Obsession of the Day – LuLu*s Welcome to Miami Romper

by Irina on May 14, 2010

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So a few posts ago Celine proposed to LuLu*s and since she didn’t get a definite answer yet I figured now is my chance to do the same. I am certain we would make the perfect couple actually. Cruisin’ LuLu*s newest arrivals is one of my new found hobbies and I almost always find something to drool over every day.

My obsession du jour is this cobalt blue floral printed romper. Lately, I find myself really attracted to this shade of deep blue and the vibrant color of this cute little thing is absolutely delicious, isn’t it? The floral accents give the solid blue a nice contrast and lighten it up which makes the romper perfect for wearing in the summer. And although I do think it is a wee bit short I’m also sure there couldn’t be a better motivation to hit the gym than wanting to rock this electric blue number with nicely tanned & toned legs.

LuLu*s Welcome to Miami Floral Romper in blue

LuLu*s Welcome to Miami Romper
($36, LuLu*s)

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  • That is adorable, and hey! I saw her first! ūüėČ

  • Lauren from Miami

    By the time i found the “welcome to miami romper in blue” it was sold out at lulu’s i tried to find it on another site but noone carries it. HELP where can i find it? will Lulu’s restock? soon?

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