Real vs. Steal – Ruthie Davis Avatar Platform Pumps

by Roseanne on August 4, 2012

At first, I wasn’t sure whether I really liked the pointy toe feature on these “Avatar” pumps by Ruthie Davis. However, the more I looked at them, the more they started to grow on me. Though they are basic black pumps, they are also infused with a unique shape and design. To my surprise, they look absolutely amazing on the foot! Both Mena Suvari and Kendall Jenner look stunning, and their Avatar pumps add a modern twist without distracting from their red carpet ensembles. And despite the pricey label, we have an alternative below that is perfectly up to par!

Ruthie Davis Avatar Platform Pumps in black and pink patent

Ruthie Davis Avatar Platform Pumpsamazon
($224.83, Amazon)

Celebrities Love Ruthie Davis

Mena Suvari and Kendall Jenner wearing black Ruthie Davis Avatar Platform Pumps

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MIA Limited Edition “Runway” Platform Pumps

Why spend $250 when you can simply purchase these look-a-likes for under $50? Available in a collection of colors for every taste, these sculpted pointy toe heels by MIA Limited Edition are like the designer beauties above but without the colossal price tag! And though their similar counterpart is paired with a dress/skirt above, you can wear these “Runway” platforms with just about anything in your wardrobe. Personally, I really love the black version. It is so elegant and classy, yet modern and even a bit avant-garde at the same time.

MIA Limited Edition "Runway" Platform Pumps (Ruthie Davis Avatar knockoffs)

MIA Limited Edition “Runway” Platform Pumpsamazon
($44, Amazon)

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