Update: This post has been updated on January 30, 2017. Scroll down to see the new adds.

I almost get the sensation that I’m looking at a Magic Eye poster when I look at this Givenchy Ottoman Stitch Stripe Jacket. It’s definitely different and very appealing to the eye. I love how Keri Hilson sports it with a pair of black skinnies and a peep-toe boot. Such elegance when it’s worn so simplified. I’m very curious to see how this jacket would look with a pair of jeans as opposed to the all-black ensemble. So, if you want to get the look and not be on the waiting list and spend $1557 on this striking jacket, here are a few more choices!

Givenchy Ottoman Stitch Stripe Jacket

Givenchy Ottoman Stitch Stripe Jacketls
($1.557, Net-A-Porter)

Celebrities Love Givenchy

Keri Hilson, Liv Tyler & Courtney Love wearing a black and white Givenchy Ottoman Stitch Stripe Jacket

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White House Black Market Striped Ponte Blazer

Update (01/30/2017): Didn’t really expect to find any more dupes of this striped Givenchy jacket after four years, but White House Black Market onbviously beg to differ.

White House Black Market Striped Ponte Blazer in black and white (Givenchy dupe)

White House Black Market Striped Ponte Blazer
($140, White House Black Market)

Old Navy Single-Button Jersey-Knit Striped Blazer

Update (01/30/2017): Also came across this super budget-friendly striped blazer at Old Navy which would be a great designer real deal alternative for under $40.

Old Navy Single-Button Jersey-Knit Striped Blazer in navy and white (Givenchy inspired)

Old Navy Single-Button Jersey-Knit Striped Blazer
($39.94, Old Navy)

Wallis Black Stripe Jacket

Update (05/18/2013): Just discovered this striped blazer at Wallis which would be a great alternative to the pricey Givenchy jacket. On sale for $70!

Wallis Black Stripe Jacket in black and white (Givenchy Ottoman look-a-like)

Wallis Black Stripe Jacket
($70, Wallis)

Anthropologie Striped Spinnaker Blazer

Update (07/25/2012): Found another lovely striped blazer option over at Anthropologie for under $100.

Anthropologie Striped Spinnaker Blazer in black and white (Givenchy knockoff)

Anthropologie Striped Spinnaker Blazer
($98, Anthropologie)

Smythe Piped One Button Blazer

Update (02/25/2012): If you’re looking for a high quality alternative, look no further because this striped Smythe blazer is a great Givenchy look-a-like. It does retail for a very hefty $486.50, but it’s still less than 50% of the original’s price.

Smythe Piped One Button Blazer in black and white (Givenchy knockoff)

Smythe Piped One Button Blazercj
($486.50, Shopbop)

Mango Cotton Sailor Blazer

Update (02/25/2012): And here’s another great inspired-by option by MANGO.

Mango Cotton Sailor Blazer in navy and white (Givenchy knockoff)

Mango Cotton Sailor Blazer
($79.99, Mango)

Canna Striped Blazer

Update (07/15/2011): Just came across another fabulous and budget-friendly Givenchy alternative by Canna.

Canna Striped Blazer in black and white (Givenchy knockoff)

Canna Striped Blazerls
($99, Nordstrom)

Alice + Olivia “Sage” Striped Blazer

I love this Alice + Olivia “Sage” Striped Blazer! I love the shoulders and the pockets! Very similar to the Givenchy and you won’t be out $1557 either. Priced at $368 this jacket is definitely a steal. But, if it still doesn’t fit your budget we have some more for ya!

Alice + Olivia Sage Striped Peak Lapel Blazer in navy and white (Givenchy Ottoman knockoff)

Alice + Olivia “Sage” Striped Blazercj
($368, Shopbop)

Aryn K. Stripe Blazer

This Aryn K. blazer has slightly bigger stripes than the Givenchy and the Alice + Olivia, but I’m really enjoying the collar detail around the neckline on this one. And priced at $94, I’d say it’s pretty budget-friendly!

Aryn K. Stripe Blazer in black and white (Givenchy Ottoman knockoff)

Aryn K. Stripe Blazer
($94, 6pm)

Tart “Camryn” Jacket

Now this Tart jacket looks the most like the Givenchy with the striping. However, it looks more of “going to the office” than a jacket that you can wear more casually. Nonetheless, if you like the look and you’re really loving the stripes of the Givenchy and want something a little more affordable, I’d go for this one!

Tart "Camryn" Jacket in black and white (Givenchy Ottoman knockoff)

Tart “Camryn” Jacket
($69.99, Last Call)

525 America Striped Blazer

OK, so I’m not sure how I feel about this jacket by 525 America. I like the buttons, but I feel like it should’ve been a full-length sleeve rather than a 3/4 sleeve. Especially since you have the button style of a pea-coat! It does look cute with jeans and priced at $95.99, it might suit your taste for the warmer weather that’s soon ahead.

525 America Striped Blazer in navy and white (Givenchy Ottoman knockoff)

525 America Striped Blazer
(95.99, Macy’s)


Valentine’s Day – Treats for Under $40!

by Irina on February 6, 2013

Valentine's Day - Treats for Under $40!

Go Shopping:

  1. ModCloth Letter Together Mug Set, $29.99
  2. Philosophy Kiss Me Exfoliating Lip Scrub, $16
  3. Forever 21 Heartbreaker Nail Polish, $2.80
  4. ModCloth City of Fluttering Love Travel Case, $39.99
  5. ASOS Squiggle Heart Stud Earrings, $8.77
  6. ASOS Pack of Two Heart Rings, $10.52
  7. Forever 21 Heart Lock Shoulder Bag, $24.80
  8. Anthropologie Tabletop Made Little Hearts Note Cards, $14


Fab Friday 5 – Celine Edition

by Irina on August 6, 2010

I love the idea of Fab Friday 5. All week long I want, I want, I want and then the next week starts and usually I want, I want, I want five new things so this feature is perfect (I’m pretty sure Irina, Vahni and Vanessa are all with me on that one). I initially tried to stick with a theme, but then thought, screw it, my taste is all over the place and that’s OK! There’s some color, some jewelry, some alcohol and some shoes. Here are a few of my favorite things from this week…

Fab Friday 5 - Celine Edition #001

The Breakdown:

  1. LOFT Flutter Silk Dress, $128 – I’ve been obsessed with this dress for the better part of a week. I LOVE how LOFT styled it up with a rugged brown belt. I plan to do the same with mine. Because I obviously have no will power. I planned on waiting for a sale but nope. Too weak.
  2. Baybreeze Cocktail, $5-15 – I thought about including food as one of my FF5 items, but forget it, it’s too hot to think about food. Let’s think about drinks. I mean it is Friday after all, and as they say, it’s always 5pm somewhere. I present the Baybreeze. A delicious, oh so summery drink with vodka, cranberry and pineapple juice. It’s my go-to summer drink.
  3. Anthropologie Higgledy-Piggledy Pencil Skirt, $148 – OK, I know it’s a bazillion degrees out right now, but pretend it’s a cool 55. Now picture yourself wearing this skirt. So cute, right? It probably tops my wish list at the moment and we all know that’s no small feat. I love the asymmetrical buttons. I want to wear this with a silky, flouncy blouse and deep purple tights.
  4. Silver Multi-Chain Shoulder Necklace Harness, $49.99 – I’m know I’m not exactly being cutting edge with this (these shoulder chains have been around since 2009 – duh) but I had to include this because I am currently lusting over body jewelry. I haven’t bought one yet but it’s only because I’m waiting for the perfect one to enter my life. Tick tock…
  5. J.Crew Tilly Satin Two-tone Platform Heels, $325 – J.Crew isn’t necessarily the first place I’d turn to when looking for a new pair of shoes, but I have to admit that I sat in front of my computer drooling over their Fall arrivals. It was hard to choose just one pair to feature here, but I just love these “Tilly” two-tone heels. They will look ah-mazing with colored, patterned tights. I pray for a sale. And now on to the next five!


Givenchy‘s S/S 2010 collection was one of those collections that had to grow on me. First I was like “Where’s the color? What is it with all those stripes?” – I really wasn’t impressed. I’m still hesitant about the dirty-ish head-to-toe tribal looks and the weird conehead hats, but the rest I learned to love. Especially the striped blazer looks. See my take on one of the Givenchy runway looks below. You like?

Givenchy's S/S 2010 Striped Look 4 Less

Go Shopping: