Obsession(s) of the Day – ASOS Leather Skinny Metallic Belts

by Irina on April 30, 2011

Seriously, I need to block the ASOS website. Every time I browse through their new arrivals section I end up with like a gazillion of new obsessions that keep spinning in my head. It was only yesterday that an ASOS package arrived at my doorstep and here I am again considering making yet another order so I can make these colorful metallic skinny belts mine. Aren’t they just beautiful? And the price is awesome considering the belts are all 100% real leather. My favorites would have to be the pink and the mint one. Thoughts?

ASOS Leather Skinny Metallic Belts in gold, orange, pink, mint and silver

ASOS Leather Skinny Metallic Beltsls
($26.90, ASOS)

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  • I feel that way about that and topshop.

  • Jenni

    I absolutely adore ASOS and these belts are to die for.
    I deffinately <3 the pink and the mint colour!
    On a side note I got my ASOS order last week and LOVE LOVE LOVE my spring jacket (the one you posted up awhile ago in that vibrant blue)!!

    P.S. I'm full of LOVE today and I absolutely LOVE your blog!! 😀

  • Jenni, thank you so much for your comment and your kind words. LOVE that you love your jacket, I’m sure you look amazing in it <3

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