Update: This post has been updated on March 16, 2014. Scroll down to see the new adds.

My personal style includes a mixture of classic designer pieces and inexpensive trendy items. When I saw this striped blazer by Tory Burch (retail price: $325), I knew there was a designer space for it in my closet. The simple shape is given a new look with nautical stripes. I’m already running imaginary outfits through my head!

Tory Burch Magnus Striped Jacket in black & white

Tory Burch Magnus Striped Jacketls
($325, Net-A-Porter)

Max Mara Striped Blazer

UPDATE (03/16/2014): Check out this striped blazer by Max Mara.

Max Mara Striped Blazer in navy and white (Tory Burch Magnus knockoff)

Max Mara Striped Blazerls
($250, Bloomingdale’s)

Old Navy Ponte-Knit Striped Blazer

UPDATE (03/16/2014): And here’s another cute striped blazer alternative. This time found at Old Navy for a steal price of $39.94!

Old Navy Ponte-Knit Blazer in navy and white (Tory Burch Magnus knockoff)

Old Navy Ponte-Knit Striped Blazercj
($39.94, Old Navy)

ELLE Striped Peplum Blazer

UPDATE (03/10/2013): Found another great Tory Burch blazer alternative by ELLE. It’s currently marked down to only $10.80!

ELLE Striped Peplum Blazer in black and white (Tory Burch Magnus look-a-like)

ELLE Striped Peplum Blazerls
($10.80, Kohl’s)

Warehouse Stripe Tailored Blazer

UPDATE (02/18/2013): Here’s another great striped blazer alternative. By Warehouse.

Warehouse Stripe Tailored Blazer in black and white (Tory Burch Magnus look-a-like)

Warehouse Stripe Tailored Blazer
($71.21, ASOS)

Tinley Road “Bleecker” Striped Blazer

UPDATE (02/26/2012): Just came across this wonderful and budget-friendly Tory Burch alternative by Tinley Road. Love the striped blazer and it’s $79 only!

Tinley Road "Bleecker" Striped Blazer in black and white (Tory Burch Magnus knockoff)

Tinley Road “Bleecker” Striped BlazereBay
($79, eBay)

Spiegel Ponté-Knit Striped Blazer

If you want to add a little stripes into your wardrobe, but don’t want to drop a whole load of your hard earned money, then this Spiegel blazer is an excellent option. The shape and stripes get the job done. If you still have your mind set on gold nautical buttons, only a few dollars and a needle and thread will do the trick.

Spiegel Ponté-Knit Striped Blazer in black & white (Tory Burch Magnus knockoff)

Spiegel Ponté-Knit Striped Blazer
($79, Spiegel)

Image source(s): Net-A-Porter, Kohl’s, ASOS, Piperlime, Spiegel


Budget Look – Stripes, Yellow & Blue

by Irina on March 10, 2014

I’ve spoken so much about the stripe trend lately one might think I have slowly gotten to the point where I and stripes are dunzo, but sorry to disappoint you: not. gonna. happen. EVER! However, I do like to update them with a touch of Spring now that we’re almost halfway through the month of March: in this case it’s in the form of blue and yellow accessories. What do you think of my colorful stripey budget look?

Budget Look - Stripes, Yellow & Blue

Go Shopping:

Image source(s): Kohl’s, ASOS, Amazon, Dillard’s, NORDSTROM


I know we’re still a million light years away from summer, but I’ve had enough of winter already! And I’ve especially had enough of boots and booties – I miss wearing my airy summer shoes so much! Speaking of summer shoes, how lovely are these ankle wrap wedge espadrilles by Jimmy Choo? I am absolutely in loooove with them! Too bad they’re all sold out! But even if they weren’t, $495 is a pretty steep price for a pair of espadrilles, don’t you agree?

Jimmy Choo Prue Ankle Wrap Espadrille Wegdes in beige suede

Jimmy Choo Prue Ankle Wrap Espadrille Wegdesls
($495, Neiman Marcus)

ELLE Peep-Toe Platform Wedge Sandals

These ELLE wedge espadrilles might miss the ankle wrap, the rest, however, looks pretty much identical to the Jimmy Choos above. And who wouldn’t love the price? Steal deal alert!

ELLE Peep-Toe Platform Wedge Sandals in nude (Jimmy Choo Prue knockoffs)

ELLE Peep-Toe Platform Wedge Sandalsls
($55.97, Kohl’s)

Image source(s): Jimmy Choo, Kohl’s