Real vs. Steal – Mulberry Oversized Alexa Leather Bag

by Celine on February 19, 2015

Update: This post has been updated on February 19, 2015. Scroll down to see the new add.

A good friend of mine recently bought a Mulberry Bayswater (a gift to herself on her birthday) and for a week straight everyone oohed and ahhed over it at the office. It is a spectacular bag, to be sure, but I think this new Mulberry takes the cake: the Alexa – a slouchier, more casual version of the Bayswater named after British style export Alexa Chung who is a true devotee of the Mulberry brand. If you haven’t heard tell of this bag yet, you will. Speculated to be the “It” bag of the moment, the Alexa sold out instantaneously on Net-A-Porter after being added last week. Restocks are supposed to follow soon, but even still, this beautiful creation is way out of my sad little budget.

Mulberry Oversized Alexa Leather Bag in oak

Mulberry Oversized Alexa Leather Bagls
($1.650, Net-A-Porter)

P.S.: Also available at Bluefly, Selfridges & LuisaViaRoma.

Alexa Chung Loves Mulberry

Alexa Chung carrying Mulberry Oversized Alexa Leather Bag

Chicnova Retro PU Bag with Twist Lock and Pin Buckle Belt

Update (02/19/2015): Almost a year after our last Alexa dupe find, here’s another one I spotted over at Chicnova. Their Mulberry Alexa inspired PU bag comes in an array of lovely colors and sells for $73.63. What do you think? Yay or nay?

Chicnova Retro PU Bag with Twist Lock and Pin Buckle Belt in tan (Mulberry Alexa knockoff)

Chicnova Retro PU Bag with Twist Lock and Pin Buckle Belt
($73.63, Chicnova)

Forever 21 Iconic Faux Leather Messenger Bag

Update (05/09/2014): It’s been quite a while since we last presented you a Mulberry Alexa dupe, but today I discovered this cute Mulberry inspired bag at Forever 21 which comes in either tan, taupe or greige.

Forever 21 Iconic Faux Leather Messenger Bag in tan (Mulberry Alexa knockoff)

Forever 21 Iconic Faux Leather Messenger Bag
($29.80, Forever 21)

Melrose Glam “So Soho” Satchel

Update (02/20/2012): Alright, it’s official! This Mulberry Alexa bag look-a-like by Melrose Glam (a brand exclusively available to BagInc as far as I know) is THE look-a-like who eats all the other look-a-likes for breakfast! How do I know? I already own a bag by Melrose Glam (the Alexander Wang Rocco inspired one, review coming in March) and the quality of this bag is ridiculously amazing. Definitely worth the investment. You can already see by looking at this picture that this is a high quality bag (seriously, how gorgeous is the textured leather here?). Oh, and did I mention we have an exclusive promo code that gives you 10% OFF your order? Simply enter “INTHEIRCLOSET” at checkout. Plus, free international shipping for all orders of $99+! SCORE!

Melrose Glam "So Soho" Satchel in black (Mulberry Alexa knockoff)

Melrose Glam “So Soho” Satchel
($139, BagInc)

Melie Bianco “Ariana” Top Handle Messenger

Update (07/16/2011): And here’s another one from Melie Bianco. Only I like this version even more than the other one. So fab! And available in a multitude of gorgeous colors like black, nude, taupe, brown and red (♥)!

Melie Bianco "Ariana" Top Handle Messenger in black, red, natural and taupe (Mulberry Alexa knockoff)

Melie Bianco “Ariana” Top Handle Messengercj
($67.99, eBags)

BagInc “So Soho” Reissue Leather Satchel

Update (05/03/2011): Again, a super close Mulberry Alexa look-a-like coming from BagInc. Getting a real leather bag for under $90 that looks so much like the Alexa is quite the deal for me. Also available in black or taupe. Oh, and did I mention we have an exclusive promo code that gives you 10% OFF your order? Simply enter “INTHEIRCLOSET” at checkout.

BagInc "So Soho" Reissue Leather Satchel in brown (Mulberry Alexa knockoff)

BagInc “So Soho” Reissue Leather Satchel
($89, BagInc)

Melie Bianco “Maurissa” Carry All Messenger Bag

Update (02/06/2011): Another great Alexa knockoff coming from Melie Bianco. Available in brown, bone and olive.

Melie Bianco "Maurissa" Carry All Messenger Bag in brown (Mulberry Alexa knockoff)

Melie Bianco “Maurissa” Carry All Messenger Bagamazon
($108, Amazon)

GoJane Buckled Strap Tote

Update (11/08/2010): Yet another Mulberry Alexa knockoff and what a fab one that is, right? I just love this budget-friendly alternative by GoJane. The bag comes also in black or ivory, but the pewter version is my personal favorite.

GoJane Buckled Strap Tote in pewter (Mulberry Alexa knockoff)

GoJane Buckled Strap Tote
($46.80, GoJane)

Vieta “Lucille” Buckle Satchel

Update (10/12/2010): Woot woot! Check out this AH-MAZING Alexa look-a-like by Vieta. I think it’s my favorite look 4 less version of all (among the Oasis one).

Vieta "Lucille" Buckle Satchel in navy (Mulberry Alexa knockoff)

Vieta “Lucille” Buckle Satchells
($62.86, Handbag Heaven)

Oasis Sasha Satchel

Update (07/28/2010): Feast your eyes on the most awesome Mulberry Alexa knockoff to date. OK, the color of this Alexa steal version by Oasis isn’t spot-on, but the rest: Wowzers! And believe it or not: the bag is under $60. How great is that?

Oasis Sasha Satchel in natural (Mulberry Alexa knockoff)

Oasis Sasha Satchel
($58.96, ASOS)

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  • libby

    While the Steal version of the Mulberry bag is an excellent choice, I have to say that International shipping is a bargain killer for New Look. I absolutely love a lot from their clothing line, but I can’t justify spending over $40 for shipping alone.. even if the bag is considered a steal for approx. $30 USD.

  • Celine

    Hi Libby! Where are you located? Shipping to the US seems to be about $10/$11.

  • If you found a cheaper version of the shiney black version I’d buy it ;D

  • I’ll see if I can find that bag for you, Janet! Will keep you updated. 🙂

  • Hi, Celine! I love oversized bags– they’re stylish and practical. The oversized satchel by Dorothy Perkins is really pretty.

  • rebekka

    im usually against knock offs, but i’ve found one that is really amazing, and im gonna buy it :p

  • i’d def do the cheaper version!

  • Thanks! I really love this bag but too bad can’t afford the Mulberry. Same here, Rebekka. I’m also usually against knock offs. But I think I love this bag too much. LOL

    P.S. I’m a new fan of your blog. Great job. ♥

  • i love these bags, here my bag as well like them:

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  • I think that big bags are great, no sense having something too small to hold a wallet! picking up this gem later this week: plenty of room for my laptop etc. By Balenciaga!!!

  • Kris

    Personally, I believe a bag with this style needs structure. I don’t like how it sags. I think a stiff leather is called for, and so I would do a big PASS on the Mulberry bag. I feel the same way about the Mulberry bag the Duchess of Cambridge bought. It didn’t have the structure it needed to fully pull off the look.

  • Marie Martell

    Wow! The handbag heaven find is gorgeous! Doesn’t look cheap at all, very nice..

  • Amy

    I own the BagInc “So Soho” Reissue Leather Satchel and I love it!

    For those that live in Canada I found another great look alike from Danier. It’s a little pricier but real leather.

  • Krissie

    Thanks so much for this list! I’ve been looking for the Mullberry bag for weeks, only to find out it was 900 pounds. And I didn’t want to go the replica route (tis a scary world out there) so these alternative are perfect. So thanks again!

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