Real vs. Steal – Saint Laurent Paris Striped Pumps

by Irina on March 31, 2014

After striped sunglasses, here we have a striped pair of pumps. Courtesy of Saint Laurent. You know I usually prefer to wear my beloved stripes on my clothes, but now that I’ve spotted these pretty heels here I certainly wouldn’t mind to sport them on my shoes either. What I really like about these pumps is the juxtaposition of the canvas fabric against the unexpectedly positioned angle of the stripes. But holy moly, have you seen the price tag? $695! Thanks, but I think I’ll have to pass this time.

Saint Laurent Paris Striped Pumps in black and white

Saint Laurent Paris Striped Pumpsls
($695, Saks Fifth Avenue)

Cosmopolitan “Elisa” High Heel Pumps

What I don’t have to pass on though are these just as good-looking stripey pumps by Cosmopolitan. They’re obviously not a total dupe of the Saint Laurent originals and have a few noticeable differences, the overall look however is just the same. Plus, the price is unbeatable: only $39.99! Now is that a steal or is that a steal?

Cosmopolitan "Elisa" High Heel Pumps in black and white (Saint Laurent Paris knockoffs)

Cosmopolitan “Elisa” High Heel Pumpsls
($39.99, JCPenney)

Image source(s): Saks Fifth Avenue, JCPenney

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