Nude Bags Under $100

by Irina on May 1, 2010

If there’s one thing you might have noticed about this blog, it’s the fact that we’re all slightly shoe obsessed here. Sometimes I feel a bit guilty for this shoe overload, but well, we can’t really help it, so I’m afraid you’ll have to put up with it. Of course there are tons of other stylish things in the fashion world worth writing about and one of these things are bags! I know we have a few bag enthusiasts lurking on this blog & hoping for more bag coverage here; as a matter of fact bags are the second most often requested items on InTheirCloset. One of these requests was made by Sara who wanted us to feature nude, affordable bags. Here you go, Sara, we hope you like our picks:

Nude Bags Under $100

Go Shopping:

  1. Pink Godzilla Handbag, $32
  2. Nine West “Jenna” Shoppercj, $69.99
  3. Charlotte Russe Whipstitch Tassel Hobo, $24.99
  4. ASOS Lock Leather Pursels, $25.36
  5. ALDO “Sophy” Handbagamazon, $40
  6. ALDO “Minckler” Handbagamazon, $42
  7. ASOS Nude Quilted Lock Across Body Bagls, $25.36
  8. ASOS Nude Eyelet Duffle Bagls, $30.44
  9. High Fashion Frame Quilted Shoulder Bagamazon, $46.75
  10. ASOS Oversized Pleat Pushlock Clutchls, $30.44
  11. ALDO “Tarbox” Handbagamazon, $29.98
  12. ALDO “Spang” Clutchamazon, $35
  13. ALDO “Arconate” Handbagamazon, $50

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  • Sarah

    I was wondering if one of you ladies would be able to find me this one handbag. It’s all black and on the bottom it was covered in golden spikes. It was on for a few days and then it sold out. If anyone could help it would be much appreciated! <3

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  • Hi Sarah,

    you probably mean the Alexander Wang Rocco bag. We just did a Real vs. Steal post on this bag. See here.

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