Real vs. Steal – Stella McCartney Falabella Chain-Trimmed Tote Bag

by Velicia on February 27, 2015

Update: This post has been updated on February 27, 2015. Scroll down to see the new adds.

Stellaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” – must be screamed with as much passion as Marlon Brando does in the classic movie, A Streetcar Named Desire. Stella McCartney please, unchain my heart and wallet from this gorgeous bag you’ve designed! But, my dear and fellow vegan, more than a thousand dollars for a bag that’s not even real leather? Ummm, on what planet does this happen? Oh yeah… how could I forget, the planet named Hollywood!

Stella McCartney Falabella Chain-trimmed Bag in black

Stella McCartney Falabella Chain-Trimmed Tote Bagls
($1.150, Neiman Marcus)

Also available at Saks Fifth Avenuels, Nordstromls, Net-A-Porterls, Bergdorf Goodmanls, Barneysls, Farfetchls, MyTheresa, Vestiaire Collective & The Real Real.

Celebrities Love Stella McCartney

Kate Walsh, Diane Kruger, Kim Kardashian, Stella McCartney, Jennifer Lopez and Kate Hudson carrying a black Stella McCartney Falabella Chain-trimmed Bag

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MG Collection “IRYNA” Fold-Over Chain-Trim Tote

Update (02/27/2015): Spotted this fab Stella McCartney Falabella dupe by MG Collection which is currently on sale for $65.99 and comes in either black, taupe or beige.

MG Collection "IRYNA" Fold-Over Chain-Trim Tote in black and taupe faux leather (Stella McCartney Falabella knockoff)

MG Collection “IRYNA” Fold-Over Chain-Trim Tote
($65.99, Amazon)

Beauté Bags Chain Border Tote

Update (02/27/2015): Also came across this Falabella knockoff tote by Beauté Bags. It’s quite pricey at almost $170, but the customer reviews are downright positive for this bag, so it might be worth the investment.

Beauté Bags Chain Border Tote in black (Stella McCartney Falabella knockoff)

Beauté Bags Chain Border Toteamazon
($169.99, Amazon)

Jessica Simpson “Lulu” Chain-Trimmed Tote

Update (12/29/2014): Check out this chain-trimmed tote bag by Jessica Simpson which I have come across today. Not a spot-on Falabella dupe, but certainly of the inspired-by kind. Available in black, cherry, red, grey and brown faux leather.

Jessica Simpson "Lulu" Chain-Trimmed Tote in black (Stella McCartney Falabella knockoff)

Jessica Simpson “Lulu” Chain-Trimmed Toteamazon
($108, Amazon)

Steve Madden “BTOTALLY” Chain-Trimmed Tote Bag

Update (10/05/2014): OMG! OMG! OMG! I think I might have found the most perfect Stella McCartney Falabella dupe! Check out the super fabulous “BTOTALLY” chain-trimmed faux leather tote by Steve Madden which comes in an array of lovely colors, prints and uppers and retails for $108. I’m beyond obsessed with the cobalt blue version! So hot!

Steve Madden "BTOTALLY" Chain-Trimmed Tote Bag in black, blue, blush and grey (Stella McCartney Falabella knockoff)

Steve Madden “BTOTALLY” Chain-Trimmed Tote Bagls
($108, Steve Madden)

Also available at ShoeMallls & eBayeBay.

Jennifer Lopez “Gloria” Curb-Chain Laced Tote

Update (07/30/2014): Now look who’s turned to Stella McCartney for some inspiration for her own celebrity line? It’s Jennifer Lopez, everyone!

Stella McCartney Falabella Chain-Trimmed Tote Bag in black (Stella McCartney Falabella knockoff)

Jennifer Lopez “Gloria” Curb-Chain Laced Totels
($65.40, Kohl’s)

Express Chain Wrapped Hobo Bag

Update (10/02/2013): At Express you’ll also find a great Stella McCartney Falabella bag alternative for under $80! And it’s also made out of faux leather!

Express Chain Wrapped Hobo Bag in black (Stella McCartney Falabella knockoff)

Express Chain Wrapped Hobo Bag
($79.90, Express)

Inzi Chain Border Tote

Update (04/15/2013): And here’s another great Falabella alternative available in either black, blush, silver or pewter by Inzi. Price point: $88.95! Yay!

Inzi Chain Border Tote in black (Stella McCartney Falabella knockoff)

Inzi Chain Border Totels
($88.95, Nordstrom)

ShoeDazzle “Picton” Chain Tote Bag

Update (02/08/2013): Just stumbled upon these fabulous Falabella look-a-likes by ShoeDazzle. I love all the beautiful colors (btw, did you know emerald is Pantone’s Color of the Year 2013? *hinthint*)!

ShoeDazzle "Picton" Chain Tote Bag in emerald green, black and purple (Stella McCartney Falabella knockoff)

ShoeDazzle “Picton” Chain Tote Bag
($35.16, ShoeDazzle)

ModCloth On the Brink of Something Bag

Now this is more like it! ModCloth‘s version is only $89.99. Finally, a faux leather bag without the price tag of fine Italian leather. So when you ask yourself, “Where’s the beef?” – It’ll be located inside your wallet from all the money you saved!

ModCloth On the Brink of Something Bag in black (Stella McCartney Falabella knockoff)

ModCloth On the Brink of Something Bag
($89.99, ModCloth)

Spiegel Foldover Bag with Chains

OK girls, forget foldover, I’m bowled over by Spiegel‘s version of Stella’s bag! Honestly, I wasn’t really feelin’ this look. But… it’s official; I’m now part of the “chain gang” because of this very creative and economical 2-for-1 design. A shoulder bag and a clutch? SOLD!

Spiegel Foldover Bag with Chains in black (Stella McCartney Falabella knockoff)

Spiegel Foldover Bag with Chains
($49, Nordstrom Rack)

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  • Sherry

    Just a headsup that the Spiegel bag is on-sale for $29. Score!!! Also, you can use coupon code “383” to knock it down to $23.20!!

  • Denise

    Love the Express bag….thanks for posting!

  • Aaliyah21215

    $1000 for a polyester bag?? Please

  • Jade Zen

  • Jade Zen

    $1000 for a good quality designer bag (some other high end designers charge a lot more for coated canvas)… $29 for a knockoff copied design is the rip off here…. Some of the cheaper brands would be better served coming up with their own individual designs instead of cheap low quality rip offs that make the carrier of the bag look cheap too.

  • Aaliyah21215

    It’s still polyester ?? Just because it’s designer, doesn’t make it right. I’d rather have a long standing leather bag than a designer polyester bag. I love labels like the next chick but I’m not that infatuated to drop a whole stack on a polyester bag. I saw a girl on YT (Evelina) make her own version. It was a suede royal blue bag. Completely gorgeous!

  • Jade Zen

    Not all leather bags equal good quality just because they’re leather. Most of the expensive popular bags from other designers are not leather either (prada makes many nylon bags, LV and Gucci make many coated canvas bags for alot more than this one)
    Each to their own but I think it’s wrong of cheaper designers to only make money by cloning someone else’s design… Really bad form and they’re often alot lower quality and noticeably so.
    The diy version I have seen too… Again make something original.

    Every designer item is marked up because it’s designer. The price of this tote is in line with the price of other high end designer items that aren’t leather (even cheaper than many) it’s how it is. The choice is not to buy designer be it because you don’t like them, or can’t afford it which is your choice. Doesn’t mean it’s not of good quality or not worth it to some. There’s quite a few bags I love which are just out of my price range right now… So I don’t buy them and either wait until I can or buy something else… Not look for a cheap knock off.

    Obviously it’s a desired design if there are so many copies, fakes and even a diy…. But I think if you don’t want the original buy an original of a cheaper brand that’s a choice we have, buying a clone just says alot more about the carrier than the price of the original.
    I am very against fakes and knick off since there are other options available.

    Enjoy your weekend 🙂

  • Aaliyah21215

    The leather goods that I buy do and even if wasn’t it’s still cheaper than $1000. I can get 6-9 of them at that price. Leather bags hold up unless you get them from those cheap website that charge a crazy low amount for leather goods. I understand how designer bags work. Which is the reason why I don’t buy most of them but those designers still make leather bags. Especially Gucci. If people weren’t in such a tizzy to have a monogrammed bag then people would be more familiar with other bags from those designers. The leather Gucci bags are actually my favorite. Most of them don’t have monograms and if so it’s barely noticeable. Maybe you’ll see the signature color strap or something of that nature. I’ve seen a few in DSW for several hundred dollars which I don’t think is bad at all.

    I don’t see a problem with someone doing a DIY. I actually love DIY’s because it shows their creative side. You’re putting your twist on something. The truth is not everything is good quality. Doesn’t matter the price. I’ve purchased some pricey things only to break apart. Case in point my Prada sandals. The buckle broke. I got them fixed out of pocket. That was that. Then there are some things that I had that were cheap that lasted many many years with no issues like polyester bags or cheap sandals. Sometimes it’s just the pick of the straw.

    Everything is a desired design. Not just her bags. It’s how it works. When you’re hot everyone wants a piece of the action. I never stated anything about a knock off so I have no idea why you keep saying knock off. You can buy leather goods without them being a knockoff. At the end of the day I would never purchase a designer polyester bag. I still think it’s foolish. Different strokes for different folks though. I don’t care if it’s in line with other polyester bags, just not my thing. LV bags STILL have leather on them. The straps, the lining, the trim. I like bags like the A.W. Rocco duffel bag. It’s gorgeous, it’s leather, it comes in multiple colors, the hardware. I just find it a nice bag overall especially the pebbled one.

  • Jade Zen

    Diy is great but why copy someone’s design… Make an original is my point.
    And yes LV have leather handles. That’s worth paying $2k for.
    I have had AW Rocco’s too that have had the quality control issues that are posted about extensively online. Not all leather is good quality. Not all have them but a good percentage did and I was lucky to get two of them, luckily I didn’t pay full price for either.

    Also never said you couldn’t get decent quality leather bags for less but they don’t have the designer mark up and so aren’t what we are discussing here. Imyou won’t get a high end designer bag or several for under $1k.

    And the bags posted above are knock offs which is the point of the article.
    As you say different strokes for different folks – it’s ok to buy a canvas bag for $2k because it’s got leather handles. But a non leather bag that is good quality and a great design for half that is out because there’s no leather… Makes sense.

    Just for the record I don’t own one of these bags but I do like them and probably will get one some day. Who knows.

  • Aaliyah21215

    I have no idea why you keep changing my words which means you aren’t getting what I’m saying. I understand what you’re saying and I’m not sold. No point was missed. You can make a basic leather bag. Everybody rips somebody off from high fashion to the “knock offs” which was my point I made when I said everything is a desired design. It’s all recycled. Polyester is still just that and I’m not a fan of it at that price tag. I never said that I wanted an LV bag. I don’t even like LV. I simply corrected you as you were inaccurate. They do have leather on them and if that’s what people want to buy then that’s them. This is getting to be redundant. Good on you if that’s what you want to do. That’s the great thing about choice. I hope you continue to prosper when you resell the bags.

  • Jade Zen

    I know you didn’t say you wanted LV. *sigh*
    And I knew the handles were leather so you weren’t actually correcting anything, but most of them are also $500 to $1k more than this non leather bag of the privilege which was what I was saying. And no not all bags are cloned from high end bags…..
    I actually didn’t change your words just replied to your points… You are looking into it far more than you need to… You’re also changing mine just as much and assuming alot.
    Your snarkiness and passive aggressive shots are lame and tiresome. Continue to enjoy your cheap bags and awesome theories.
    Enjoy your weekend, you sound like a super person to hang out with.

  • Aaliyah21215

    What?? I was being serious when I sent well wishes to you reselling your bags. It’s not that serious. I’m just tired of the back and forth like I’m supposed to change my stance on polyester bags. That’s how I know you’re not getting it. It’s fine though you can continue being a b.!.t.c.h. (snark) and getting upset because I said “please” about a polyester bag. It’s STILL not that serious and I STILL wish you well on the reselling of your bags.

  • Jade Zen

    I wasn’t intending to be anything of the sort but good for you to resort to name calling because of a difference of opinion.
    I realise you still don’t get what I was saying even though you say you do. I get that YOU wouldn’t pay that for this bag but that’s not to say no one would or should. I wouldn’t pay thousands for the hideous D&G raffia bags but I understand and get why others would (they aren’t leather either) just as I wouldn’t pay even $10 for those awful guess designs even though some are leather… But get why some people would….

    I think you’ve completely misunderstood me and I’m really sorry for upsetting you so…

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