“Badgley Mischka, Badgley Mischka,” (insert echo sound for effect). Oh how I love to say Badgley Mischka over and over again. It just sounds so rich! OK, back to my task at hand-writing about these adorable blush satin pumps with pearl detailing by (wait for it)… Badgley Mischka! These should totally be accompanying all you winter blushing brides (11/11/11 anyone?) down the aisle to your beloved! But whenever the big day happens, for just $200, you get to say your shoes are by (I’m sorry cannot help myself), Badgley Mischka. OMG, tell me that doesn’t sound aristocratic and expensive? Now, if you could only afford a wedding gown by this designer duo.

Badgley Mischka Owen Platform Pumps in cream satin

Badgley Mischka Owen Satin Pumpsamazon
($200, Amazon)

RSVP “Olive” Platform Pumps

But if you’re a bride on a tight budget and $200 is budgeted for ice sculptures or if you’re more the traditional bride and prefer your bridal heels white or ivory, then may I suggest you place your rsvp for these remarkable clones to the aforementioned heels (I could have said it but didn’t). Evening shoe line, RSVP has done a great job in capturing the same details as the Badgley Mischka’s (last time, promise). Something borrowed, something blue, some heels on a budget for you! Available in ivory, black, navy & grey satin.

RSVP "Olive" Platform Pumps in ivory satin (Badgley Mischka Owen knockoffs)

RSVP “Olive” Platform Pumpscj
($93, Zappos)

Image source(s): Zappos

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Update: This post has been updated on August 28, 2010. Scroll down to see the new add.

I never paid that much attention to Tory Burch until now, but these lace-up boots here definitely put her on my radar. I like the masculine shape, the buckles and chunky heel and I think they’d look fantastic if paired with a feminine floral dress to balance out the look and put in some extra contrast.

Tory Burch Lace-up Leather Boots in black

Tory Burch Lace-up Leather Bootsls
($595, NET-A-PORTER)

Chinese Laundry “Bee Sun” Boots

UPDATE (10/15/2010): And here’s another great and budget-friendly alternative coming from Chinese Laundry.

Chinese Laundry "Bee Sun" Boots in black (Tory Burch knockoffs)

Chinese Laundry “Bee Sun” Bootsls

Dolce Vita “Joelle” Boots

UPDATE (08/28/2010): These lace-up boots by Dolce Vita are a rather pricey knockoff, but they’re still less than half the price of the originals & also not sold out.

Dolce Vita "Joelle" Boots in black (Tory Burch knockoffs)

Dolce Vita “Joelle” Bootscj
($244, Shopbop)

P.S.: Also available at Amazonamazon.

Dollhouse “Rogeri” Lace-up Boots

UPDATE (10/31/2009): Found another, much cheaper Tory Burch knockoff pair by Dollhouse which also looks more like the original actually.

Dollhouse "Rogeri" Lace-up Boots in black (Tory Burch knockoffs)

Dollhouse “Rogeri” Lace-up Bootsamazon
($64.95, Amazon)

RSVP “Beatrice” Lace-Up Boots

While these boots by RSVP might not be blatant knockoffs I think they still qualify as a great alternative if you are looking for a cheaper version of the Tory Burch boots. They are not quite what I’d call a steal at $169 a pair, but still about $430 less than the originals. Also available in brown (my personal favorite!).

RSVP "Beatrice" Lace-up Boots (Tory Burch knockoffs)

RSVP “Beatrice” Lace-Up Bootscj
($169, Zappos)

Image source(s): NET-A-PORTER, Chinese Laundry, Amazon, Zappos


Sometimes I see photos of Victoria Beckham and I wonder if we actually live in separate universes. Her’s is a world where you can go anywhere and 4+ inch heels seem to be the appropriate footwear choice. When my day calls for those shoes I cringe and throw a pair of additional flats into my bag. Nonetheless, seeing photos of her makes me want to be a person who wears heels more often. Though Victoria never looks comfy, she always looks fabulous. This outfit is no exception – sleek, sexy and pretty simple, but the bright yellow dress gives it the pop of color it needs to be defined as Very Victoria.

Victoria Beckham wearing a yellow Goat Sheath Dress, Hermés bag and Brian Atwood Zenith ankle strap pumps

Our Rating: ★★★★★

Who? Victoria Beckham
Where? Out & About in Cannes, France
When? June 26, 2010
What? Goat sleeveless sheath dress, Brian Atwood Zenith ankle strap pumps, Hermés Himalayan Birkin bag

Victoria Beckham’s Yellow Sheath Dress Look 4 Less

Victoria Beckham's Yellow Sheath Dress Look 4 Less

Go Shopping:

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Update: This post has been updated on June 23, 2010. Scroll down to see the new add.

Oh Christian Louboutin, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. This man was born to make women happy… with shoes. Whatever he comes up with, it’s almost guaranteed to become a must-have – wanted and coveted by women all over the world. This petal sandal below is one of his rather classic designs and still there’s something striking about it. That inexplicable je ne sais quoi.

Christian Louboutin Mount Street Petal Sandals in black

Christian Louboutin Mount Street Petal Sandalsls
($995, Neiman Marcus)

Miss Me Dazzle-32 T-Strap Sandals

UPDATE (06/23/2010): Here’s anoter fabulous Louboutin look-a-like by Miss Me. Available in 5 lustworthy colors.

Miss Me Dazzle-32 T-Strap Sandals in pink, black, lilac, coral & beige (Christian Louboutin Mount Street knockoffs)

Miss Me Dazzle-32 T-Strap Sandalsamazon
($45.95, Amazon)

RSVP “Cora” Sandals

UPDATE (02/28/2010): Found these Louboutin dupes by RSVP. Available in fuchsia, silver, white & ivory.

RSVP "Cora" Frilly Sandals in fuchsia (Christian Louboutin Mount Street knockoffs)

RSVP “Cora” Sandalscj
($88, Zappos)

Martinez Valero “Corrine” T-Strap Sandals

If the real deal is out of your budget, check out these great Louboutin knockoffs by Martinez Valero. The petals are slightly less voluminous on these sandals, but everything else looks almost identical (minus the red signature sole). And isn’t the fuchsia version to-die-for? They have also a gorgeous purple satin version that you should check out. Other color options are ivory, bronze and silver.

Martinez Valero "Corrine" Petal Sandals in black and pink (Christian Louboutin Mount Street knockoffs)

Martinez Valero “Corrine” T-Strap Sandalscj

P.S.: Also available at Amazonamazon & Zapposcj.

ZiGiny “Chiffon” Heels

If you want to save some a few bucks, this Louboutin knockoff version by ZiGi might work for you. They look pretty much like the Martinez Valero sandals except that these here have a higher heel and a small platform. Also available in red and white satin.

ZiGi Chiffon Petal Sandals in black (Christian Louboutin Mount Street knockoffs)

ZiGiny “Chiffon” Heelsamazon
($89.95, Amazon)

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Update: This post has been updated on May 18, 2010. Scroll down to see the new add.

Are you guys familiar with the Italian shoe designer, “Casadei“? I wasn’t either until recently, when I came across a stunning pair of their platform pumps. They were very old Hollywood glamour meets modern day woman and I was immediately a fan. Even though many of their heels measure at least 5 inches, I’ve heard only wonderful things about their level of comfort. I am particularly enamoured with Casadei’s 3114 Satin Platform Pumps. There’s not a whole lot going on with this shoe, besides classic construction, but I think you’ll agree that these would be a perfect bridal pump, among other things. Unfortunately, not sure if you caught a glance at their retail price, but that is in fact a 9 before the 50. Yes, they’re currently on sale, but that’s still a whole lotta dough.

Casadei 3114 Satin Platform Peep-toe Pumps in champagne

Casadei 3114 Satin Platform Pumpsamazon
($455.04, Amazon)

Celebrities Love Casadei

Anne Hathaway, Penélope Cruz and Drew Barrymore wearing Casadei 3114 Satin Platform Pumps

Who wore Casadei best?

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Nina “Papina” Satin Peep-toe Pumps

UPDATE (05/18/2010): Here’s yet another budget-friendly Casadei alternative by Nina. Available in 8 different colors.

Nina "Papina" Satin Peep-toe Pumps in powder sand (Casadei 3114 knockoffs)

Nina “Papina” Satin Peep-toe Pumpsamazon
($24.99, Amazon)

P.S.: Also available at Shoebuyls & Shoes.comls.

RSVP “Maison” Satin Peep-toe Pumps

Even though I often wax poetic on the beauty of a 5 inch heel, let’s be honest: if you have to wear the shoes ALL night, a 4 incher is probably a better choice. That’s why I love these RSVP “Maison” pumps we found. They are almost identical to the Casadei originals, but the heel looks way more manageable, as does the price. These are available in a whopping 6 colors, which means there’s a shoe for every occasion, and every girl.

RSVP "Maison" Satin Peep-toe Pumps in ivory (Casadei 3114 knockoffs)

RSVP “Maison” Satin Peep-toe Pumpscj
($69, Zappos)

ALDO “Orpin” Peep-toe Pumps

ALDO‘s “Orpin” pump is dressed in suede and not satin but otherwise all the classic details are there to make this a knockout shoe (as well as a darn good knockoff). Taupe shoes are huge for Spring but I’m especially in love with the turquoise color – they would look spectacular with any LBD. Available in taupe, coral or turquoise suede.

ALDO "Orpin" Peep-toe Pumps in taupe suede (Casadei 3114 knockoffs)

ALDO “Orpin” Peep-toe Pumpsls
($90, Amazon)


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