I always love to browse the newest arrivals on the Steve Madden website and lately they’ve been releasing lots of great new shoes coming from two very different style corners: sexy black heels and sweet pastel-colored concoctions. I can’t quite make up my mind which ones I prefer, I want you to chime in and let me know what you prefer: “Sexy in Black” or “Sweet in Pastels”?

Style Battle - Steve Madden: Sexy in Black or Sweet in Pastels?

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  1. Steve Madden “DNCEAWAY” Ankle Strap Pumpsls, $89.95
  2. Steve Madden “DARRT” Stiletto Pumpsls, $99.95
  3. Steve Madden “DIANNA” Open Toe Bootiesls, $149.95
  4. Steve Madden “MARLENEE” Ankle Strap Sandalsls, $99.95
  5. Steve Madden “LEENA” Pointed-Toe Pumpsls, $99.95
  6. Steve Madden “LARSA” Platform Ankle Strap Pumpsls, $129.95
  7. Steve Madden “REALOVE” Ankle Strap Sandalsls, $79.95
  8. Steve Madden “MILA” T-Strap Sandalsls, $99.95

What do you prefer? "Sexy in Black" or "Sweet in Pastels"?

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Real vs. Steal – Chloé Madeleine Tote

by Irina on February 7, 2013

Update: This post has been updated on February 7, 2013. Scroll down to see the new add.

I don’t know how often I’ve already gushed about this mint green Chloé bag, but it obviously hasn’t been often enough because I still feel the urge to share my unconditional love for it with you all. I first mentioned it while writing about mint green being the It“-color of the season; I declared my adoration for this bag on Facebook; I even pinned it on my wish list. The only thing I haven’t done yet is actually buy it. Of course, I’d love to – but wait a minute! I forgot I’m not a darn millionaire, so no $2.700 bag for me today. Booooo!

Chloé Madeleine Tote in mint green

Chloé Madeleine Totels
($2.695, Barneys)

Versace Collection SS2013 Satchel Bag

UPDATE (02/07/2013): While this Versace Collection bag is not what one could consider a “steal” with its price of €759.95 (ca. $1.000), it sure is a budget-friendlier alternative Chloé satchel which costs more than twice as much.

Versace Collection SS2013 Satchel Bag in mint green

Versace Collection SS2013 Satchel Bagaffilinet
(€759.95, Zalando)

Street Level “Matilda” 2-in-1 Satchel

UPDATE (07/17/2012): So today I spotted this mint green Street Level bag over at Handbag Heaven and it instantly reminded me of the gorgeous Chloé bag above. It’s not a 100% look-a-like match, but it will definitely give you the same look for a budget price and the color is insanely adorable, isn’t it?

Street Level "Matilda" 2-in-1 Satchel in mint green (Chloé Madeleine knockoff)

Street Level “Matilda” 2-in-1 Satchel
($54.95, Handbag Heaven)

Botkier “Phoenix” Satchel

At $575 you can’t really call this tote bag by Botkier a “steal”, but it does in fact cost a whopping 80% less than the Chloé bag, so that makes the Botkier bag a much more realistic puchase option. And while it doesn’t come in the adorable mint green color as Chloé’s Madeleine I do like the pastel peachy color of the Botkier bag almost just as much.

Botkier "Phoenix" Satchel in nude (Chloé Madeleine knockoff)

Botkier “Phoenix” Satchelamazon
($575, Amazon)


Real vs. Steal – Tibi Draped Shift Dress

by Irina on January 17, 2013

I’ve been obsessed with this amazingly beautiful shift dress by Tibi since February last year. So much so I even crowned it “Dress of the Day” (I hardly find time to write these kind of posts nowadays, so when I do get around to write one, you can be sure it must be an especially great dress to me). Of course, $450 wasn’t a price I could justify to spend on such a unique dress, so this lovely mint frock went to sell out without me purchasing it. Sad story and no happy end here. Boohoo!

Tibi Draped Shift Dress in pastel mint

Tibi Draped Shift Dresscj
($450, Shopbop)

LuLu*s Sorbet-by Doll Mint Green Shift Dress

I haven’t been able to forget the Tibi dress ever since and when I saw this LuLu*s dress today, it instantly reminded of the Tibi version. While it certainly is not a perfect match to the Tibi dress because of the missing beautiful draped detail in the front and the 3/4-sleeves, for $38 it’s definitely a great alternative that won’t break the bank. And if you’re so over mint green, good news for you because this dress is also available in a lovely rose pink color.

LuLu*s Sorbet-by Doll Mint Green Shift Dress (Tibi knockoff)

LuLu*s Sorbet-by Doll Mint Green Shift Dress
($38, LuLu*s)


Update: This post has been updated on January 13, 2013. Scroll down to see the new add.

All I can think of is how much this minty sweater reminds me of the Louis Vuitton Spring 2012 color palette. I’m ready to pair this cozy knit from Acne with a great pair of white jeans or some fitted capris and espadrilles. The color goes surprisingly well with Spring neutrals like white, sand, and golden khaki, as well as some unexpected shades like sun-washed pink, lilac and coral. I can see it all coming together like a spontaneous weekend escape to the beach, but a quality knit like this could set you back a few hundred dollars unless you’re lucky enough to have a friend in the know. Well, you do! Can you guess what we found?

Acne Lia Cable-Knit Cotton Sweater in mint green

Acne Lia Cable-Knit Cotton Sweatericon
($320, NET-A-PORTER)

P.S.: Also available at My-Wardrobe.

Choies Vintage Braid Short Jumper

UPDATE (01/13/2013): Found this amazing Acne Lia sweater look-a-like in the exact same shade of lustworthy mint green at Choies for $66.99 (get 20% off your first order!) which also available in taupe and grey.

Choies Vintage Braid Short Jumper in mint green (Acne Lia knockoff)

Choies Vintage Braid Short Jumper
($66.99, Choies)

ASOS Aran Sweater In Pastel

Amazing, right? Leave it to ASOS to provide us with this lovely confection. This sweater is perfect for a stroll along a windy shore and if it’s too chilly to wear it solo, layer it under a cozy trench and add a pretty printed scarf. Either way, you’ll be sweeter than a box of conversation hearts. So, what are you waiting for? Get one for yourself and start packing for that romantic weekend!

ASOS Aran Sweater In Pastel in mint green (Acne Lia knockoff)

ASOS Aran Sweater In Pastells
($62.67, ASOS)


So how adorable is this colorblock tote by Pour La Victoire? I’m thinking very much so. I love, love, love the shape and the color combination of mint, ivory, yellow and black is so refreshing and quite fitting for a summer bag, don’t you think? Sure, it’s a little pricey for most of us working people, but considering the quality, longevity and aesthetic still doable and worth the price. Maybe as a little treat for your next big accomplishment?

Pour La Victoire "Palermo" Petite Colorblock Tote in mint, ivory, yellow and black

Pour La Victoire “Palermo” Petite Colorblock Toteamazon
($217.35, Amazon)

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