Update: This post has been updated on September 25, 2012. Scroll down to see the new add.

Can you imagine a more beautiful pair of classic platform pumps than these by Charlotte Olympia? They are elegant, feminine, and unmistakably special. A pair like this could go with almost everything in our closets, but buying them would leave us with little left over in our wardrobe budget. Want to get a pair just like them for about 14% of the originals’ price? Check out the amazing steal below.

Charlotte Olympia Paloma Fan-Pleat Satin Pumps in red

Charlotte Olympia Paloma Fan-pleat Satin Pumps
($895, Forward by Elyse Walker)

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Reese Witherspoon, Emma Watson, Mandy Moore, Alexis Bledel, Rachel McAdams and Olivia Palermo wearing Charlotte Olympia Paloma Fan-pleat Satin Pumps

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Glint “Janessa” Satin Platform Pumps

Update (09/25/2012): I’m so happy to have found a lovely Charlotte Olympia Paloma alternative in red satin by Glint. And if you’re looking for a pretty bridal shoe, these are also available in ivory satin.

Glint "Janessa" Satin Platform Pumps in red (Charlotte Olympia Paloma knockoffs)

Glint “Janessa” Satin Platform Pumpsls
($109.95, Nordstrom)

Tony Bianco “Saratogo” Suede Platform Pumps

Update (09/11/2012): Australian footwear brand, Tony Bianco, has also a super fabulous suede Charlotte Olympia Paloma look-a-like available in purple, black and blue suede.

Tony Bianco "Saratogo" Suede Platform Pumps (Charlotte Olympia Paloma knockoffs)

Tony Bianco “Saratogo” Suede Platform Pumpsls
($132.90 AUD, StyleTread)

P.S.: Also available at Tony Bianco & The Iconic.

ZiGiny “Kerry” Satin Platform Pumps

Just as gorgeous and classic as their muse, these ZiGiny pumps are the signature shoes of a confident, stylish, and very intelligent girl, especially considering the price. Of course they are an investment, but when buying timeless pieces it’s OK to spend a little more than you would on trendier items. Just imagine how often you’d wear them, I certainly have.

ZiGiny "Kerry" Satin Platform Pumps in black (Charlotte Olympia Paloma knockoffs)

ZiGiny “Kerry” Satin Platform Pumpsamazon
($122.95, Amazon)


Update: This post has been updated on May 24, 2011. Scroll down to see the new add.

Ahh, the fantasy continues. What fantasy you ask? My loquacious behavior for repeating the name Badgley Mischka (which I wrote about last week). But I will spare you all that today. I’m focused on how to convey the beauty of this red heel. Since I can’t seem to find the words, how about me painting a pretty picture for you?! Picture this: You’re at a glamorous event (Ms. Lady In Red), wearing these and dancing the night away. If you’re anything like me, you’d kick these babies off after dancing 3-4 songs and let others see the maker of your ravishing red heels! I know, I know, it’s a little pretentious, but can you blame me? Dammit for $200, I want to get my money’s worth! What’s a girl to do; competing with all those coveted, insanely expensive red bottom heels out there? ūüėČ

Badgley Mischka Randee T-Strap Sandals in red satin

Badgley Mischka “Randee” T-Strap Sandalsls

P.S.: Also available at Heels.comcj & Amazonamazon.

Oasis “Liffly” Ruffle Sandals

UPDATE (05/24/2011): UK & European readers, rejoice! Found a nice Randee alternative by Oasis for you. Too bad they don’t come in fire red.

Oasis "Liffly" Ruffle Sandals in gold satin (Badgley Mischka Randee knockoffs)

Oasis “Liffly” Ruffle Sandalsls
(£65, Oasis)

Glint “Avalon” Sandals

UPDATE (12/07/2010): Here’s another fabulous non-platform alternative coming from Glint. These are available in navy, black, ivory and taupe satin.

Glint "Avalon" Sandals in navy satin (Badgley Mischka Randee knockoffs)

Glint “Avalon” Sandals
($99.95, NORDSTROM)

RSVP “Carol” Ruffled Sandals

Um… seriously, what does RSVP do? Sit around waiting for Badgley Mischka to design a heel; to only then, rush to knock it off? Or do I detect a mole? Because they have the BEST copies of Badgley Mischka’s heels! So if you’re not a “label whore” like myself (pin a rose on your nose) and don’t give 2 cents about having a designer label in your shoes, then girlfriend, once again, rsvp for these (ridiculously affordable) “Carol” heels. Which are nearly, undetectable copies of the (ritzy) “Randees”.

RSVP "Carol" Ruffled Sandals in red satin (Badgley Mischka Randee knockoffs)

RSVP “Carol” Ruffled Sandalscj
($88, Zappos)

Image source(s): Zappos, Oasis, NORDSTROM


Are you simply loving Minka Kelly‘s look? I know I certainly am! I love this Victoria Beckham dress that’s the perfect nude color that can make anyone look amazing. Also, who wouldn’t be a fan of these red vamped up Brian Atwood pumps?! Minka Kelly and her polished coral nails are the final touches to an ever-so-fabulous outfit! So you wanna get the same look that won’t break the bank? Check out our version below!

Minka Kelly’s Nude Dress & Red Pumps Look 4 Less

Minka Kelly's Nude Victoria Beckham Dress & Red Pumps Look 4 Less

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Our Rating: ★★★★☆

Who? Minka Kelly
Where? Gatorade’s “G Series Fit” Launch Party, Los Angeles
When? April 12, 2011
What? Victoria Beckham sheath dress, Brian Atwood Maniac platform pumps in red patent