Trendy Summer Essentials

by Irina on June 29, 2017

July is right around the corner and summer is in full swing! Staying on top of your fashion game in sweltering heat can be pretty tough when all you want to do is wear as less as possible. But I did a little style research and found a couple of awesome summer essentials that are so on trend right now without being too complicated or overboard (OK, minus the flamingo maybe). We mostly focussed on accessories here, so you can take them off or put them down at any time and let them shine right next to you in your pool lounger. So if you want to make your summer absolutely #instagrammable, take a look at our list below and pick your favorite three for maximal ♥ ♥ ♥! From straw bags to lemon and banana leaf prints to eye-catching ball drop earrings, this is what fashionastas all around the world are loving and wearing right now.

Trendy Summer Essentials - Straw Bags, BonBon Earrings, Lemon Banana Leaf Print, Pom Pom Sandals, Inflatable Flamingo

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  1. Moon River Lemon Print Midi Dressamazon, $92
  2. Unique Vintage Mrs. Parker Watermelon Ombre One Piece Swimsuitamazon, $85.80
  3. SojoS SJ1049 Mirrored Cat-Eye Sunglassesamazon, $13.99
  4. Intex Flamingo Inflatable Ride-Onamazon, $19.99
  5. Paula’s Choice EXTRA CARE Non-Greasy Sunscreen SPF 50, $17
  6. Miuco Handmade Bamboo Tote Bagamazon, $66.99
  7. Zealmer Harness Body Chainamazon, $7.89
  8. Steve Madden “Carly” Pom Pom Embellished Slide-On Sandalsls, $79.95
  9. Mingchen “Bonjour” Handmade Tote Straw Bagamazon, $21
  10. AprilJuly Silk Bon Bon Ball Drop Earringsamazon, $25
  11. ZTY66 Off-Shoulder Flared Top w/ Banana Leaf Printamazon, $5.69
  12. Ellen ‘n James Round Rattan Basket Bag, $65

Image source(s): Amazon, Etsy, Paula’s Choice, Steve Madden


Update: This post has been updated on June 13, 2017. Scroll down to see the new adds.

Summer may be officially over, but it’s never too late for a good pair of sunglasses, right? Case in point: these geometric, wire-framed “Love Punch” shades. When I first saw celebrities and style bloggers flaunting these shades, I assumed they were by a big household name like Dior or Prada, but I then learned that these are actually by a South Korean eyewear brand named Gentle Monster which until then hasn’t been on my radar yet. I looked at the rest of their collection and these guys certainly know their stuff when it comes to designing beautiful sunglasses, so splurging on these razor-thin $345 shades might be a substantial but smart investment. However, if you can’t justify this kind of price tag, keep on reading to find a couple of budget-friendly alternatives that won’t break the bank.

Gentle Monster Love Punch Geometric Sunglasses in silver and gold

Gentle Monster Love Punch Geometric Sunglassesls
($345, Nordstrom)

Also available at Shopbopls, Vestiaire Collective & The RealReal.

Style Bloggers Love Gentle Monster

Personal style bloggers such as Aimee Song (Song of Style), Coco Bassey (Millennielle) and Sara (Style MBA) have all been spotted wearing Gentle Monster Love Punch Geometric Sunglasses.

Personal Style Bloggers wearing Gentle Monster Love Punch Geometric Sunglasses

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H&M Geometric Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Update (06/13/2017): Stumbled upon Gentle Monster inspired sunglasses at H&M which come in either grey/silver or rosegold and cost $12.99.

H&M Geometric Cat-Eye Sunglasses in grey silver and rosegold (Gentle Monster Love Punch inspired)

H&M Geometric Cat-Eye Sunglasses
($12.99, H&M)

Nectar “Villas” Polarized Geometric Sunglasses

Update (06/13/2017): Check out these fab Gentle Monster Love Punch look-alike shades I found at Nectar. They come in 3 colors and retail for $44.99. Nectar offers free shipping on all domestic orders and I love that part of the proceeds go to Bee Cause which helps repopulating honeybee hives across the United States.

Nectar "Villas" Polarized Geometric Sunglasses (Gentle Monster Love Punch dupes)

Nectar “Villas” Polarized Geometric Sunglasses
($44.99, Nectar Sunglasses)

Also available in gold/gold or gold/grey.

New Look Bar Top Sunglasses

Update (04/25/2017): And here’s another Gentle Monste Love Punch dupe to add to the list! Found at New Look. Price: £8.99. Also available in black/violet.

New Look Bar Top Sunglasses in gold (Gentle Monster Love Punch dupes)

New Look Bar Top Sunglasses
(£8.99, New Look)

Urban Outfitters Under The Sun Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Update (03/30/2017): Found another spot-on Gentle Monster sunglass dupe at Urban Outfitters. Price: $18.

Urban Outfitters Under The Sun Cat-Eye Sunglasses in pink (Gentle Monster Love Punch dupes)

Urban Outfitters Under The Sun Cat-Eye Sunglasses
($18, Urban Outfitters)

BP. 51mm Thin Brow Angular Aviator Sunglasses

Update (02/27/2017): Came across another spot-on dupe of the Gentle Monster Love Punch sunnies at BP.. They’re available in either rose gold or gold/silver and cost only $12! Total steal deal alert!

BP. 51mm Thin Brow Angular Aviator Sunglasses in rose gold and silver (Gentle Monster Love Punch dupes)

BP. 51mm Thin Brow Angular Aviator Sunglassesls
($12, Nordstrom)

Express Brow Car Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Update (02/27/2017): Also found this spot-on Gentle Monster Love Punch dupe sunnies at Express which are a little more expensive though at $29.90.

Express Brow Car Cat-Eye Sunglasses in gold and grey (Gentle Monster Love Punch dupes)

Express Brow Car Cat-Eye Sunglasses
($29.90, Express)

SojoS Cat Eye Mirrored Sunglasses

So these sunglasses by SojoS are an absolute dead ringer for the “Love Punch” shades by Gentle Monster except these will cost you $12.99 instead of $345. They come in a variety of different lense and frame colors, so feel free to opt for more than one pair at that price. Don’t expect them to last a lifetime, but if you just want to wear them for a season or two, these are a good alternative.

SojoS Cat Eye Mirrored Sunglasses (Gentle Monster Love Punch dupes)

SojoS Cat Eye Mirrored Sunglassesamazon
($12.99, Amazon)

Similar versions are also available at Amazon #2amazon, Sunglass Warehouse, Choies, Romwe, SheIn & MakeMeChic.

Aldo “Qilalla” Sunglasses

Another great and possibly more durable Gentle Monster “Love Punch” dupe would have to be these sunglasses by Aldo. They cost slightly more ($16!), but also look sturdier and less fragile than the SojoS sunnies, so if you’re a clumsy person like me and happen to accidentally sit on your sunglasses from time to time, these Aldo shades might be the smarter choice for you.

Aldo "Qilalla" Sunglasses in gold and grey (Gentle Monster Love Punch dupe)

Aldo “Qilalla” Sunglassesls
($16, Aldo)

Also available at Aldo (Canada)ls & Aldo (UK)ls.

Image source(s): Gentle Monster, @songofstyle Instagram, Song of Style, Millennielle, Style MBA, H&M, Nectar Sunglasses, New Look, Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom, Express, Aldo, Amazon


Mary Seng from Happily Grey is one of my absolute favorite personal style bloggers at the moment. I love scrolling through her Instagram feed; she has such a great taste in clothes and I adore her sense of style which is modern yet feminine and elegant yet also bold and fearless. To me it feels like Mary isn’t afraid of playing with fashion and taking risks while at the same time still maintaining her unique style and genuineness. One of her recent looks particularly caught my attention; Mary wore a white oversized chunky knit sweater with a beautiful forest green wool skirt which she then paired with a timeless black quilted Chanel bag. I loved this outfit so much that I just had to recreate it on a more accessible level with budget-friendly options. Let me know what you think of my white and green blogger winter look for less.

Get Happily Grey’s White & Green Winter Look

Get The Look - Happily Grey's White Chunky Knit & Green Wool Skirt

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Image source(s): @happilygrey/Instagram, Dillard’s, Amazon, Public Desire, Revolve