Shopping Tip – Affordable Colored Denim @ EXPRESS

by Roseanne on December 26, 2011

One of the hottest trends this season is colored denim, ranging from whimsical prints to solid colors. Though I find head-to-toe prints to be a bit outrageous for my personal style, at the moment I love red jeans of all tones. In terms of style, fit, and comfort, the EXPRESS Zelda Jean Legging is ultimate for those searching for an understated way to incorporate color. Each color is vibrant yet so versatile, making it very easy to wear these jeans. There’s nothing better than a bit of color especially for a monochromatic wardrobe. I have to say that the scarlet red color will be a fantastic addition in my closet, and the others hues certainly don’t disappoint. Check them out!

Shopping Tip - Affordable Colored Denim @ EXPRESS

Shop Colored Denim at EXPRESS!cj

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