Real vs. Steal – Jimmy Choo Jill Studded Jelly Flats

by Celine on May 26, 2010

Let me be upfront about this. I am not a flats girl. The lowest heel I wear is probably a 1 inch wedge. That being said, I will often look around me, whilst out, and feel envious of all the girls who are seemingly floating on air in their cute flats. While they may not be for me, I can admit that they are a zillion times more practical than high heels and can often be just as cute. Take these Jimmy Choo Jill Studded Jelly Flats, for instance. Instead of wearing a pair of ratty old flip flops to the beach, how much cuter would it be to strut waterside in a breezy cover-up and these studded beauties? Unfortunately there is no way I’m going to spend $235 on jellies. Nope, ain’t gonna happen.

Jimmy Choo Jill Studded Jelly Flats in clear

Jimmy Choo Jill Studded Jelly Flatsls
($235, Bergdorf Goodman)

Nina “Duffy” Jelly Flats

$39.95. You see, that’s what jellies should cost (I don’t know about you, but as a kid I always wore my pink jellies into the water). Besides the name attached, I’m really not seeing why the Jimmy Choo jellies should cost a whopping $200 more than these Nina “Duffy” flats. See-through, bling, cut-out sides, all the details are there. Now go frolic happily by the pool, knowing you saved yourself a wad of cash.

Nina "Duffy" Jelly Flats in clear (Jimmy Choo Jill knockoff)

Nina “Duffy” Jelly Flatsls
($29.95, Shoebuy)

ALDO “Rusteika” Jelly Flats

If you’re looking to have the blingiest (yes, I just made that up) feet on the block, why not consider these “Rusteika” jelly flats by ALDO? Again, these are virtually identical to the Choos for a fraction of the cost. Add a bright coral pedicure and a fruity drink with an umbrella, and you’re well on your way to Summer fun.

ALDO "Rusteika" Jelly Flats in clear (Jimmy Choo Jill knockoff)

ALDO “Rusteika” Jelly Flatsamazon
($40, Amazon)

Chinese Laundry “Sweet Revenge” Jelly Flats

I don’t know if you guys have fully caught on yet, but I am now on my third “steal” version of the Choo jellies. To me that says these flats are fairly easy to copy. So why would you spend a boatload of money on them?! These Chinese Laundry “Sweet Revenge” jelly flats have multi-color bling and that means more fun for your feet. Same shape and feel as the originals but much, much cheaper.

Chinese Laundry "Sweet Revenge" Jelly Flats in clear (Jimmy Choo Jill knockoff)

Chinese Laundry “Sweet Revenge” Jelly Flatscj
($29.99, Chinese Laundry)

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