Obsession of the Day – ASOS Hitch Hem Mac

by Irina on March 24, 2011

With spring quickly approaching, it’s time to put away all those heavy woolen winter coats and replace them with some light coats and jackets. Take a look at this beautifully draped ASOS trench. For me, it was love at first sight! I just can’t decide which color I like more. Camel or blue? What do you think?

ASOS Hitch Hem Mac in camel and blue

ASOS Hitch Hem Macls
($134.48, ASOS)

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  • Jennifer

    The blue. I like unexpected and different coat colors.

  • janis

    i love the blue one<3<3

  • Definitely the blue! With the abstract hem you must go with the non-traditional color!

  • i honestly need to buy stock in Asos! Like seriously. I have a ton of stuff from them, they have a curve line for plus size and EVERYTHING on there is beautiful

  • So funny, Michelle! I just have gathered some info on investing in ASOS stock the other day. Like you I am constantly buying from them. That way I would get some of my money back 😉

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