Occasionally I’ll take a look in my shoe closet (only occasionally, it’s a scary place) and realize that while I have a lot of trendy shoes, I lack some fundamental classics. I’ve been out of high-school for 11 years (moving right along) but funnily enough this morning I woke up thinking about proms and what I would wear today if given the opportunity. Well I haven’t figured out the dress part just yet, but I think these Badgley Mischka Harrow Slingback Satin Sandals would do quite nicely on my feet. A classic, simple yet beautiful shoe with a high heel but not too high that you can’t dance in them. Perfection if you ask me. Now at $169 (on sale now for $132) these are on the lower end of the price scale (considering we feature many pairs that retail for upwards of $500), but for all our high-schoolers that’s probably still a little steep.

Badgley Mischka Harrow Slingback Satin Sandals in black satin

Badgley Mischka Harrow Slingback Satin Sandalsamazon
($132, Amazon)

P.S.: Also available at Heels.comcj & Zapposcj.

rsvp “Ellie” Satin Sandals

OK, let’s be honest here. Even if you CAN afford the Badgley Mischkas, why would you even consider them when these rsvp “Ellie” sandals look virtually identical? The heel looks maybe a smidge lower but otherwise it is the same shoe, at less than half the price. Even more good news? They also come in navy, dark silver, ivory and white satin, which means there’s a pair to match any dress you might have. I’m thinking the white satin would make a fierce bridal pump too!

rsvp "Ellie" Satin Sandals in black satin (Badgley Mischka Harrow knockoffs)

rsvp “Ellie” Satin Sandalscj
($60, Zappos)

Image source(s): Zappos


Nude Shoes Under $100!

by Irina on March 30, 2010

We’ve been getting quite a few requests lately to do a post on affordable nude shoes. It’s a trend I have first seen emerging on the red carpet about 2 years ago. Eva Longoria seems to be pioneering this trend as she owns a multitude of nude heels. From simple Louboutin pumps to luscious champagne colored satin evening sandals we can regularly see Eva sporting nude footwear on and off the red carpet. And who can blame her? It’s probably as flattering as a shoe trend can be because nude shoes naturally elongate your legs and can be worn with almost any outfit either dressed up or down.

Eva Longoria wearing nude shoes

We’ve made it our mission to find the best nude heels for under $100 and I’m really satisfied with how many fabulous nude shoes are currently on the market for a budget-friendly price. Now that spring has finally come and temperatures are rising, it’s time to lighten up our wardrobes… starting with our shoes! Enjoy our finds and let us know whether or not you like this trend or if you already have a pair of nude heels in your closet.

Nude Heels Under $100

Go Shopping:

  1. BCBGeneration “Toledo” T-Strap Sandalsamazon, $89.95
  2. Gianni Bini “Honey” Pumpsls, $89.99
  3. Type Z “Penni” Platform Sandalscj, $79
  4. Shiekh Laura-01 Hidden Platform Pumpscj, $44.97
  5. rsvp “Katrina” Peep-toe Pumpscj, $83
  6. ALDO “Daven” Peep-toe Pumpsls, $90
  7. ALDO “Grayer” Peep-toe Flatsls, $55
  8. ALDO “Volmer” Open-toe Sandalsls, $65
  9. Steven by Steve Madden “BLEND” Slip-on Wedgesls, $99.95
  10. Seychelles “Get Outta Town” Braided Flatscj, $84
  11. Nina “Xion” Petal Pumpscj, $89.95
  12. Gabriella Rocha “Judit” Cork Wedgescj, $59.95
  13. Guess “Hondo” Platform Peep-toe Pumpsls, $90
  14. ALDO “Withey” Platform Peep-toe Pumpsls, $80


Update: This post has been updated on March 02, 2010. Scroll down to see the new add.

Nothing says “I’m dressed up” like a ladylike satin stiletto—and these Jimmy Choo Satin Peep-toe Pumps say that and then some. They are dressy, yes, but in a restrained, Upper East Side way. Can’t you just see Lily of Gossip Girl fluttering around a charity event in them?

Jimmy Choo Grant Satin Peep-toe Pumps in black with jewelled detail

Jimmy Choo Grant Satin Peep-toe Pumpsls
($895, Neiman Marcus)

rsvp “Monique” Satin Pumps

UPDATE (02/28/2010): RSVP has also a pump version that’s quite reminiscent of the Jimmy Choos. Available in blue, red, fuchsia, champagne & white satin.

rsvp "Monique" Satin Pumps in blue (Jimmy Choo Grant knockoffs)

rsvp “Monique” Satin Pumps
($94, Zappos)

Unlisted “Secret File” Satin Pumps

UPDATE (03/02/2010): Found yet another Jimmy Choo knockoff by Unlisted. These satin pumps however are closed and have a lower heel. They come in either black, purple (my favorite), ivory or white satin.

Unlisted "Secret File" Satin Pumps in black (Jimmy Choo Grant knockoffs)

Unlisted “Secret File” Satin Pumpsamazon
($55, Amazon)

P.S.: Also available at

rsvp “Uma” Satin Slingback Pumps

UPDATE (02/26/2010): Randomly happened to stumble upon these Choo inspired slingbacks by rsvp. Not yet available in black, but blue, fuchsia, ivory & white satin are up for grabs.

rsvp "Uma" Satin Slingback Pumps in blue satin (Jimmy Choo Grant knockoffs)

rsvp “Uma” Satin Slingback Pumps
($93, Zappos)

Martinez Valero “Orli” Satin Peep-toe Pumps

While satin and jewels are de rigeur in the world of formal wear, thankfully, an $895 price tag is not. Next time you have a semi-formal or formal event, consider the “Orli” Satin Peep-toe Pump by Martinez Valero. Like those enviable Choos, the gleaming “Orli” exudes elegance, complete with that subtle bow-and-buckle detail. If we could get the fictional Lily to sport this pair as well, she’d have $735.05 left over to give to her pet charity. Available in black, blue, red, bronze, ivory & silver satin.

Martinez Valero "Orli" Satin Peep-toe Pumps in black (Jimmy Choo Grant knockoffs)

Martinez Valero “Orli” Satin Peep-toe Pumpsamazon
($159.95, Amazon)

P.S.: Also available at, Jildorcj & Shoes.comls.

Image source(s): Jimmy Choo, Zappos, Amazon


Everyone who follows this blog for a while should be aware of my everlasting love for everything Alexander McQueen – especially my love affair with his shoes. His creations are always so stunning and unique. Take these gorgeous white satin peep-toes for example. If I was to marry anytime soon, I would definitely choose these as my bridal shoes and feel like Cinderella in a fairy tale.

Alexander McQueen 216796 Crystal Embellished Satin Peep-toe Pumps in white

Alexander McQueen Crystal Embellished Satin Peep-toe Pumpscj
($547, Zappos)

RSVP “Lovely” Satin Peep-toe Pumps

If the real McQueen crystal heels don’t fit within your wedding/shopping budget, go for these budget-friendly satin peep-toes by RSVP instead. They’re called “Lovely” and that’s exactly what they are. Absolutely lovely! I’m so, so, so in love. Now I know they do miss the front crystals, but everything else looks almost identical. And they come in an array of adorable colors such as baby blue and fuchsia, too. I cannot make up my mind which one is my favorite!

RSVP "Lovely" Crystal Embellished Satin Peep-toe Pumps (Alexander McQueen knockoffs)

RSVP “Lovely” Satin Peep-toe Pumpscj
($109, Zappos)


Still looking for a pair of funky summer sandals? The L.A.M.B. t-strap sandals below would look great with a dark denim skinny jean or a simple black mini skirt.

L.A.M.B. Tailynn T-Strap Sandals in yellow

L.A.M.B. Tailynn T-Strap Sandals

P.S.: Also available at Amazonamazon.

RSVP Cammy T-Strap Sandals

If you are looking for a more affordable version, you’re in luck. These t-strap sandals by RSVP look almost identical! They come in either yellow/brown or black/white and are currently on sale for $63.20.

RSVP Cammy T-Strap Sandals in yellow (L.A.M.B. Tailynn knockoffs)

RSVP Cammy T-Strap Sandals
($63.20, Zappos)


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