In Selena Gomez’ Closet – ASOS Asymmetric Corset Maxi Dress

by Irina on December 9, 2012

Update: This post has been updated on December 9, 2012. Scroll down to see the new add.

I’m always happy to see celebrities wearing accessible fashion, especially when they’re hitting the red carpet. Selena Gomez did just that by opting for a Balmain-ish ASOS black frock ($146.54) which she paired with a pair of steep Giuseppe Zanotti chiffon sandals ($850) at the GRAMMY Nominations Concert a few days ago. Well, you can’t expect a celeb going budget fashion head-to-toe I guess.

Selena Gomez wearing a black ASOS Asymmetric Corset Maxi Dress and Giuseppe Zanotti sandals

Our Rating: ★★★½☆

Who? Selena Gomez
Where? GRAMMY Nominations Concert Live, Los Angeles
When? December 01, 2010
What? ASOS Asymmetric Corset Maxi Dress ($146.54) and Giuseppe Zanotti Chiffon-Bow Sandalsls ($850)

Blaque Label “Dulce” Bodice Dress

UPDATE (12/09/2012): Just stumbled upon another great alternative to Selena’s ASOS dress by Blaque Label which is also available in purple and teal. Use promo code “JOYEUX” for 30% off + free shipping at MissKL.

Blaque Label "Dulce" Bodice Dress in black (ASOS knockoff)

Blaque Label “Dulce” Bodice Dressls
($140, MissKL)

ModCloth Storm in the Air Dress

UPDATE (01/26/2012): A big thank you to our reader Aimee who alerted us of this fab dress alternative at ModCloth. Only $99.99!

ModCloth Storm in the Air Dress in black (ASOS knockoff)

ModCloth Storm in the Air Dress
($99.99, ModCloth)

Arden B. Satin Tube Chiffon Dress

UPDATE (09/23/2011): And here’s another great look-a-like though slightly pricier which is available at Arden B. I think it’s my favorite from all the dresses shown here.

Arden B. Satin Tube Chiffon Dress in black

Arden B. Satin Tube Chiffon Dressls
($44.99, Arden B.)

LuLu*s Dante’s Guide Strapless Black Dress

UPDATE (08/13/2011): I just found this wonderful alternative available at LuLu*s. It’s basically the same dress only $65 cheaper.

LuLu*s Dante's Guide Strapless Black Dress

LuLu*s Dante’s Guide Strapless Black Dress
($81, LuLu*s)

ASOS Asymmetric Corset Maxi Dress

ASOS Asymmetric Corset Maxi Dress in red, black & purple

ASOS Asymmetric Corset Maxi Dressls
($146.54, ASOS)

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  • Karen

    That is gorgeous! And affordable…thanks for the post. I was looking for a birthday dress and this is it!

  • meiner

    which female nature arrives for shoes past?
    no matter what they cost!

  • ishtar

    sold out in my size 🙁

  • esme

    some size restock yesterday

  • Please do you know where i could find an other dress like this ? It’s out of stock everywhere… In Modcloth, Asos, Lulu’s… And i want this dress for my bal 🙁

    xoxo, Céline

  • Jackie

    Is this dress still in stock anywhere?

  • Andrea

    I fell in love with this dress as soon as I saw it. Is it in stock ANYWHERE? I would love to wear it to my prom in a few months. I’m a small!

  • Abby

    I found this really cheap on an Australian site. It’s the same dress! In black and pink

  • Wow, great find, Abby! Thank you for the heads up!

  • maria

    i have this dress ! omg she stole it u pretty bitch ! lmao

  • If anyone’s still interested in Selena’s dress, check out the new alternative dress I found: LuLu*s Dante’s Guide Strapless Black Dress ($81).

  • alyce

    i can’t find this dress on asos or Lulu 🙁 does anyone know where i can fine one ? 🙁

  • Nina

    OMG I’m dying for the original dress because to me the skirt seems a little different than the remakes… but looks like I’m going to have to settle for the arden b dress : [ if anyone knows where i can find the ASOS dress PLEASE PLEASE INFORM!…BEFORE May 2012 lol

  • Aimee

    There is the Arben B style on Mod Cloth for $99

  • Aimee

    Sorry, I meant similar style to LuLu*s

  • Marie Martell

    omg what a beautiful dress and so afordable!! xoxo

  • Salena i love your hairstyles and clothing. i also love your shoes. You are supper cool, rich, and popular. I am your biggest fan ever and trust me i am your biggest fan ever.

  • Liv

    I found a look- alike, and just ordered it off of celebrity dresses. Crossing my fingers that the website is legit, though.

  • Temo

    hey, my GF got this dress stolen and her birthday it´s coming, anyone knows where I can get this one for her? It would be a great surprise for her and a big help for me, tx!

  • sam

    Hey Liv, I just ordered my from there a little while ago, I was just wondering how it turned out for you? mine was a little long in the front, but overall looked pretty much the same.

  • Imaperson

    Could u find something for the x-ray dress Selena goomez wore in hit the lights thanks

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