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Update: This post has been updated on March 21, 2017. Scroll down to see the new adds.

Colorful Pom Pom sandals are all the rage this summer, but if you can’t be bothered with complicated and tedious lace-up gladiator styles which take forever to get laced just right, these embellished leather slides by Schutz are a great and just as fabulous alternative – they’re super easy to put on and off which thus makes them the perfect beach or pool shoes for your summer vacation. But if you don’t see yourself spending $160 on a pair of trendy leather slides, well, we just happened to come across an absolute spot-on Schutz “Estelen” look-alike by Steve Madden. The design of Madden’s “Gypsy” is pretty much identical, even the arrangement of the embellishments is almost the exact same! The only noticeable difference here is the $79 price tag on the Steve Maddens which makes them half as expensive as the pricey Schutz sandals. Which slide-on sandals do you prefer, Madden or Schutz? And would you rather splurge or save on this shoe trend? Let us know!

Splurge or Save? - Embellished Sandal Slides: Schutz "Estelen" or Steve Madden "Gypsy"?

Embellished Sandal Slides: Splurge or Save?

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Embellished Sandal Slides: Splurge or Save?

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Olivia Miller “Kaara” Embellished Sandals

Update (03/21/2017): Discovered yet another embellished sandal slide today! These cute embellished summer sandals are by Olivia Miller and cost $39.99 at Kohl’s.

Olivia Miller "Kaara" Embellished Sandals in tan (Schutz Estelen dupes)

Olivia Miller “Kaara” Embellished Sandals
($39.99, Kohl’s)

Chinese Laundry “Palma” Flat Sandals

Update (03/21/2017): These Chinese Laundry embellished sandals may be a bit more expensive at $80, but I love their look, especially the green/turquoise version which is my personal favorite.

Chinese Laundry "Palma" Flat Sandals in pink and green tan (Schutz Estelen dupes)

Chinese Laundry “Palma” Flat Sandals
($80, Zappos)

P.S.: Also available at Chinese Laundry.

Forever 21 Fringed Pom Pom Sandals

Update (03/21/2017): Also came across these fun-colored sandal slides at Forever 21 which also reminded me of the Schutz sandal above. Available in various color combinations for a steal price of $22.90.

Forever 21 Fringed Pom Pom Sandals (Schutz Estelen dupes)

Forever 21 Fringed Pom Pom Sandals
($22.90, Forever 21)

BP. “Abby” Embellished Sandals

Update (03/21/2017): Another great Schutz Estelen inspired alternative are these cute sandal slides by BP. which cost $49.95.

BP. "Abby" Embellished Sandals (Schutz Estelen dupes)

BP. “Abby” Embellished Sandalsls
($49.95, Nordstrom)

Mossimo Supply Co. “Kay” Slide Sandals

Update (01/30/2017): Spotted another awesome budget-friendly “Save” contender at Target. These embellished slides are by Mossimo Supply Co. and cost only $27.99. Steal deal alert!

Mossimo Supply Co. "Kay" Slide Sandals (Schutz Estelen dupes)

Mossimo Supply Co. “Kay” Slide Sandals
($27.99, Target)

Madden Girl “Kreed” Embellished Slide Sandals

Update (01/30/2017): Also found these slides by Madden Girl which are a great alternative to the pricey Schutz sandals are also cheaper than the Steve Madden version ($49 at Macy’s).

Madden Girl "Kreed" Embellished Slide Sandals (Schutz Estelen dupes)

Madden Girl “Kreed” Embellished Slide Sandals
($49, Macy’s)

P.S.: Also available at Steve Maddenls & Steve Madden (Canada)ls.

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