Obsession of the Day – Shopbop’s Layered Summer Look

by Irina on June 8, 2010

Writing for a fashion blog is probably the best excuse for hours and hours of cyberstalking Shopbopcj. God, I LOVE Shopbop! Their huge selection, the various price points from super cheap to super steep, the easy navigation and site design, the editorial section, their stylists, models and did I mention international shipping is free with orders of $100+? See, there are tons of reasons to love Shopbop. And when I checked their latest arrivals today I found yet one more to add to the list which is the styled look below. I adore the color combo, the layers, the easiness of the whole look; well, basically EVERYTHING about it! Absolute perfection! – ♥ ♥ ♥

Obsession of the Day - Shopbop's Layered Summer Look

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D’uh! Of course, how could I forget the prices?! All of these gorgeous items cost more than what I’d normally spend on tops, belts, shoes and shorts. So what’s a girl with a limited budget to do? Easy, I put my look-4-less skills at test and tried to recreate Shopbop’s lovely look on a more budget-friendly basis. I’m quite happy with the outcome; it’s not a 100% match and not as charming as Shopbop’s version, but the overall look & feel is almost the same and price-wise it’s totally doable.

Shopbop’s Layered Summer Look 4 Less

Shopbop's Layered Summer Look 4 Less

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  • AHHH, LOVE that ShopBop outfit! I have to say, though, awesome job on the steal version. I’m very tempted…

  • Thank you, Celine. Glad you like it! I wish I could afford the real deal… *sigh*

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