Real vs. Steal – Paloma Barceló Amaya Leather And Raffia Wedges

by Irina on June 2, 2011

Update: This post has been updated on June 02, 2011. Scroll down to see the new adds.

You know what bugs me big time? When I do my daily shoe research and start seeing shoes from different brands which have all the same design or concept. Almost always a sign that these are “inspired by“-shoes. Most of the time I am able to tell by whom these steal versions were inspired, but not this time. I stumbled upon 4 wedge styles, all different brands but with the same design and I just couldn’t tell the designer inspiration to these knockoffs. It was so frustrating! But life is fair – sometimes at least. Because yesterday I accidentally browsed the shoe section at theOutnet and voilà, there I spied them: the “Amaya” wedges by Paloma Barceló. Finally, the mystery was solved! No wonder I couldn’t tell the designer because up until yesterday I have never heard of Paloma Barceló. So I decided to educate myself and looked up the brand. Turns out it’s a Spanish footwear line founded in 1960 specializing in mostly espadrille styles. Check out the various designs at NET-A-PORTERls, so stunning, perfect summer shoes!

Paloma Barceló Amaya Leather And Raffia Wedges in brown

Paloma Barceló Amaya Leather And Raffia Wedgesls
($295, NET-A-PORTER)

Bamboo Sunnie-10 Espadrille Wedge Sandals

UPDATE (06/02/2011): These wedge sandals by Bamboo are also a great alternative to the Paloma Barceló wedges.

Bamboo Sunnie-10 Espadrille Wedge Sandals in black (Palmo Barceló Amaya knockoffs)

Bamboo Sunnie-10 Espadrille Wedge Sandalscj
($11.86, Shiekh)

Dollhouse “Milla” Wedge Sandals

UPDATE (06/02/2011): Found yet another Paloma Barceló knockoff coming from Dollhouse. Available in tan or brown.

Dollhouse "Milla" Wedge Sandals in tan (Paloma Barcelò Amaya knockoffs)

Dollhouse “Milla” Wedge Sandalsamazon
($46.99, Amazon)

MIA “Biscotti” Wedge Sandals

Now how good is this knockoff by MIA? Spot on! You can’t barely tell the difference (of course I cannot comment on the quality aspect here). And they happen to be on sale as well! Yay! These come in tan, brown and olive.

MIA "Biscotti" Wedge Sandals in tan (Paloma Barcelé Amaya knockoffs)

MIA “Biscotti” Wedge Sandalsamazon
($35.40, Amazon)

P.S.: Also available at Shoes.comls & SHOEBACCAcj.

Naughty Monkey “Divine” Wedge Sandals

These espadrille wedges by Naughty Monkey fall into the same “can’t tell them apart“-category as the MIAs. They’re virtually identical to the Paloma Barceló originals. A little more expensive than the MIA version, but these here come in other colors including a super lovely teal which I adore. Down from $95 to $44.50. Available in black, brown, grey, raspberry & teal.

Naughty Monkey "Divine" Wedge Sandals in burgundy (Paloma Barceló Amaya knockoffs)

Naughty Monkey “Divine” Wedge Sandalsls

P.S.: Also available at Amazonamazon & Heels.comcj.

New Look Straw Strappy Wedges

Now what’s funny is that I purchased these very wedges by New Look prior to knowing that these were actually knockoffs. For me they are keepers. Quality is OK (not real leather, but not expecting much at this price). These look great with capris, shorts and all kinds of summer dresses, of course. Available in black, white and tan.

New Look Straw Strappy Wedges in tan (Paloma Barceló Amaya knockoffs)

New Look Straw Strappy Wedges
(£34.99, New Look)

Wanted “Notti” Wedge Sandals

These Wanted wedges are not quite spot-on as the ones listed above, but overall there’s still something like an 80% similarity with the key details all there. Also, these here come in the cutest colors such as yellow, baby blue, orange & pink (+ boring black and tan).

Wanted "Notti" Wedge Sandals in tan (Paloma Barceló Amaya knockoffs)

Wanted “Notti” Wedge Sandals

P.S.: Also available at Amazonamazon.

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  • Angelica

    I had bought the Mia Biscotti at Macys, which they are still available there I believe. I purchased them with my savings pass so I only paid about $33. Bakers also has some, they are called Natasha and comes in different colors, and are on sale right now for $39.99.

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