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Alright, let’s talk Gucci again. I know we’ve already featured the “Princetown” loafer mules here on this blog before, but that was just the basic, no-frills version and ever since the huge success of the “Princetown” loafer, Gucci has released like a gazillion variations of new Princetowns, so we felt obligated to show you at least one more of the most coveted Princetown styles. This blog post will focus on the floral embroidered one which features a delicate pink rose embroidery on the vamp and either comes with a fur trim on the footbed ($1.050) or not ($780). If you can afford the real deal, by all means, go for it since there are absolutely no signs of the loafer mule trend slowing down this summer. But if you’re on a tight budget and dropping that kind of money on ONE pair of shoes is simply not justifiable to you, keep on reading as we’ve discovered some amazing Gucci alternatives that won’t break the bank.

Gucci Princetown Floral Embroidered Fur-Lined Backless Loafer Mules in black and pink

Gucci Princetown Floral Embroidered Loafer Mules
($780, Gucci)

Also available at Net-A-Porterls, Nordstromicon, Bloomingdale’s, Barneysls, Matches Fashionls, Selfridges, Harrodsls, MyTheresa, Farfetchls, Vestiaire Collective & The RealReal.

Celebrities, Style Bloggers & IGers Love Gucci

Celebs such as supermodel Gigi Hadid and style bloggers like Michelle Madsen (Take Aim) and Roos-Anne van Dorsten (Moderosa) have all been spotted wearing Gucci Princetown Floral Embroidered Loafer Mules.

Celebrities, Style Bloggers and IGers wearing black Gucci Princetown Floral Embroidered Loafer Mules

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SNJ Floral Embroidered Slip-On Loafers

Update (06/04/2017): Stumbled upon these lovely and super affordable Gucci Princetown floral loafer mules by SNJ which cost only $16.99! Steal deal alert!

SNJ Floral Embroidered Slip-On Loafers in black (Gucci Princetown dupes)

SNJ Floral Embroidered Slip-On Loafersamazon
($16.99, Amazon)

Forever 21 Horsebit Floral Loafer Mules

Update (05/18/2017): Just discovered that Forever 21 now has their own Gucci Princetown look-alikes! Check out these floral embroidered loafer mules! Price? $24.90. Add to cart, please!

Forever 21 Horsebit Floral Loafer Mules in black (Gucci Princetown dupes)

Forever 21 Horsebit Floral Loafer Mules
($24.90, Forever 21)

Vintage Havana Rose Mules

Let’s start off with my favorite Gucci Princetown dupes! They’re by a brand called Vintage Havana and look almost identical to the pricey Princetowns, but cost only $48 which is exactly $732 cheaper than the real deal. Now that’s a steal deal, right? Some sizes are already out of stock, so you better hurry if you want a pair!

Vintage Havana Rose Loafer Mules in black (Gucci Princetown dupes)

Vintage Havana Rose Mules
($48, Forever 21)

Steve Madden “Jill-P” Floral Embroidered Loafer Mules

Deal: Use promo code “FOURTH” to get 20% off regular and sale items and 25% off clearance items at Lord & Taylor! Offer valid through July 4th, at 11:59 PM EST. Exclusions apply.

Next up are these fabulous Gucci look-alikes by Steve Madden. These are a great alternative if you’re looking for the (faux) fur-trimmed Princetown version. They’re not an identical dupe, but close enough to get you the coveted Gucci look and all that for the budget price of $89 which is absolutely awesome! Make sure to use the promo code above to save an extra 20% on these loafer slides which would lower the price of these darlings down to an even budget-friendlier $71.20. Score!

Steve Madden "Jill-P" Floral Embroidered Loafer Mules in black (Gucci Princetown dupes)

Steve Madden “Jill-P” Floral Embroidered Loafer Mulesls
($89, Lord & Taylor)

Also available at Amazonamazon, Dillard’s, ShoeMallls, Zappos & Akirals.

Ego “Cheska” Floral Embroidered Flat Mules

Deal: Students get 10% off at Ego (excludes sale items)!

Another one of my absolute favorites are these spot-on Princetown dupes by Ego which also come in nude and white faux leather (perfect color choice for Spring and Summer). Ego is a footwear brand based in the UK, but they also offer worldwide delivery. Just in case some of you Non-Brits are interested in these as well.

Ego "Cheska" Floral Embroidered Flat Mules in white, black and nude (Gucci Princetown dupes)

Ego “Cheska” Floral Embroidered Flat Mules
(£24.99, Ego)

Romwe Rose Embroidered PU Fur Trim Loafer Slippers

If you’re looking for spot-on AND super affordable Gucci Princetown dupes, check out Romwe as they have the hugest selection of budget-friendly loafer mules I have seen so far; including fur and non-fur versions with most of them being priced around $30.

Romwe Rose Embroidered PU Fur Trim Loafer Slippers in black (Gucci Princetown dupes)

Romwe Rose Embroidered PU Loafer Mule Slippers
($29.99, Romwe)

Also available at SheIn.

Silent D “Ganthon” Rose-Embroidered Slide Loafers

If you’re willing to invest in a pair of quality designer dupes, check out these fab loafer slides by Silent D. They have noticeable differences to the real deal such as the rose embroidery and the horsebit detail, but the overall design still exudes that luxe Gucci Princetown look. Made of genuine leather and available in either navy or nude. Price: $124.99.

Silent D "Ganthon" Rose-Embroidered Slide Loafers in navy and nude (Gucci Princetown dupes)

Silent D “Ganthon” Rose-Embroidered Slide Loafersls
($124.99 AUD, StyleTread)

LaRosa Embroidered Slip-On Loafer Mules

And lastly, here’s a Gucci Princetown look-alike made of genuine leather for under $60! I found this dupe while browsing Amazon recently, the brand is called LaRosa and the loafer mules come in either black or white. I can’t personally vouch for this brand as I think these Gucci dupes are from one of those many generic China-based copycat sellers, but judging by the pictures, the quality looks decent for $59.99.

LaRosa Embroidered Slip-On Loafer Mules in black and white (Gucci Princetown dupes)

LaRosa Embroidered Slip-On Loafer Mulesamazon
($59.99, Amazon)

Image source(s): Gucci, MyTheresa, Take Aim, InStyle, Moderosa, @nikitadmadhani/Instagram, Forever 21, ShoeMall, Ego, Romwe, DNA Footwear, Amazon


Update: This post has been updated on December 29, 2016. Scroll down to see the new add.

So how HUGE was Balmain x H&M, huh? The highly anticipated designer collaboration went live online on November 5th at 8 am EST and it was only a matter of an hour until almost every item of the collection was sold out; all despite the hefty price tags (with prices set around $500-$700 for key pieces, the most expensive item peaking at $699), thus making Balmain x H&M’s collection the company’s most successful designer collaboration yet. The website continued to crash over the visitor overload all morning while eager shoppers in Seoul queued up in front of H&M stores over a week before the official collection launch. The hype surrounding this collaboration has certainly caught on to the masses and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the collection is now selling for vastly inflated prices on eBay where some pieces are priced at twice their retail value. No word from H&M yet whether they are going to restock the highly successful collection. One of my favorite pieces from the Balmain x H&M collaboration is this gold and white embroidered black velvet mini dress. I love that it doesn’t look watered down and could easily be mistaken for a design from Balmain’s mainline collection. Now would I spend $549 on such a statement dress? Maybe. But due to the hype, I don’t even have to ask myself this question because just like all the other pieces, this beautiful frock is sold out.

Balmain x H&M Embroidered Mini Dress in black, gold and white

Balmain x H&M Embroidered Mini Dress
($549, H&M)

P.S.: Also available at Vestiaire Collective & eBayeBay.

Celebrities and Style Bloggers Love Balmain x H&M

Celeb sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner and style blogger Sandra Hagelstam (5 inch and up) have all been spotted wearing the black and gold Balmain x H&M Embroidered Mini Dress.

Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner, Sandra Hagelstam (5 inch and up) wearing a black Balmain x H&M Embroidered Mini Velvet Dress

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Missord Embellished Mini Dress

Update (12/29/2016): Stumbled upon another Balmain inspired embellished mini dress by Missord which can be yours for under $30. The customer reviews don’t look too bad either.

Missord Embellished Mini Dress in black (Balmain x H&M inspired)

Missord Embellished Mini Dressamazon
($29.33, Amazon)

bebe Bead & Sequin Crepe Dress

If you don’t want to pay the ridiculously inflated eBay prices and can’t wait a few more months for other fast fashion companies to catch on to this hype to come up with their own inspired Balmain x H&M; look-alikes (c’mon, Forever 21!), I suggest you take a look at this beautiful beaded mini dress by bebe. I know this isn’t a spot-on dupe for the dress above and it certainly isn’t a steal at $299, but the Balmain x H&M inspiration is clearly visible on this frock in my opinion. Plus, unlike the real deal, this dress is readily available for you to buy with all sizes still in stock and all. So you can either keep on stalking eBay waiting for a miracle to happen or you can snap up this dress instead and get your own kind of Balmain party going.

bebe Bead & Sequin Crepe Dress in black and white (Balmain x H&M knockoff)

bebe Bead & Sequin Crepe Dress
($299, bebe)

P.S.: Similar bebe dresses are also available here & here.

Image source(s): H&M, 5 inch and up, Amazon, bebe


Christmas is right around the corner and today I was in such a festive mood that I decided to create a wintery budget look to honor the coldest of seasons. But it wasn’t until I was finished and very proud of my creation that I noticed this black-white-blush winter outfit might not be exactly weatherproof for colder climates (hello, backless loafers and sheer mesh body!). So instead of ditching the whole look and starting all over again, I simply decided to rename the outfit theme from “Winter Wonderland” to “Californian Winter Wonderland”. Pure genius, I know. But anyways: Happy Holidays, everyone! I hope you will be able to enjoy a relaxed and joyful Christmas with all your loved ones! And now step away from your computer and treat yourself to a Christmas cookie or two.

Budget Look - Californian Winter Wonderland in black, white and rose pink

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Image source(s): Mango, Topshop, Amazon, Minusey, Humble Chic, BagInc, BaubleBar


Update: This post has been updated on September 19, 2016. Scroll down to see the new add.

So I’ve already gushed in detail about the gorgeousness that is Dolce & Gabbana‘s S/S 2015 collection, but what I haven’t gushed about yet is this gorgeous floral embroidered body-con dress by House of CB which I discovered about an hour ago. I immediately had to drop everything, so I could write this blog post and share my beautiful (and budget-friendly) find with you, that’s just how excited I was about having come across this dress. House of CB has done quite the heavy copycat math on this one; somehow they managed to turn a $14.500 dress and a $7.500 skirt into a smokin’ hot $214 dress. Now that’s what I call a serious steal deal! Get this beauty of a dress before it sells out (and if you dare to wear such a racy look). Rock this frock with a bold red lip, sleek ponytail and dramatic eyeliner (hi there, Kendall!) and you’ll be the perfect Dolce & Gabbana femme fatale on a budget!

Copycat Math - Dolce & Gabbana Sacred Heart Floral Embroidered Net Dress + Dolce & Gabbana Mesh Midi Skirt = House of CB Carmen Mesh Dress with Rose Appliqué

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River Island Rose-Embroidered Mesh Dress & Top

Update (09/19/2016): Spotted these floral embroidered mesh dress and crop top at River Island today and both pieces instantly reminded me of Dolce & Gabbana’s S/S 2015 collection.

River Island Rose-Embroidered Mesh Dress & Top in black and red (Dolce & Gabbana S/S 2015 dupes)

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Image source(s): Moda Operandi, @kyliejenner Instagram, InStyle, Net-A-Porter, River Island, House of CB

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Copycat Math - Gucci Jordaan + Gucci Princetown = River Island Satin Loafer Mules

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Image source(s): Gucci, River Island


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