Shoe Hotness Galore! – Senso Shoes @ Solestruck

by Irina on June 25, 2010

A few weeks ago while browsing one of my favorite shoe shopping sites, Solestruck, I happened to stumble upon a brand I haven’t heard of yet. Senso. Looking at their shoes I was wondering why because I, the self-proclaimed shoe aficionado, thought I knew about all the kickass shoe brands by now. Turned out I didn’t. At that time all the Senso styles were sold out, so I signed up to be notified when they’ll become available again and well, today is the lucky day.

Senso Shoes @ Solestruck

Solestruck is the only online retailer to carry the Australian brand right now. They have a bunch of scorching hot heels which are currently on pre-order (shoes will ship on July 19, 2010) and all of them are expected to sell out very QUICKLY again. Most styles are priced somewhere between $150 to $180 which certainly isn’t dirt cheap, but considering their hotness I’d say totally worth the splurge. Oh how I wish I hadn’t bought so many shoes this month so I could indulge in a pair of my own Sensos. If you have some disposable income left to spend on shoes, this would be my Shopping Tip of the Month!

Senso Shoes @ Solestruckpjx

Image source(s): Solestruck

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  • Coming from one shoe lover to another, these are quite fabulous! Amazing to look at (wonder if they’re amazing to walk in..?)! Thanks for sharin’ your lovely find.
    P.S. don’t miss the giveaway in my site right now! Fun, fashionable & free!

  • LOVE the 3rd shoe in the 2nd row!

  • Christine

    Shoe Market in Brooklyn, NY will be carrying Senso at the end of this month, and they also have a pre-sale on their website!

  • Awesome collection the last one is just outstanding!

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