Cheap vs. Cheaper – Sam Edelman vs. Enzo Angiolini vs. N.Y.L.A. vs. Bucco

by Irina on May 18, 2011

Looking at all these t-strap espadrille wedges which ALL look practically identical my assumption is that all of these are knockoffs of some designer heel I haven’t seen or heard of yet. Even though the priciest option here is $150 which compared to all those $800 designer shoes that are often featured here is still on the lower price spectrum I like how there’s still some deal to be had. You can save either 30%, 40% or, if you opt for the cheapest version, a whopping 70%! The look will be the same.

Sam Edelman vs. Enzo Angiolini vs. N.Y.L.A. vs. Bucco

Go Shopping:

Black Rooster “Highpeak” Espadrille Wedges

P.S.: While this little post was waiting to get published, I happened to stumble upon yet another wedge that looks identical to the ones shown above. In terms of price, Black Rooster‘s Highpeak lies between N.Y.L.A. and Bucco though I’m 95% sure the Black Roosters are just a rebranded version of the N.Y.L.A.s or the other way round. Theser come in a range of beautiful colors including a super lovely blush, gold, black and cognac.

Black Rooster "Highpeak" Espadrille Wedges in cognac

Black Rooster “Highpeak” Espadrille Wedgescj
($79.20, Zappos)

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  • Note to all the ladies reading this post: these wedges are SUPER SEXY.

    And go for the “Even Cheapest” option, as prescribed. Look just as good, and I like my women to have a few extra $ in the pocket so they can split the dinner bill 🙂

    KIDDIN’ (sort of)

  • Haha, lovin’ it, Billy. But how about this? We leave the bill for you to pay and spend the extra $ on some extra nice lingerie instead? Sounds good? 😉

  • Sounds like a DEAL! With that offer on the table, I’ll likely be rushing through dinner anyways…

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