So it was only recently that I bought my first pair of 5 inchers. OK, it were 3 first pairs. All of them were pumps and they all had a double platform to support the towering stiletto heel. And boy do I love my new 5 inch heels! I mean they look just breathtaking on. They make my legs go on for like a mile and I instantly feel soooo much sexier when I’m wearing them.

Surprisingly, they’re not as painful as I pictured them to be. In fact, during the first hour I feel next to no heel pain due to the double platform which takes away a lot of the heel height and doesn’t make the arch quite as hurtful. Now don’t be fooled, they’ll still pain the hell out of you eventually after 2-3 hours, but judging by the looks of the boyfriend and other male bystanders, I’d say it’s totally worth it. It does take some time getting used to the fact that you’re hovering on a big ass platform above the ground, but after some practice around the house you should be able to rock 5 inch babies like a pro. Wanna start your first love affair with a super fabulous 5 incher? Take a look at the ones below by Miss Me. Absolutely adorable, aren’t they? Also, super sexy and relatively light on the wallet at $55.95 per pair. Alright, I might just have found my 4th pair now!

Miss Me Jocelyn-12A Bow Platform Pumps

Miss Me Jocelyn-12A Bow Platform Pumpsamazon
($55.95, Amazon)

Image source(s): Amazon


I feel so sorry for shoeaholics of times gone by. If only they could have lived to see the unparalleled creativity of shoe design today. Never before in history have there been so many truly unique, funky hybrids, like the Cut-Out Boots by Maison Martin Margiela. What a belle of a boot! Part demure d’Orsay, part go-go boot. This is a pair that was made for walkin’. I wish they’d walk right on up to my front door.

Maison Martin Margiela Cut-Out Boots in black

Maison Martin Margiela Cut-Out Bootscj
($1.154, Shopbop)

Celebrities Love Maison Martin Margiela

Kim Kardashian, Rihanna and Jane Aldridge of Sea of Shoes wearing black Maison Martin Margiela Cut-Out Boots

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Matiko “Kiari” Boots

Like most shoe addicts, when I see a pair like the MMMs above that are as much art form as they are shoe, and I can’t have them, I feel a little pang of despair. Then I remember that it is a consumer’s world, and there is almost always a replica to be had. Like the Matiko “Kiari” Boots. Not a d’Orsay like the MMMs, but, whoa—they are some serious statement-makers. Get ‘em ‘fore they go, ladies!

Matiko "Kiari" Boots in black (Maison Martin Margiela knockoffs)

Matiko “Kiari” Bootspjx
($279.95, Solestruck)

Image source(s): Browns Fashion, Solestruck


I’m not sure what I like best about Ashley Greene in this golden yellow D&G Strapless Silk-Satin Dress. The hot bod? The legs? The shiny hair? The heels? A combination of pattern and color that almost feels like leopard print? OK, this is futile. Let’s just tick all of the above and consider it done. Some people have a hard time wearing yellow. Ashley is apparently not one of them.

Ashley Greene wearing a yellow D&G Strapless Silk-Satin Dress

Our Rating: ★★★★☆

Who?Ashley Greene
Where?NYLON & YouTube Young Hollywood Party in Hollywood, California
When?May 12, 2010
What?D&G Strapless Silk-Satin Dress

D&G Strapless Silk-Satin Dress

D&G Strapless Silk-Satin Dress in yellow

D&G Strapless Silk-Satin Dressls
($2.795, NET-A-PORTER)


I have been in love with these Leather and Perspex Sandals by Michael Kors (RRP: $689) ever since I spotted them. Truth be told, I have quite a love affair going with several pairs in his lower-priced lines, MICHAEL and KORS. Unfortunately, this pair isn’t in any of the lower-priced collections, and there isn’t $689 in my pocket for them either. Boo.

Michael Kors Leather and Perspex Sandals in black & clear

Michael Kors Leather and Perspex Sandalscj
($493.20, Zappos)

Paris Hilton “Addiction” Platform Sandals

I can’t believe I’m writing this, but the “Addiction” Platform Sandals by Paris Hilton run a close second to the Kors pair. The platform is definitely a diversion from the original look, but somehow, this pair works. I hate myself for writing that, I really do. Available in black and pewter.

Paris Hilton "Addiction" Platform Sandals in black & clear (Michael Kors knockoffs)

Paris Hilton “Addiction” Platform Sandalsls
($99, Macy’s)


UPDATE: This post has been updated on July 18, 2010. Scroll down to see the new adds.

Don’t get me wrong: I LOVE ankle boots and all, but over the last 2 years or so I’ve become kind of sick seeing them worn with everything. Especially on the red carpet where young starlets seem to think it’s so super cool and edgy to pair chunky booties with a white frilly lace dress. Yeah, no one’s done THAT before, try-hard. Most of those girls fail when it comes to carrying off such a contrasting look. That’s why I really appreciate when shoe designers take a different direction with the ankle bootie trend and make them look less bulky and less in-your-face. The Jimmy Choos below are a perfect example for such booties. They’re modern yet subtle, but still feminine.

Jimmy Choo "Jedd" Suede Studded Eyelet Booties in black

Jimmy Choo Jedd Studded Bootiesls
($1.250, NORDSTROM)

Charles by Charles David “Stud-Io” Ankle Boots

UPDATE (07/18/2010): Just stumbled upon this upscale knockoff by Charles by Charles David. Available in black or cognac suede.

Charles by Charles David "Stud-Io" Ankle Boots in black suede (Jimmy Choo Jedd knockoffs)

Charles by Charles David “Stud-Io” Ankle Bootsamazon
($45.99, Amazon)

Dollhouse “Joonie” Ankle Boots

UPDATE (07/18/2010): Dollhouse joins the Jimmy Choo look-a-like contest by coming up with their own Jedd alternative called “Joonie” which is available in black, brown or denim blue.

Dollhouse "Joonie" Ankle Boots in black (Jimmy Choo Jedd knockoffs)

Dollhouse “Joonie” Ankle Bootsamazon
($56.95, Amazon)

Fergie “Magnetized” Booties

UPDATE (05/28/2010): Fergie is the latest to join the Jimmy Choo Jedd copycat bandwagon. Her Choos-4-less come in either black or camel suede.

Fergie "Magnetized" Booties in black suede (Jimmy Choo Jedd knockoffs)

Fergie “Magnetized” Bootiesamazon
($99.95, Amazon)

P.S.: Also available at Shoebuyls & Shoes.comls.

Wild Diva Erin-72 Ankle Boots

UPDATE (03/08/2010): Here’s yet another great bargain by Wild Diva if you’re still on the hunt for those Jimmy Choo booties. Available in black & brown faux suede.

Wild Diva Erin-72 Studded Eyelet Ankle Boots in black faux suede (Jimmy Choo Jedd knockoffs)

Wild Diva Erin-72 Ankle Bootsamazon
($39, Amazon)

N.Y.L.A. “Kupa” Studded Eyelet Booties

UPDATE (02/08/2010): Found another great though significantly pricier Jimmy Choo alternative by N.Y.L.A..

N.Y.L.A. "Kupa" Studded Eyelet Booties in black suede (Jimmy Choo Jedd knockoffs)

N.Y.L.A. “Kupa” Studded Eyelet Bootiesamazon
($82.90, Amazon)

Liliana “Bandino” Studded Ankle Booties

These booties by Liliana are quite obviously a knockoff of the Jimmy Choos shown above. Don’t they look pretty awesome for $50 shoes? I think I even prefer these over the real Choos because of their rounder shape. Let alone the fact that of course I very much prefer their price which is way closer to my budget than the Choos. Another good thing: these booties also come in grey and purple (faux) suede.

Liliana "Bandino" Studded Ankle Booties in black faux suede (Jimmy Choo Jedd knockoffs)

Liliana “Bandino” Studded Ankle Bootiespjx
($49.90, UrbanOG)

Luichiny “Passa Fy” Booties

While these studded booties by Luichiny might not be as close to the originals as the Liliana ones, I think it’s still very easy to see the inspiration behind these. They don’t have the eyelets and the upper material is faux leather instead of suede, but everything else screams “JIMMY CHOO“! Also available in brown.

Luichiny Passa Fy Studded Booties in black (Jimmy Choo Jedd knockoffs)

Luichiny “Passa Fy” Bootiesamazon
($76.57, Amazon)

P.S.: Also available at Shoebuyls & Heels.comcj.


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