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Update: This post has been updated on May 10, 2016. Scroll down to see the new add.

Anyone remember these Zara flats? For a couple of weeks, these were the no. 1 shoes on Instagram and it seemed like everyone and their mom owned a pair. If they look somehow familiar to you, you’re absolutely right as they are a beautiful hybrid of Isabel Marant’s studded Leo flats and Aquazzura’s Christy lace-up flats (see another lovely Isabel Marant and Aquazzura hybrid example here). I’m not sure how much they retailed for, but I guess probably somewhere around $80. Now that isn’t expensive for a pair of chic flats and probably also the reason why these babies were sold out in no time at Zara. I tried my best to score them, but no such luck! Boohoo!

Zara Studded Lace-Up Flats in black

Zara Studded Lace-Up Flats
(Price Unknown, Vestiaire Collective)

Style Bloggers & IGers Love Zara

Various personal style bloggers and IGers have been spotted wearing Zara Studded Lace-Up Flats.

Style Bloggers and IGers wearing black Zara Studded Lace-Up Flats

Who wore Zara best?

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Athena Footwear “Danielle” Lace-Up Flats

Update (05/10/2016): Steal deal alert! Check out these fabulous lace-up flats by Athena Footwear which are available in either black, nude or denim and are currently on sale for under $20. Yay!

Athena Footwear "Danielle" Lace-Up Flats in black (Zara dupes)

Athena Footwear “Danielle” Lace-Up Flats
($19.97, Nordstrom Rack)

Billini “Adrienne” Studded Pointed-Toe Lace-Up Flats

Update (04/15/2016): Found another great and budget-friendly Zara dupe today! This one’s by Billini and it’s available in black or nude faux leather for $79.95 AUD.

Billini "Adrienne" Studded Pointed-Toe Lace-Up Flats in black (Zara knockoffs)

Billini “Adrienne” Studded Pointed-Toe Lace-Up Flats
($79.95 AUD, The Iconic)

Verali “Stella” Eyelet-Studded Lace-Up Flats

If you weren’t lucky back then as well, here’s your second chance, ladies: these chic eyelet-studded lace-up flats by Verali are a spot-on Zara dupe and they are available in either black or tan for just $79.95 AUD. Yay!

Verali "Stella" Eyelet-Studded Lace-Up Flats in brown and black (Zara dupes)

Verali “Stella” Eyelet-Studded Lace-Up Flats
($79.95 AUD, StyleTread)

P.S.: Also available at The Iconic.

Pedder Red “Joey” Eyelet Suede Lace-Up Skimmer Flats

Another great alternative would be these suede lace-up flats by Pedder Red. They’re probably more expensive than the original Zara version, but the quality looks pretty good here, so they might be worth the splurge. Available for $165 in various colors and uppers.

Pedder Red "Joey" Eyelet Suede Lace-Up Skimmer Flats in black (Isabel Marant Leo dupes)

Pedder Red “Joey” Eyelet Suede Lace-Up Skimmer Flatsls
($165, Lane Crawford)

P.S.: Also available at Lane Crawford (UK)ls.

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