Celebrity Look 4 Less – Megan Fox in Armani Privé

by Vahni on February 20, 2010

Hello, my name is Angie, just sending in a suggestion. I saw a picture of Megan Fox when I believe she attended an Armani fashion show. Just would like to know the name of the dress and if you guys have a possible Real vs. Steal scenario. Thank you.

Angie, we’re with you on the enviable fabulousness of Megan Fox in her Armani Privé one-shoulder dress. She is the epitome of goddess-like beauty, isn’t she? The draping, the fit, those red lips—they all add up to one undeniably gorgeous ensemble.

Megan Fox wearing a dove grey Armani Privé one shoulder draped dress

Our Rating: ★★★½☆

Who? Megan Fox
Where? Giorgio Armani Privé Fashion Show in Paris, France
When? July 7, 2009
What? Armani Privé custom made dress

ASOS Twisted Slinky One Shoulder Dress

We’ve scoured the ‘Net, but Angie, try as we might, a dead-ringer for Megan’s dress never surfaced. Of course, it is Armani Privé, which is Armani-speak for one-of-a-kind. Don’t you worry, though. We unearthed this white ASOS dress which also has a one-shoulder look, and a very respectable price. Add red lips and black peep-toe pumps and channel your own inner goddess. Available in 6 colors.

ASOS Twisted Slinky One Shoulder Dress in white

ASOS Twisted Slinky One Shoulder Dressls
($67.46, ASOS)

Tadashi Ruched Matte Jersey Dress

Another lovely option (with a more Grecian look like the Armani Privé) is this stunner by Tadashi Shoji. It would have been our first “steal” recommendation, but it is not available in white. Boo. However, isn’t the fuchsia a sight to behold? We love the vibrant color and ultra-flattering draping, and can’t imagine that anyone who wore this dress wouldn’t get a gazillion compliments on it. Also available in coral and black.

Tadashi Ruched Matte Jersey Dress in fuchsia

Tadashi Ruched Matte Jersey Dressls


If you want to replicate Megan’s look head-to-toe and you still need a pair of black pumps, ASOS has a pair that looks just like the ones Megan wore.

ASOS PRINCESS Peep Toe Shoes in black

ASOS PRINCESS Peep Toe Shoesls
($44.38, ASOS)

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