Real vs. Steal – Mua Mua Instagram Shoulder Bag

by Irina on September 11, 2015

I think we can all agree on Instagram being the no. 1 must-have app for fashion bloggers. It has become an extremely powerful tool for bloggers in the last few years and no personal style blog would be complete without a matching Instagram profile. Nowadays, you don’t even have to have a blog anymore to make it in the fashion world, a viral Instagram account is enough to make you rich and famous these days. And while I must admit, I was quite sceptical about all the Instagram hype at first, now I’m a total Insta fan. That’s why I’m absolutely loving this playful Instagram bag by Mua Mua. It’s so darn cute, but spending £225 on such a trendy item seems very unreasonable in my kind of budget situation.

Mua Mua Instagram Shoulder Bag in beige and brown

Mua Mua Instagram Shoulder Bagls
(£225, Browns Fashion)

Fashion Insiders Love Mua Mua

Fashion editor Georgia Tal from Vogue Italy has been spotted wearing her Mua Mua Instagram Shoulder Bag at Paris Fashion Week.

Georgia Tal (Vogue Italy) carrying a Mua Mua Instagram Shoulder Bag

Melie Bianco Selfie Camera Bag

Luckily, I came across this Instagram inspired “selfie” bag by Melie Bianco which will give you the same Instagram look, but for less than $40. Sure, Melie Bianco’s version is faux leather and not as detailed as the Mua Mua bag, but for $39 I’m not one to complain.

Melie Bianco Instagram Selfie Camera Bag in beige and brown (Mua Mua knockoff)

Melie Bianco Selfie Camera Bagpjx
($38.95, Lori’s)

P.S.: Also available at eBags.

Image source(s): Browns Fashion, Tommy Ton, TheUrbanSpotter, Lori’s

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