Obsession of the Day – LuLu*s Statement Maxi Dresses

by Irina on August 23, 2011

One of my latest fashion obsessions are maxi dresses. In the last 2 months I have managed to acquire a total of 5 new ones. Yes, I might have a shopping problem. And as if 5 new dresses weren’t enough I find myself obsessing over these beautiful statement maxi dresses from LuLu*s now. Aren’t they just beautiful? I love the bright colors, the pleating and cut-out sides. And the prices aren’t too either! What a dilemma!

Obsession of the Day - LuLu*s Statement Maxi Dresses in blue, red and green

Go Shopping:

  1. LuLu*s Trieste Entreaty Royal Blue Maxi Dress, $57
  2. LuLu*s Jessica Rabbit’s Closet Red Maxi Dress, $47
  3. LuLu*s Trieste Entreaty Green Maxi Dress, $57
  4. LuLu*s Jessica Rabbit’s Closet Blue Maxi Dress, $47

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