the new add.

Finally! I officially have found the perfect nude pump! Are you surprised it is by the man of our shoe dreams, Monsieur Christian Louboutin? I am not. The strange thing is that I’ve been aware of the Banana pumps for quite some time now, but it wasn’t until today before I realized they are the perfect shape. And don’t get me started on the delicious patent nude color. You know you’ve found your perfect shoe when there isn’t one single thing you’d want to change about them… Wait! Oops, sorry, actually there are TWO things I’d change about these darlings here: a) the availability (they’re sold out) and b) the price ($800 isn’t exactly my kind of shoe shopping budget).

Christian Louboutin Banana Platform Peep-toe Pumps in nude patent

Christian Louboutin Banana Platform Pumpsls
($795, Bergdorf Goodman)

Celebrities Love Christian Louboutin

Bar Refaeli, Jennifer Lopez, Emmy Rossum, Keke Palmer, Anne Hathaway and Zoe Saldana wearing Christian Louboutin Banana Platform Pumps

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Chinese Laundry “Hotness” Platform Pumps

UPDATE (01/08/2011): And here you go, another great and affordable Banana alternative by Chinese Laundry. Available in nude or black patent.

Chinese Laundry "Hotness" Platform Pumps in nude patent

Chinese Laundry “Hotness” Platform Pumpsamazon
($41.36, Amazon)

P.S.: Also available at ShoeMallls, Shoebuyls, ShoeMetrocj, Chinese Laundrycj, PlanetShoesls & Macy’sls.

Vince Camuto “Milesy” Peep-toe Pumps

UPDATE (01/04/2011): Just came across this fabulous Banana look-a-like by Vince Camuto. Available in blush, red and black patent.

Vince Camuto "Milesy" Peep-toe Pumps in blush patent (Christian Louboutin Banana knockoffs)

Vince Camuto “Milesy” Peep-toe Pumpsls
($69, Dillard’s)

P.S.: Also available at Shoes.comls, Vince Camuto (UK)ls, Kurt Geigerls & Heels.comcj.

ALDO “Withey” Peep-toe Pumps

If Louboutins are out of your price range as well, opt for these equally amazing ALDO pumps instead. You might recognize these from our recent Nude Shoes Under $100 post. The only difference is the hidden platform; otheriwse it’s all there: the delicious nude patent leather, the perfectly shaped arch, the sky-high stiletto heel… and they’re only $80, not $800. Also available in black patent.

ALDO "Withey" Peep-toe Pumps in nude patent (Christian Louboutin Banana knockoffs)

ALDO “Withey” Peep-toe Pumpsls
($80, ALDO)

Liliana “Cord” Platform Pumps

In case you don’t feel like spending $80 on shoes right now, but still crave a new pair of heels, consider these gorgeous nude pumps by Liliana. They look a lot like the ALDO version, just a tad darker, and again have a hidden platform. I absolutely love these – especially the killer price of $20.60! New shoes for $20, how great is that? You better be quick to order because these will go fast!

Liliana "Cord" Platform Pumps in nude patent (Christian Louboutin Banana knockoffs)

Liliana “Cord” Platform Pumpspjx
($20.60, UrbanOG)


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