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Update: This post has been updated on January 9, 2017. Scroll down to see the new add.

It’s been a while since we last featured a jewelry piece by Céline on this blog, so here you go: Céline’s knot bracelet which is available in various colors and sizes has made quite the round in the fashion blogosphere lately. The design strongly reminds me of Tiffany’s Love Knot Bangle with the biggest difference being that Céline’s version is left open in the back. I’m not sure what the retail price is for this bracelet, but pre-owned pieces start at approximately $400 which I think is quite the hefty price for a gold-plated brass bangle.

Céline Knot Open Bracelet in gold and silver

Céline Knot Open Bracelet
($400+, Vestiaire Collective)

P.S.: Also available at The RealReal and Fashionphile.

Style Bloggers Love Céline

Various style bloggers have been spotted wearing Céline Knot Open Bracelet.

Style Bloggers wearing Céline Knot Open Bracelet

Sweet Deluxe “Sadira” Knot Bracelet

Update (01/09/2017): Spotted another Céline inspired knot bracelet today. It’s by Sweet Deluxe and costs €25.95.

Sweet Deluxe "Sadira" Knot Bracelet in gold (Céline dupe)

Sweet Deluxe “Sadira” Knot Bracelet
(€25.95, Zalando)

Pilgrim Knot Open Bracelet

Update (06/27/2016): Just stumbled upon this Céline knot look-alike bracelet by Pilgrim which looks very similar to the real deal and which is currently on sale for 50% off! Steal deal alert!

Pilgrim Knot Open Bracelet in gold (Céline dupe)

Pilgrim Knot Open Bracelet
(€15.95, Zalando)

BP. “Love Knot” Open Cuff Bracelet

Update (03/10/2016): Found this amazing and spot-on Céline alternative by BP. for $12 which comes in gold or silver tone. Steal deal alert, yay!

BP. "Love Knot" Open Cuff Bracelet in gold (Céline dupe)

BP. “Love Knot” Open Cuff Braceletls
($12, Nordstrom)

Sole Society Knot Open Cuff Bracelet

Update (11/15/2015): Discovered this knot bracelet at Sole Society and thought it’d be a great alternative to the Céline bracelet above.

Sole Society Knot Open Cuff Bracelet in gold (Céline knockoff)

Sole Society Knot Open Cuff Bracelet
($24.95, Sole Society)

Armitage Avenue Knot Bangle

Update (11/15/2015): Another lovely knot bangle comes from Armitage Avenue and it’s available in gold for $14.95.

Armitage Avenue Knot Bangle in gold (Céline and Tiffany inspired)

Armitage Avenue Knot Banglepjx
($14.95, Nordstrom Rack)

Banana Republic Knot Bracelet

Update (07/30/2015): Spotted this great Céline Knot Bracelet alternative for $35 at Banana Republic today.

Banana Republic Knot Bracelet in gold (Céline knockoff)

Banana Republic Knot Bracelet
($35, Banana Republic)

Forever 21 Twisted Design Cuff

If you love Céline’s knot design and need a quick fashion fix for your arm party, then make sure to take a look at this twisted knot cuff by Forever 21. It’s very similar to Céline’s real deal, but costs a super budget-friendly $4.90 only!

Forever 21 Twisted Design Cuff in gold and silver (Céline knockoffs)

Forever 21 Twisted Design Cuff
($4.90, Forever 21)

P.S.: Also available at Forever 21 (Canada)ls, Forever 21 (UK) & Forever 21 (EU).

Kate Spade New York Sailor’s Knot Bangle Bracelet

If you’re willing to invest a little in your jewelry, check out Kate Spade‘s lovely Sailor’s Knot Bangle Bracelet which retails for $78 and comes in either gold, silver or rosegold tone. This one’s my personal favorite!

Kate Spade New York Sailor's Knot Bangle Bracelet in gold, silver and rosegold (Céline knockoffs)

Kate Spade New York Sailor’s Knot Bangle Braceletls
($78, Nordstrom)

P.S.: Also available at Lord & Tayloricon, Dillard’s, Zappos, Macy’s & Kate Spade.

Henju Dainty Knot Bracelets

And lastly, if you love handmade yet affordable jewelry, check out these dainty knot bracelets I discovered at Etsy. Similar design and a very wallet-friendly price tag ($9.99!).

Henju Dainty Knot Bracelets in gold and silver plated (Céline knockoffs)

Henju Dainty Knot Bracelets
($9.99, Etsy)


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I was never a huge fan of jewelry up until a few years ago because I would always feel bothered and constrained in movement when there were earrings dangling from my ears or bracelets clattering on the table. Ever since becoming a fashion blogger however, I have made my peace with the inconveniences of jewelry and even grew very fond of it. My jewelry collection nowadays is not to be scoffed at, but I’m still missing Tiffany & Co. in my jewelry drawers. This bracelet from Tiffany’s “T”-Collection would be a great starter piece for example because it’s both versatile and modern and can be either worn alone or as part of an arm party. Too bad the price tag of $5.200 is killing all my jewelry dreams though.

Tiffany & Co. T Square Bracelet in 18k gold

Tiffany T Square Bracelet
($5.200, Tiffany & Co.)

P.S.: Also available at Vestiaire Collective & The RealReal.

Style Bloggers Love Tiffany & Co.

Style bloggers such as Aimee from Song of Style, Kiara from ToBruckAve, Shea Marie from Peace Love Shea and Helena from Brooklyn Blonde have all been spotted wearing a Tiffany T Square Bracelet.

Style Bloggers wearing a Tiffany T Square Bracelet

Who wore Tiffany & Co. best?

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Sweet Deluxe “Tandil” T-Shape Bracelet

Update (06/27/2016): Discovered these amazing Tiffany T dupe bracelets by Sweet Deluxe. Really like these and in terms of the design, they are very close to the real deal!

Sweet Deluxe "Tandil" T-Shape Bracelet in gold and silver (Tiffany & Co. T knockoffs)

Sweet Deluxe “Tandil” T-Shape Bracelet
(€19.95, Zalando)

Talbots Sterling Cuff

Update (04/07/2016): Stumbled upon this lovely sterling silver Tiffany T cuff look-alike at Talbots today. It’s not a cheap fix at $139 $97.30 (on sale now!), but rather a high quality alternative to the pricey designer original.

Talbots Sterling Cuff in silver (Tiffany T knockoff)

Talbots Sterling Cuffls
($97.30, Talbots)

Armitage Avenue Hinge Cuff

Update (11/15/2015): Spotted another fab Tiffany T bracelet dupe today! It’s by Armitage Avenue, comes in gold and costs $28.95.

Armitage Avenue Hinge Cuff in gold (Tiffany & Co. knockoff)

Armitage Avenue Hinge Cuff
($28.95, Nordstrom Rack)

Sole Society Open Bar Cuff Bracelet

Luckily for us who can’t afford the real deal, nowadays there are so many great options for budget-friendly jewelry and Sole Society is one of them. With their open bar cuff bracelet you will get the coveted Tiffany’s look without having to sell your kidney.

Sole Society Open Bar Cuff Bracelet in gold (Tiffany & Co T knockoff)

Sole Society Open Bar Cuff Bracelet
($20.97, Sole Society)

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