Obsession of the Day – KG Kurt Geiger Humbug Clutch

by Irina on October 7, 2011

Can you tell how much I am obsessed with the KG Kurt Geiger “Humbug” Clutch? Not that I neccessarily need it because let’s be honest: who really needs an oversized bright, almost neon-like, green clutch which you can also only carry in your hands? Still I really, really want it. Why? Because it would make any outfit so much more exciting, wouldn’t you agree? You can be wearing the most boring and lifeless ensemble ever, but throw in a big green clutch and you’ll be instantly a style star. Or at least that’s how I picture it ideally in my head. The £170 price unfortunately catapults the clutch right out of my budget, but I’ll keep my eyes on this green beauty to see if it goes on sale someday.

KG Kurt Geiger "Humbug" Clutch in bright green

KG Kurt Geiger “Humbug” Clutchls
(£170, Kurt Geiger)

Btw, did I mention Kurt Geiger now also ships worldwide including to the US and several European countries? Also, if you’re not too keen on the green color, this clutch also comes in red, navy and grey snakeskin. (♥)

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