Quay Australia

So how adorable are these purple/pink gradient cat eye sunnies from Quay Australia? VERY I’d say. And apparently so do a lot of you because these pastel-hued shades kept selling out in a hot minute and were constantly out of stock for weeks. The craze has finally calmed down a little, so if you find these sunglasses as cute as I do and have the shopping budget to opt for the real deal, happy shopping! However, if you’re looking for a quick and cheap sunglass fix to get your face fashionably through summer, check out the $18 sunnies I discovered at Urban Outfitters which look so much alike. The saving potential of $42 is quite convincing here, don’t you agree? What’s your opinion on this sunglass shopping matter: cheap ($60) or cheaper ($18), which one would you pick?

Cheap vs. Cheaper - Quay All My Love vs. Urban Outfitters Gradient Cat Eye Sunglasses

Go Shopping:

Quay’s “All My Love” Sunglasses are also available at Amazonamazon, ASOS, Bloomingdale’s, Urban Outfitters, Zappos, Quay Australia, Zalando, SmartBuyGlasses, Amazon.deamazon & The Iconicls.

Shhhhhh: another, very similar version is available at Aldols for just $16!

Image source(s): Quay Australia, Urban Outfitters