In Rachel Bilson’s Closet – Rag & Bone Victoria Wedge Sandals

by Irina on June 11, 2010

I do like Rachel Bilson‘s style, I really do. She definitely has one for that matter, not just a personal stylist on speed dial like certain other celebrities. You can see fashion is an important part of her life (she has her own column with InStyle after all). Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way; what I don’t understand is why some people overidolize her fashion sense. There are women who ooooh and aaaaah about every. single. one. of her outfits even if it only consisted of a worn-in tee and a pair of denim shorts. I can’t stand that kind of unnecessary overhyping (Mary-Kate Olsen and Sienna Miller anyone?).

Take this outfit for example which Rachel wore to a meeting a few days ago. I really dislike it in its entirety because a) I don’t think the 3.1 Phillip Lim romper (yes, it’s a romper) isn’t exactly flattering b) the brown Chanel bag doesn’t fit in with the all-black ensemble and c) nude shoes over black tights? Seriously, Rachel? It looks so weird and while I generally like me some contrasts this particular one I don’t. What I do like though are the nude Rag & Bone wedges Rachel is sporting here; they’re quite lustworthy actually. Also on sale. For 30% OFF. See below if you’re just as obsessed.

Rachel Bilson wearing nude Rag & Bone Victoria Wedge Sandals

Our Rating: ★★½☆☆

Who? Rachel Bilson
Where? Heading to a meeting in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles
When? June 03, 2010
What? 3.1 Phillip Lim romper, Chanel bag, Lynne Hiriak striped cardigan, Ray-Ban Wayfarers, Rag & Bone Victoria wedges

Rag & Bone Victoria Wedge Sandals

Rag & Bone Victoria Sandal Wedges in nude

Rag & Bone Victoria Wedge Sandalscj
($385, Shopbop)

P.S.: Also available at Browns Fashionls.

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  • momoco

    I TOTALLY AGREE. I think it has more to do with how tiny and adorable she is rather than her taste. It is really simple and non-offending which also helps to broaden her fanbase. Not overly impressed though. =P

  • Maya

    I have to admit to being one of the people who overidolize her style, but I’m obsessed so much with what it is she wears but how she pulls it off. She can wear a garbage bag it would still look stylish on her. Even the weird combination of cream wedges and black tights with a brown metallic bag looks okay only because she looks comfortable in it. I dont know why but she just has that way about her where she can pull of anything. Cant wait to see what she pulls out of the closet next!

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