Guess The Original Designer – Steve Madden IMMORTAL vs. ALDO Cowher Multi-Strap Booties

by Irina on October 15, 2012

Finding steals after more than 4 years of experience isn’t too hard these days anymore, but I still get stuck here and there sometimes. Often times I’ll browse through the new arrivals section of an online store seeing new shoes and keep having a feeling that this or that shoe might be a designer look-a-like without really knowing where to start the search for the original designer. And sometimes I’ll see 2 (or more) almost identical shoe designs by brands which are known for notoriously copying designer shoes and not knowing where to look for the inspiration behind these. That’s a common scenario in my day-to-day fashion research and today I decided to let our readers help me solving some Real vs. Steal puzzles. Let’s start with these 2 embellished rocker boot contenders. One is by Steve Madden, the other one by ALDO, but both are almost identical twins in design which is a strong indicator that these boots are in fact knocked off by some high-end designer shoe. Help me find the original designer and post your ideas or hints in the comments section. Thanks!

Steve Madden "IMMORTAL" vs. ALDO "Cowher" Multi-Strap Booties in black

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Image source(s): Steve Madden, ALDO

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  • Fran

    I first saw these boots by a brand called Sacha last year. Now I’m seeing them everywhere, I’m not sure if those are the originals.

  • Annette

    These boots appear to be identical to the Spitfire by Carvela Kurt Geiger and the Bertie Prang Leather Wraparound Studs Metallic Trim Biker Boot – but these may be look a like versions also.

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