Jeffrey Campbell Mania – Tick & Clinic Wedges Back in Stock!

by Irina on March 22, 2010

In my year long experience with designer inspired footwear I learned that Jeffrey Campbell is one of the most frequent names to pop up. As is the term “sold out”. Not quite sure how they do it, but season after season JC manages to create shoes everyone craves and lusts after. The “Clinic” wedges and the “Ticks” are 2 perfect examples for such must-have heels. Every time I see those 2 styles back in stock at Solestruck, a few hours later a big red “sold out” sign is already lurking beneath the picture. Biggest compliment for a shoe designer ever, don’t you agree? If you hadn’t have the chance to get your hands on these hot heels yet, now is the time as Solestruck has received 2 new shipments of both styles. As always for JC shoes: Be fast! Lightning-fast even if you have a popular shoe size.

Jeffrey Campbell "Clinic" & Jeffrey Campebll "Tick" Wedges

Jeffrey Campbell “Clinic”pjx / Jeffrey Campbell “Tick”pjx
($179.95 & $169.95, Solestruck)

Image source(s): Solestruck

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