Update: This post has been updated on March 7, 2017. Scroll down to see the new adds.

Can we please have a moment of OMG!-silence for this AH!-mazing Balmain blazer? Consider me obsessed big time. If there ever existed something such as the perfect blazer, this gold-buttoned double-breasted navy wool-twill blazer which comes with Balmain’s signature razor-sharp silhouette would definitely be one of them. Just take a look at how gorgeous and effortlessly elegant all the beautiful ladies below look in their Balmain-adorned outfit ensembles. Perfection! I’d even be willing to splurge on a classic fashion staple such as this blazer, but its price of $2.385 is just beyond any common sense. My credit card does not approve.

Balmain Double-Breasted Wool-Twill Blazer in navy

Balmain Double-Breasted Wool-Twill Blazerls
($2.385, Neiman Marcus)

Also available at Net-A-Porterls, Bergdorf Goodmanls, Barneysls, Saks Fifth Avenuels, S|Sense, Luisaviaroma, Selfridges, Stylebop, Harrodsicon, Farfetchls & MyTheresa.

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New Look Military Blazer

Update (03/07/2017): Spotted this super fab navy Balmain blazer look-alike at New Look today. Not too shabby for £34.99, don’t you agree?

New Look Military Blazer in navy (Balmain dupe)

New Look Military Blazer
(£34.99, New Look)

Also available at New Look (EU) & New Look (AU).

Miss Selfridge Military Blazer

Update (03/07/2017): And here’s another set of Balmain inspired military-style blazers! These ones were found at Miss Selfridge. Available in either black or orange for £39.

Miss Selfridge Double-Breasted Military Blazer in black and orange (Balmain dupes)

Miss Selfridge Military Blazer
(£39, Miss Selfridge)

Also available at Miss Selfridge (US)ls, Miss Selfridge (EU + AU), Zalando, John Lewis & Debenhams.

Bardot Tailored Blazer

Update (02/23/2017): Discovered yet another lovely Balmain inspired tailored blazer today! It’s by Bardot and retails for $139.99 AUD.

Bardot Tailored Blazer in black (Balmain dupe)

Bardot Tailored Blazer
($139.99 AUD, The Iconic)

Hunkydory “Cora” Double Breasted Blazer

Update (01/24/2017): Stumbled upon this admittedly pretty pricey, but pretty awesome Balmain dupe by Swedish brand Hunkydory. You like this one?

Hunkydory "Cora" Double Breasted Blazer in navy (Balmain dupe)

Hunkydory “Cora” Double Breasted Blazer
(€439.95, Zalando)

Tahari ASL Double-Breasted Ponte Knit Jacket

Update (01/24/2017): This double-breasted blazer by Tahari ASL is also a great budget-friendly alternative to the expensive Balmain jacket. It’s currently on sale for $63.95 and comes in an array of beautiful colors including navy, black, white, wine red and rose pink. Absolutely looooove this budget find! Another very similar option in navy is available herels ($139).

Tahari ASL Double-Breasted Ponte Knit Jacket (Balmain dupes)

Tahari ASL Double-Breasted Ponte Knit Jacketls
($63.95, Tahari ASL)

Also available at Dillard’s & Macy’s.

Loft Double Breasted Blazer

Update (01/24/2017): Also found this navy double breasted blazer at Loft and it instantly reminded me of the Balmain one. It misses a few buttons to qualify as a designer dupe, but if you’re fine with a Balmain “inspired” design, this $128 blazer would be probably a good buy.

Loft Double Breasted Blazer in navy (Balmain inspired)

Loft Double Breasted Blazer
($128, Loft)

Mango “Boton” Double-Breasted Blazer

Update (12/06/2016): OK, so I spotted this beautiful Balmain dupe at Mango and just had to share this gorgeous nautical inspired navy blazer with you! Actually, I liked this one so much I ordered it for myself a couple days ago and I’m so happy I did because it’s the best Balmain dupe I’ve found and owned yet! Definitely worth the $79.99 price tag (sale price)! If you like this blazer, you better don’t wait too long as I’m pretty sure this beauty of a blazer will sell out in no time!

Mango "Boton" Double-Breasted Blazer in navy with gold buttons (Balmain dupe)

Mango “Boton” Double-Breasted Blazer
($79.99, Mango)

Also available at Mango (UK)ls, Mango (EU) & Zalando.

White House Black Market “Trophy” Double-Breasted Blazer Jacket

Update (12/06/2016): At White House Black Market you can also find a pretty neat Balmain inspired blazer aptly called the “Trophy Jacket”. The double-breasted blazer comes in petite sizing and various colors (including white and blush) and costs between $81.99-$150.

White House Black Market "Trophy" Double-Breasted Blazer Jacket in navy and blush pink (Balmain dupes)

White House Black Market “Trophy” Double-Breasted Blazer Jacket
($81.99-$150, White House Black Market)

Missguided Double-Breasted Military Style Blazer

Update (12/06/2016): I’ve also stumbled upon a third set of Balmain inspired military-style blazers at Missguided which look so much like the real deal but cost only $63 and come in various lovely colors such as nude, white and blush. Love these affordable blazers! Pssssst, US students get a 30% (!) student discount (offer may end soon though)!

Missguided Double-Breasted Military Style Blazer in nude, white, black and blush (Balmain dupes)

Missguided Double-Breasted Military Style Blazer
($63, Missguided)

Also available at Missguided (UK) & Missguided (EU + International).

Stylekeepers “You Set Me Free” Double-Breasted Blazer

Update (08/01/2016): Just discovered this spot-on Balmain dupe by Stylekeepers in a beautiful khaki green for $145 AUD. If you prefer a more classic color, check out the “Sweet Success” blazer which looks similar to this one and comes in black.

Stylekeepers "You Set Me Free" Double-Breasted Blazer in khaki green (Balmain dupe)

Stylekeepers “You Set Me Free” Double-Breasted Blazer
($145 AUD, The Iconic)

Banana Republic Nautical-Style Basketweave Blazer

My personal favorite Balmain look for less alternative is this nautical basketweave blazer I discovered at Banana Republic recently. All the important Balmain details are there: a fitted silhouette, double-breasted front, gold buttons and a beautiful deep navy color. BR’s version has a couple differences such as a different material, but they’re rather minor and overall it’s still a gorgeous and budget-friendly alternative for the pricey Balmain blazer. Especially so if you take advantage of the 50% off sale promotion which is currently running at Banana Republic because it cuts down the price of this blazer down from $169.99 to $84.99 (that’s a saving of $2.300,01 compared to the real deal). Super steal deal alert!

Banana Republic Nautical-Style Basketweave Blazer in navy and gold buttons (Balmain knockoff)

Banana Republic Nautical-Style Basketweave Blazer
($84.99, Banana Republic)

Veronica Beard Seaside Double Breasted Blazer

Now this nautical blazer by Veronica Beard is probably the closest match to the real deal Balmain in terms of overall design, but it does cost almost $600, so it ranks as my current second favorite Balmain dupe. You would save a whopping $1.790 by opting for the Veronica Beard version though, so I still consider this blazer to be a pretty good bargain nonetheless!

Veronica Beard Seaside Double Breasted Blazer in navy w/ gold buttons (Balmain dupe)

Veronica Beard Seaside Double Breasted Blazer
($595, Forward by Elyse Walker)

A similar version is also available at Veronica Beard.

Brooks Brothers Wool Double-Breasted Blazer

Another gorgeous blazer and pretty awsome Balmain alternative is this lovely navy blazer by Brooks Brothers. The key details are spot-on Balmain, Brooks Brothers is known for their high-quality tailoring and did I mention this beauty of a blazer is currently on sale for $274 (was $548). Sure, it’s not a steal at that price, but it might be worth the investment because a navy blazer is so versatile.

Brooks Brothers Wool Double-Breasted Blazer in navy with gold buttons (Balmain inspired)

Brooks Brothers Wool Double-Breasted Blazer
($274, Brooks Brothers)

Vero Moda Military Blazer

And here’s a little little something for all you European Balmain lovers out there! These military-inspired double-breasted blazers by Vero Moda are a pretty spot-on Balmain dupe for less than €50 (sale price!). You’re welcome.

Vero Moda Military Blazer in navy blue and black (Balmain knockoffs)

Vero Moda Military Blazer
(€44.95, Zalando)

Also available at Otto & About You.

J.Crew Double-Breasted Blazer

Not available in navy, but these blazers by J.Crew also reminded me of the Balmain one above because the design and silhouette are so similar. If you’re all about the navy color, check out this other J.Crew blazer which I found at J.Crew Factory for $79 (sale price!).

J.Crew Double-Breasted Blazer in white and light blue (Balmain knockoffs)

J.Crew Double-Breasted Blazer
($198, J.Crew)

Missguided Military Style Blazer

Deal: 40% student discount for US students! Excludes sale items. Offer ends soon!

If you really want to snatch a steal deal here, these Balmain inspired blazers by Missguided which cost $56 might be a considerable look for less option. It’s just too bad these don’t come in navy.

Missguided Military Style Blazer in khaki and black (Balmain knockoffs)

Missguided Military Style Blazer
($56, Missguided)

Also available at Missguided (UK) & Missguided (EU + International).

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Update: This post has been updated on March 16, 2014. Scroll down to see the new adds.

My personal style includes a mixture of classic designer pieces and inexpensive trendy items. When I saw this striped blazer by Tory Burch (retail price: $325), I knew there was a designer space for it in my closet. The simple shape is given a new look with nautical stripes. I’m already running imaginary outfits through my head!

Tory Burch Magnus Striped Jacket in black & white

Tory Burch Magnus Striped Jacketls
($325, Net-A-Porter)

Max Mara Striped Blazer

UPDATE (03/16/2014): Check out this striped blazer by Max Mara.

Max Mara Striped Blazer in navy and white (Tory Burch Magnus knockoff)

Max Mara Striped Blazerls
($250, Bloomingdale’s)

Old Navy Ponte-Knit Striped Blazer

UPDATE (03/16/2014): And here’s another cute striped blazer alternative. This time found at Old Navy for a steal price of $39.94!

Old Navy Ponte-Knit Blazer in navy and white (Tory Burch Magnus knockoff)

Old Navy Ponte-Knit Striped Blazercj
($39.94, Old Navy)

ELLE Striped Peplum Blazer

UPDATE (03/10/2013): Found another great Tory Burch blazer alternative by ELLE. It’s currently marked down to only $10.80!

ELLE Striped Peplum Blazer in black and white (Tory Burch Magnus look-a-like)

ELLE Striped Peplum Blazerls
($10.80, Kohl’s)

Warehouse Stripe Tailored Blazer

UPDATE (02/18/2013): Here’s another great striped blazer alternative. By Warehouse.

Warehouse Stripe Tailored Blazer in black and white (Tory Burch Magnus look-a-like)

Warehouse Stripe Tailored Blazer
($71.21, ASOS)

Tinley Road “Bleecker” Striped Blazer

UPDATE (02/26/2012): Just came across this wonderful and budget-friendly Tory Burch alternative by Tinley Road. Love the striped blazer and it’s $79 only!

Tinley Road "Bleecker" Striped Blazer in black and white (Tory Burch Magnus knockoff)

Tinley Road “Bleecker” Striped BlazereBay
($79, eBay)

Spiegel Ponté-Knit Striped Blazer

If you want to add a little stripes into your wardrobe, but don’t want to drop a whole load of your hard earned money, then this Spiegel blazer is an excellent option. The shape and stripes get the job done. If you still have your mind set on gold nautical buttons, only a few dollars and a needle and thread will do the trick.

Spiegel Ponté-Knit Striped Blazer in black & white (Tory Burch Magnus knockoff)

Spiegel Ponté-Knit Striped Blazer
($79, Spiegel)

Image source(s): Net-A-Porter, Kohl’s, ASOS, Piperlime, Spiegel


This bright emerald green blazer by Alice + Olivia is the perfect way to update a neutral wardrobe in a flash. Think of it as your statement piece this season; so versatile, and you can mix it up with all your basics. Designers are coming out with blazers like this in a wide range of styles and prices, so if this one doesn’t quite fit your budget, check out another option we found below.

Alice + Olivia Elysee Blazer in grass green

Alice + Olivia Elysee Blazercj
($367, Shopbop)

ASOS Shrunken Boyfriend Blazer

ASOS offers a similar style that is sure to be your good luck charm all season long, and at a great price! You can also wear this blazer with other spring colors like lavender, turquoise, lime green or citrine yellow. Most importantly, check the fit before you buy. It should be roomy enough to wear a top underneath, but nicely tailored at the shoulders.

ASOS Shrunken Boyfriend Blazer in grass green (Alice + Olivia Elysee knockoff)

ASOS Shrunken Boyfriend Blazer
($89.53, ASOS)


Givenchy‘s S/S 2010 collection was one of those collections that had to grow on me. First I was like “Where’s the color? What is it with all those stripes?” – I really wasn’t impressed. I’m still hesitant about the dirty-ish head-to-toe tribal looks and the weird conehead hats, but the rest I learned to love. Especially the striped blazer looks. See my take on one of the Givenchy runway looks below. You like?

Givenchy's S/S 2010 Striped Look 4 Less

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Our lovely reader Marsha recently asked the following in a comment:

I really do love Kim K’s striped blazer with the exaggerated shoulders! Have any ideas where to get a good find on one?

Any ideas where to find one, she asks? Hey, we’re full of ideas—and sources. Here you go:

Splurge. Save. Steal - Striped Jackets

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