Real vs. Steal – Rock & Republic Liana Wedges

by Vahni on May 7, 2010

You got the memo, didn’t you? What memo, you ask? The wedge memo, silly. The one about wedges being totally it this summer. And hallelujah for that. This is a trend that might actually give all us poor, virtually hobbled fashionistas a little bit of a break in the no-pain-no-gain shoe department. The beauty of the wedge is its wearability in spite of its height. Which makes a pair like the Liana from Rock & Republic all the more appealing.

Rock & Republic Liana Wedges in cream

Rock & Republic Liana Wedges
($350, Shopbop)

N.Y.L.A. “Dina” Stud Wedges

OK, so you want a wedge. And as lovely as Liana is, we all know you’re here because you don’t want the higher-priced version, you want more for less! Honey, don’t we all. There’s not a Liana doppelganger out there at the moment, but we did find the studded, riveted “Dina” by N.Y.L.A.. And $109.95 isn’t cheap, but it’s better than $350 for a shoe you know is relegated to weekend outfits.

N.Y.L.A. "Dina" Stud Wedges in white (Rock & Republic Liana knockoffs)

N.Y.L.A. “Dina” Stud Wedgesamazon
($109.95, Amazon)

P.S.: Also available at Nordstrom & RevolveClothing.

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  • I REALLY need to stop reading this site because I need like every shoe you write about, Vahni.

  • Ha! Now imagine writing about them. No wonder why I have no more room for any more shoes! I’m obsessed. I see like five new pairs I want a week.

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