Designer Shoe Twins

Update: This post has been updated on September 12, 2017. Scroll down to see the new add.

After writing this blog for more than 9 years and scouring the internet for designer dupes even longer, I hardly raise an eyebrow anymore whenever I come across a budget brand or fast-fashion chain copying a high fashion designer. But when designers – with very similar price points – copy amongst each other? Baffling! Which is exactly how I felt when I recently stumbled upon a pair of frayed satin slides by Stuart Weitzman. I knew I had seen that same style somewhere before, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on where. So after a few days I have almost already forgotten about it when I accidentally saw the Gianvito Rossi‘s “Barth” Sandal which looks so much alike, they’re basically designer shoe twins. Both have the same design, the same details, the same fabric and the same color! The prices, however, are somewhat different, but still close enough together to be both considered luxury shoes with Rossi’s sandals costing $645 (now on sale for $258) and Weitzman’s version being priced at $375 (now on sale for $150). I can’t tell who is copying whom though since I don’t know who came out first with their shoe style. Anyway, both sandals are absolutely fabulous and right on trend with the soft pink tone and the silky satin upper, so you can either go with your personal preference or your bank account because style-wise it’s a close tie between these two.

Gianvito Rossi Barth & Stuart Weitzman Edgeout Frayed Satin Crisscross Slide Sandals in blush pink

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A New Day “Lola” Cross Band Slide Sandals

Update (09/12/2017): Spotted the most beautiful Gianvito Rossi Barth dupe sandals today! They’re by A New Day, Target’s newly launched fashion line, are super affordable at $22.99 and look exactly like the pricey designer version! By the way, I know the label says “Mossimo Supply Co.”, so I guess Target hasn’t said goodbye to Mossimo just yet and probably only had the line rebranded for marketing purposes.

A New Day "Lola" Cross Band Slide Sandals in pink, black and denim blue (Gianvito Rossi Barth dupes)

A New Day “Lola” Cross Band Slide Sandals
($22.99, Target)

The Fix “Brystal” Frayed Cross Strap Slide Dress Sandals

Update (07/22/2017): I’ve just discovered Amazon’s newly launched in-house fashion brand called The Fix which offers a selection of affordable bags and shoes including these super cute Gianvito Rossi Barth sandal dupes for $69. In order to be able to buy these though, you have to be an Amazon Prime member, but luckily you can start a free 30-day trial if you’re not signed up to this annual subscription service yet.

The Fix "Brystal" Frayed Cross Strap Slide Dress Sandals (Gianvito Rossi Barth dupes)

The Fix “Brystal” Frayed Cross Strap Slide Dress Sandalsamazon
($69, Amazon)

LFL by Lust for Life “Frill” Frayed Slide Sandals

Update (05/16/2017): Just stumbled upon these amazingly spot-on Gianvito Rossi Barth dupes by LFL by Lust for Life which come in either blush, black or silver and are on sale for $36.99. Love them!

LFL by Lust for Life "Frill" Frayed Slide Sandals in blush pink, silver and black satin (Gianvito Rossi Barth dupes)

LFL by Lust for Life “Frill” Frayed Slide Sandalsamazon
($36.99, Amazon)

Also available at 6pm & Last Call by Neiman Marcusls.

Forever 21 Frayed Ribbed Satin Slides

If you find yourself drooling over the blush satin slides above, but none of the price tags finds your liking, how about these frayed crisscross sandals by Forever 21 then? They look basically just like the designer versions above, but cost a mere $19.90 instead! Love, love, love!

Forever 21 Frayed Ribbed Satin Slides in blush pink (Gianvito Rossi Barth & Stuart Weitzman Edgeout inspired dupes)

Forever 21 Frayed Ribbed Satin Slides
($19.90, Forever 21)

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Image source(s): Neiman Marcus, Jildor, Target, Amazon, Zappos, Forever 21


I’ve gotten very used to seeing budget fashion brands copying designer labels, but it still always baffles me when I see two renowned designer houses copying from each other. And this happens to be the case with these two-tone platform pumps here. I’m not sure whose shoe came out first – Giuseppe Zanotti’s or Jimmy Choo’s – but it seems like someone’s taken one too many clues from the other. Sure, it could be a coincidence that both brands bring out a nude/black almond-toe shaped two-tone platform pump at the same time, but I’m having my doubts about that. What do you think? What’s your guess on who’s been the copycat here?

Designer Shoe Twins - Giuseppe Zanotti I26191 & Jimmy Choo Sepia Two-Tone Platform Pumps

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It’s usually very easy for me to tell a real deal apart from the steal deal, but in this case I just can’t say who’s been the copycat. Isabel Marant or Fiorentini + Baker? I’m not sure really. But their Jenny and Enola Pull On Suede Boots sure do look like identical twins (well, almost). Design, material, color; even the prices are super close to each other. What do you think? Who’s copied whom here? Let us know and vote for your personal favorite below.

Isabel Marant Jenny & Fiorentini + Baker Enola Pull On Suede Boots

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