Obsession of the Day – LeiVanKash Feather Bracelet in Rose Gold

by Irina on August 13, 2011

So I really love rose gold jewelry. And not only since it became “trendy” this time around last year but way back when I was a child and used to dig around in my Mom’s jewelry box where she used to have plenty of rings and necklaces in this beautiful gold shade. Hence every time I spot something rose gold it instantly brings back all those childhood memories and I can’t help but be totally biased. So naturally I was super smitten with this beautifully crafted feather bracelet by LeiVanKash. The bracelet is made in bronze and plated in 22k rose gold. It curves around the wrist perfectly and and the cord is adjustable, too. Yes, I admit it costs more than what I would usually be willing to spend on jewelry, but I simply can’t help it. Also, did I mention there’s only a small quantity of these available?! Like 3 to be exact. I love that it’s not the generic, cheapy stuff you get at all those fast fashion chain stores like H&M and Forever 21. Not that I wouldn’t shop there ocassionally, but I always end up questioning myself why I keep buying that stuff when it falls apart after a couple of wears.

LeiVanKash Feather Bracelet in Rose Gold

LeiVanKash Feather Bracelet in Rose Gold
($222/£140, Wolf & Badger)

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